Sleepwalk with Me at the Spectrum

The Spectrum posted today that it will start screening Sleepwalk with Me on September 14. We hear it will run at least a week.

Sleepwalk is an indie comedy from Mike Birbiglia and the producers of This American Life. The trailer is embedded above. Birbiglia and TAL have been urging fans to contact their local theaters in an effort to get the film picked up around the nation. A few weeks ago the Spectrum posted it was "getting a ton of requests" for the film.

In addition to Birbiglia, Sleepwalk also stars Lauren Ambrose, Marc Maron, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Jesse Klein and a bunch of other comedians.


Remind me why I should care. Spectrum gets lots of movies.

This looks awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

My problem is that I've heard the story....on The Moth, on TAL. I'm not sure I need to hear it again. I think I'm done with it! New story, dude.

That movie looks better than 99.9 percent of the crap generally found in theaters. Thank you!

You should care if you like comedy. Mike Birbiglia? Marc Maron? Kristen Schaal & Wyatt Cenac from the Daily Show among other things!? In the same movie? Yes, please!

I for one am super excited that the Specturm is going to show this movie! I'm sure the packed theater of people at the Crossgates showing of This American Life cinema event a few months ago are excited as well!

I recommend that if you heard it on the moth and or TAL, and you liked it, even if you may be tired of the story, go see it. I saw a screening this spring at the cambridge, ma film festival. It is good.

But my guess is that if your the type of person that listens to the moth and uses the term TAL in a sentence, your probably still going to go see it, or download it off iptorrenets.

Please see it in theaters, people.

I, for one, am STOKED. If you're asking why should you care, you probably aren't going to, so there's no sense in telling you. I've heard the TAL piece and pretty sure the movie is going to be pretty neat, so I'm happy we live in a city with a theatre that carries stuff like this. Lucky us!
I just heard the interview on Fresh Air last night with Ira and Mike. They Rock.

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