At the movies, at the ESP

outdoor movie Empire State Plaza

We checked out the screening of Star Trek at the Empire State Plaza Wednesday night. The weather was absolutely beautiful. And it was a fun time.

This was the second of two outdoor screenings this summer at the ESP. We'd love to see them do it again next year -- especially if they work out some of the technical issues, and maybe get a bigger screen. Like with the skating rink in the winter, it's great to see people enjoying the public space during non-work hours.

Also: Albany apparently loves Leonard Nimoy. Though, really, who doesn't?


Hey, we were there too! And judging by the angle of your photo, we must have been fairly close to each other. I loved that they did this, a great utilization of space and one of those activities that I would see in other cities and think, "Why isn't Albany doing this?" A bigger screen and more events throughout the summer would be great.

I stopped by to check it out, (although I didn't stay for the whole movie). There was a really big crowd! It was awesome that they had some food vendors there too! The screen was definitely smaller than I expected given the big stage. The screen was also oddly concave which made things look crazy from where I was standing, off to the side. Still, I was really psyched to see the city holding this kind of event and hope they continue the series next year!

@Paul: I think the wind was pushing the screen at times, causing the odd the shape. The picture's never going to be perfect in a situation like this, but it seems maybe it could have been a bit better.

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