You can register to vote online now

albany county ballot scannerThe Cuomo admin announced this week that the state DMV now offers online voter registration. And if you're already registered, you can also now update your voting address or party affiliation online, too.

The online registration is via the DMV's "MyDMV" service, which itself requires registration. Here's an FAQ about how it works.

From the Cuomo admin press release (link added):

The DMV processes roughly 300,000 motor voter applications a year. This is currently a cumbersome and time-consuming manual process, where drivers fill out paper forms at one of 129 DMV branches, which then have to be sorted and mailed by hand to one of the county boards of elections. This process is prone to human error, delays and, in some cases, to applications not getting processed.

It says New York State ranks 47th in the nation in voter registration -- less than 64 percent of eligible residents are registered to vote.

Earlier on AOA: New York State ranked last in voter turnout (2010)


Woah, we're so into the future!

I just went through this process to check it out. I couldn't remember if I was had a party affiliation or not. I already had a DMV login so that was easy. I entered my info in the registration area and was a little disappointed that it didn't have my current status listed letting me know if I had a party affiliation so I had to go through the short process just to make sure things were as I desired.

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