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The NeighborhoodAmong the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: the ice cream sandwich throwdown, the Altamont Fair and very fair people, CDTA, the Cambridge Hotel, digging local facts, run commuting, Glenotia Island, mad weird behavior in Washington Park, Nosh, an enormous pancake, a vegan burger, the gardens at Spa State Park, Lake Ontario, and a mailbox message.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Throwdown approaches. Daniel and the Idiots have details.

Mr. Dave shared some scenes from the Altamont Fair, including a deep-fried Pop Tart.

Kristi saw how the the fair brought out some more-than-fair behavior in people.

UA critiqued the recent CDTA route changes.

Jerry shared his stay at the post-Hotel Hell Cambridge Hotel.

Steve talked with Scooter Telford, whose culinary education Gordon Ramsay pledged to pay for during Hotel Hell.

Truth: Chuck can dig up local facts like few others.

Carl found a 1917 ad for a swimming school on the now-for-sale Glenotia Island.

Christine -- like a spider monkey -- climbed the obstacles and the the mountain of discarded sneakers the Warrior Dash at Windham.

Jessica's been going to yoga classes in Washington Park -- which is apparently "mad weird."

Jen did a "run commute."

Leah is already plotting her next visit to the new Nosh deli in Guilderland.

Crystal and her husband got an enormous pancake at a breakfast spot in Bennington.

Val shared her frustration with a not-good night at a good place.

Aliza tried the vegan burger at Druthers.

Albanian checked out the food festival at the ESP.

Ashley took a food tour of the Saratoga Farmers' Market.

Stephanie is hooked on coffee candy from Trader Joe's.

Bee Balm Gal got a tour of the Spa State Park gardens from the gardener who manages them.

The Exiles had what looks like a beautiful time on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Jackie considered what the katydid did at Moreau Lake.

And Paula came across a birthday mailbox.


Much thanks for all the blog support, Mary and Greg! That was a fun little research project, and a great trip back in time!

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