Bacon Fest NY: basket o' bacon give-away

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UPDATE: The contest is now closed. The winner's been emailed.

The first Bacon Fest NY is coming up this Sunday at the Henry Hudson Waterfront Park in Hudson. The event, a fundraiser for The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY, promises to be a bacon extravaganza with bacon vendors, bacon desserts, bacon crafts, a bacon cook-off and a bacon booze cruise with, among other things, bacon-flavored vodka.

Did we mention there would be bacon?

There will also be music from Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned , Eastbound Jesus, Red Haired Strangers, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Ramblin' Jug Stompers and a band called Unexplained Bacon.

We have tickets to giveaway -- and a whole basket of bacon-related items. The winner will receive:

Two tickets to Bacon Fest NY 2012
+ Five-pound variety pack of Mountain Products Smokehouse bacon (Country Style, Chipotle, Maple Cinnamon, Herb and Garlic)
+ One serving of Arkansas Tom's Razorback BBQ Rollup (think BBQ meat wrap that is nothing but meat)
+ Worldling's Pleasure Country Store Cheddar with Horseradish and Bacon Cheese Spread
+ Bacon Rice Krispie Treats from 333 Cafe
+ A box of Bacon Bites Oreos (Oreos topped with bacon and covered in dark chocolate and pink pig sprinkles)
+ Bacon Honey lip balm
+ One bar of maple, apple, and bacon soap, and Hickory Smoked Bacon soy candle from Ladybug Soap.
+ Lunch cooler with Freshpet coupons
+ A Red Haired Strangers CD
+ A Eastbound Jesus CD and sticker
+ One BFNY t-shirt and one Hand printed BFNY poster from Hatch Show Prints

To enter:
Replace the name of something in the Capital Region with the word bacon. Then leave it in the comment section. It could be a place (The Bacon State Plaza), a music group (Sgt. Dunbar and the Bacon Banned), a building (The Bacon Tower), whatever.

We'll draw one winner at random. The deadline to enter is Tuesday, August 28 at 6pm. The winner can pick up the basket at the Bacon Fest ticket booth.

Bacon Fest runs from 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday. Tickets are $10 ($8 ahead).

Very important: One entry per person. You must answer the question to be eligible. You must post your comment by 6 pm on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. You must include a working email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Wednesday August 29 -- and must respond by 8 pm Wednesday August 29. If prize basket is not picked up at the festival, only the packaged items will be sent to the winner.

AOA is a media sponsor of Bacon Fest NY.


the U.S.S. Bacon

Bash Bacon Falls

The Hellions of Bacon Roller Derby League


The Hellions of Troy Roller Bacon League

Either way it sounds delicious!

The State Museum of Bacon

Tri-City Bacon Cats

Bacon Valley Community College

Troy Bacon Bank Music Hall!

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Bacon
The Albany Institute of History and Bacon
Jack's Bacon House
The Holiday Inn Bacon
The Times Bacon Center

I could do this all day. Hehehe

the College of Nanoscale Science and Bacon

State University of New Bacon

Bacon Jennings

Ten Broeck Bacon

Dunn Memorial Bacon

Bacon Napoli Bacon Cream Doughnuts

Rensselaer Bacontechnic Institute

The Crossings of Bacon

Bacon Over Albany

Bombers Bacon Bar !

Bacon Hill

(Arbor Hill)

Bacon Preserve


Saratoga Bacon Arts Center

S.B.A.C Saratoga Bacon Arts Center

All Good Bacon

All Over Bacon

Dan Bacon

All Good Bacon

NXIVM Bacon Success Programs

the upper bacon library system

Bacon Racetrack

Bacon Foundries

Wolff's BaconGarten

Tulip Bacon

instead of The Egg
The Bacon or
Bacon Egg

Keep Albany Bacon

Children's Museum of Science and Bacon

The Bacon Center of the Capital Region

Center Square Bacon

Bombers Bacon Bar

Bacon Memorial Bridge

The Bacon River

Bacon Springs


Alternate Bacon!

Bacon Park

The Merry Bacon
The Collar City Bacon
Dove and Bacon Bookstore
Bob Kavochbacon

Mohawk & Hudson Rivers Bacon Society

The Bacon Pagoda

This is for Daniel B:

Bacon night out

The Joe Bacon Stadium

Albany Bacon of Pharmacy

Bacon Medical Center

Bacon night out

bacon chopper

Albany - the Bacon of New York State!

The Bacon Escape & BaconWater Kingdom

The College of Saint Bacon

Oh sweet bacon-wrapped jeebus...

Why not just change the name of the city?

Bacon, NY? I'd live there.

New York State Department of Bacon

Bacon on Lark

The Bacon Union Center

Bacon Ladder Farm

Bacon International Airport
aka Albany International Airport

Bacon Broeck Mansion.

All Over Bacon

The Bacon McDonald House

The Bacon (and The Egg)

Bacon Bank

Bacon, Bath and Beyond....

Bacon at 5!

The Bacon | Center for the Performing Pigs

Little House of Bacon
Bacon Joe's

..this game is too easy :)

How could this not have been the most obvious answer:

LBB: Legislative Bacon Building.

Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Bacon Center...

The Albany Bacon Station aka Albany Pump Station

Albany Institute of Ham and Bacon

Bacon Bath and Beyond

Trader Bacon's, or Bacon Joe's? BaconChopper? FussyLittleBacon?

Bob & Ron's Bacon Fry

Freihofer's Run for Bacon

The Baconbox

Brown's Bacon Co.

Rip Van Bacon Bridge

The Bacontoga Baconcino and Baconway

The eastern end of the Bacon Canal

My favorite band: Hair of the Bacon!!!!

The Bacon Locks on the Bacon River

Wolff's Bacongarten

The Bacon Observatory (Hirsch Observatory)

Erie Bacon (Erie Canal)

Bacongates Mall

The Bacon Memorial Bridge

Hair of the Bacon

The Bacon Region

Albany Bacon Ballet :)

The Bacon Flurry Festival!

Albany Institute of Bacon and Art

All Good Bacon

Keep Bacon Boring

Brown's Brewing Bacon
C.H. Evans Brewing Company at the Albany Bacon Station

Hoffman's Baconland

The Knickerbacon.

The MegaBaconBus

Sipping a baconchino at Bacon Planet in Bacon Falls (or Bacon Spa)

I 87. The Baconway.
The Bacon Preserve

B.u.n.y....bacon university of New York

Hudson Bacon Valley

Albany Bacon Ducks and Trolleys.

Albany Bacon Regional Chamber of Commerce

Big purple bacon growl.

The henry bacon parkway

Bacon playland


The Bacon Derby (oh drat, they closed last week).

The Bacon Union Center

Bomber's Bacon

The Bacon Preserve

Bacon Hall of Fame!

College of St. Bacon

Bacon Hall

Albany Institute of Bacon and Art

The Baconkill Mountains and the Adibacondack Mountains. Hehee.

Bacon Slide World!

The Bacon Bridges

Bacon State Plaza

St. Bacon's Hospital

The College of St. Bacon

The Cohoes Bacodon

Turning Bacon Casino


The Bacon House (The Mabee House)

the Alfred. E. Bacon Building

Baconic State Parkway!

Al-bacon Center Gallery

New World Bacon Bar

St. Bacon's Hospital

The Reasearch Foundation of Bacon

The bacon station

The Lox and Bacon Brigade

The Albany Bacon Rats

Bacon st tattoo
Crossgates bacon
Hannoush bacon

677 Bacon

The Regional Bacon Bank of Northeastern NY

Jumpin Bacon's Drive-In
Miss Bacon Diner
Bacon City Hall at 24 Bacon Street....

Sorry, I got bored there for a minute.

The Albany Bacon Brats

The New York State Bacon Service Commission in the Empire Bacon Plaza

The Bacon Gateway Bridge. (It's the "gateway meat," after all, right?)

Spirit of Bacon fountain in Saratoga's Congress Park.

Saratoga Baconino.

The Twin Bacons - causing back-ups on the Baconway since 1959

Trader Bacon's.


Lark Street Bacon Improvement District

Bacongton Park

Saratoga Performing Bacon Center

and for the record: Bacon Hill is right here in Saratoga County,+ny&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Bacon+Hill,+Saratoga,+New+York&gl=us&t=m&z=15&vpsrc=0

The Saratoga Baconfield

Phillip the baconbox performing friday at the chance

I'm in a Bacon State of Mind.


The Governor Thomas Dewey Baconway.

Golden Bacon Billiards

The Olde Bacon Pub & Pantry

Planet Bacon

Out of Control Ski Bacon

Occupy Bacon
Bacon Valley Community College
Bacongates Mall

I love bacon!

The Bacon Brothers Academy

Albany Plan of Bacon avenue

Midtown Bacon and Tea Room

Albany Bacon College
Bacon River Coffee Co
Uncommon Bacon
Carbacon's (Cardona's)

The College of St. Bacon.

Bacon Kreme!

@chris - I don't know which chris you are (there are so many of you), but thank's so much for thinking of me.

The Bacon Bar on Lark

IHOB International House of BACON!


Baconic State Parkway

Russell Bacon College
The Bacon (The Egg)
Bacon Planetarium

First Bacon

Bacon Radio
Old Bacon Country Store
Old Bacon Turnpike

Troy Bacon Rescue!

General Bacon, or GB. It wouldn't even require much editing on the light over Building 34.

Lark Street Bacon & Spirits

The Fort Bacon Club
The Dunn Bacon Bridge
Governor Andrew Bacon
Karner Blue Bacon

I don't know who posted it, but "The Freihofer Run for Bacon" put me on the floor laughing.

The Bacon Foundation

The Albany Bacon Bush Preserve

Adirondack Community Bacon


villa bacon

The Yaddo Bacon Garden

The Bacon (and Egg)

SUNY Bacon

Bacon district of New York

The Bacon 8 Theatre

Albany Institute of Bacon and Art

Historic Bacon Hill

The Bacon Mansion

Ramblin' Bacon Stompers

The newburgh bacon bridge

Hoffman's BaconLand

Thinking ahead to the holiday season: Capital Holiday Bacon in the Pork

The Bacon Egg

Hudson Baconfront Park

I love NY Bacon


Romano's Bacon Grill
The Bacon Cafe
Wings over Bacon or Bacon over Albany
Broadway Bacon
The Placid Bacon
Troy Waterfront Bacon Market

I, too, could do this all day... hehe!

The Bacon Market
The Hotel Bacon
Honest Weight Bacon Coop

"The Henry Hudson BACONfront Park"!
"Alive After Bacon"!

How fun is this??!!! lol lol

New York State Bacon Mansion! Nom nom nom =)

Double Bacon: A Gentlemen's Caberet

Oops...just saw only 1 entry per person, so I would like to go with .......{insert drum roll!!!}.....

"Alive After Bacon"!!

Upstate Bacon Hall

The Placid Bacon

Ernie Williams and the Bacon Cats

(RIP Ernie!)


Bacon League of New York State Inc.
(Preservation League of New York State Inc.)

Bacon (aka The RCA dog)

BaconToga Race Course!

Karner Bacon Butterfly!

Hoffman's BaconLand

The Twin Bacons?

Bacongates Mall

Krokoff, Chief of the Albany Bacon Police.
Loyalty. Integrity. Bacon.

Alive at Bacon

Bacon & Bacon, D.D.S. PC

The Bacon Room (in honor of the recovery room). And because I think a bacon room would be awesome.

Rockin' on the Bacon-Meg

The College of St. Bacon

Baconhead Susan's

Bacon & Bolio's Ice Cream

the bacon bush preserve!

The Thaddeus Kosciusko Bacon

The Bacon (the egg be so boring without it?)

The Helderbacon Escarpment


Dinosaur Bacon

Hudson Valley Community Bacon

State Employees Federal Bacon Union

Albany New York - The capital of the Bacon State

The Bacon Beer Hall
(Seriously, can this place be real? Please?)

Albany NanoBacon Complex - Center for Baconomic Growth

The Olde Bacon - Should add some Bacon Shepherd's Pie to the menu.

albany all bacon roller derby league!

Lydia Kulbacon

I can think of some stores and restaurants the would benefit from the power of Bacon.

L.L. Bacon
P.F. Bacon's
Bacon di Beppo (or would that be Boca di Bacon?)
Joe's Bacon Shack
Bacon Center and Bacongates Mall
Bacon Donuts (new tag: The world runs on Bacon)
The Bacon Circle Diner

Mmmm bacon.

Albany Riverfront Park at the Bacon Preserve

The Baconville Gorge.

The Bacon Building (as in the Captiol building... get it? pork/members items? bahahaha)

Bacon Beer Hall!

Bacon's Crab Shack

All Over Bacon!

The Bacon Union

Experimental Media and Performing Bacon Center at RPI

Bacontarium (Albany Planetarium)

Hall of Bacon!!!!!! (hall of springs in Saratoga)

conehead bacon

The All Bacon International Airport

Albany Chamber of Bacon
ST Peter's Bacon
Halfmoon Bacon

Tri-City Bacon Cats

Camp Bacon

Bacon Kovachick

Bacon Appletini's Cafe

Bacon Performing Arts Center

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