Tickets to take friends to SPAC's Wine, Food & Ferrari Fest Grand Tasting

saratoga wine and food festivalThe drawing has been closed! Thanks for entering!

The Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival returns to SPAC September 7-9. One of the highlights of the weekend is the "grand tasting" on Saturday, September 8, billed as "the crown-jewel" of the festival:

200 international wineries including an unparalleled Italian Pavilion that features a myriad of wines, spirits, and authentic products; the region's top restaurants; world-class seminars and a live and silent auction of luxury items. A day dedicate to the epicurean in all of us; a celebration of all things fine.

AOA has 5 four-packs of tickets for the grand tasting, and we're giving them away. Yep, the winners get to take three friends along. To enter, please answer this question in the comments:

What are you looking forward to doing, eating, experiencing in the Capital Region this fall?

We'll draw 5 winners at random from the entered comments.

Tickets for the grand tasting are $75 each, so this is a sweet prize. The tasting is Saturday, September 8 from 1-5 pm on the SPAC grounds. And heads-up, you and your guests need to be over 21.

There are a bunch of other events involved in the festival -- including an after party, a road rally and a Ferrari show.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Friday, August 31 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Saturday and must respond by 10 am Tuesday, September 4.

Yep, the Saratoga Wine & Food Fesitval does advertise on AOA.


It's fall - that's easy! I lived for a few years in the South and I missed nothing more than I missed autumn & all it's activities, smells and wonderful foods!

The thing I'm looking forward to most is probably eating apple cider donuts while drinking fresh apple cider. I'm also looking forward to carving pumpkins, going on Haunted Hay rides, going for walks in the cool fall nights and seeing the beautiful colors around us.

Can you tell I missed NY? :)

I'm looking forward to going to the Grand Tasting, of course, after I win these tickets!

(but not if I don't win cuz a 1 year old sucks all the extra cash out of my wallet)

When I think of Fall, I think of apples. Can't wait to go apple picking and coming home and making my fabulous apple crisp, topped with Stewart's vanilla icecream!! YUM YUM!!!

cider donuts

I always look forward to Lark Fest, and I want to go to Pearlpalooza too! And the Fall is the perfect time to enjoy some after work drinks on Lark Street, perhaps before hitting Albany Civic or Confetti Stage for some stellar theater.

I am looking forward to the return of cider donuts.

I'm looking forward to the Capital Region Apple and Wine Festival at the Altamont Fairgrounds, apple picking locally (probably at Bowman's this year), brewing hard cider and canning!

What are you looking forward to doing, eating, experiencing in the Capital Region this fall?

Really looking forward to apple picking (and cider donuts!)
Also, Autumn is my favorite time of the year to go backpack camping in this area :)

apple picking!!!

This is such an easy question because I have so many things that I want to do. I am really looking forward to apple picking season, and for weather that allows me to wear long sleeves. I also want to go to New World Bistro for brunch because I have yet to go and I hear it is spectacular.

We already have our tickets for FrightFest at the Great Escape

being able to order scotch in public without raising more eyebrows than usual (apparently some people don't find it to be a summery drink...i find it to be an all year beverage)

My favorite Fall activity in the Capital Region is picking apples at Saratoga Apple! There is also the Haunted Cornmaze Liberty Ridge and the Haunted Hayride at Double M!

Fall is my favorite time of year- so it goes without saying, apple picking at Indian Ladder Farms. I'm also looking forward to doing a few hikes in the Adirondacks when the leaves start turning.

Looking forward to going to see How To Train Your Dragon at the Times Union Center in October

Looking forward to crispy fresh mutsu apples for pie and donuts from Golden Harvest.

I'm looking forward to fall golf, apples and pumpkin EVERYTHING!

Honey Crisp apples. Every day!

Most looking forward to: picking apples, eating cider donuts and running through piles of leaves with my kids this fall!

Looking forward to trying local restaurants we haven't yet been to, Druther's, City Beer Hall, Wine Bar and Bistro, and many others.

I'm really looking forward to the Adirondack Balloon Festival this year! I also love going to Lark Fest!

I'm looking forward to go apple picking, setting off fireworks and my birthday in a couple months. I am not actually a 5 year old.

I'm surprised to find myself saying I can't wait to play the role of "soccer mom" and enjoy my five-year-old's soccer games Saturday mornings at the Commons under the warm Fall sun.

I'm looking forward to planning a tasting menu at Yono's this fall - especially with some of their new fall cocktails! Love their cocktail maker down there. He's a genius!

I want to go check out that ice cream sandwich at the City Beer Hall! It sounds like Fall in dessert form!

I'm looking forward to watching soccer at the Biergarten on weekend mornings, picking apples and enjoying nighttime walks in crisp fall air.

Fall is my favorite season, so I always look forward to apple picking at Bowmans, cider donuts at Lakeside Farm, Double M Hayride, pumpkin ales and coffees. We always take a drive around various parts of the capital region to see the foliage, too.

Definitely going for a hike to Sleeping Beauty mountain, looking over lake George and eating honey crisp apples with honey. Corn mazes, too.

Snapping pictures of the fall foliage and drinking hot gluwein

Drinking pumpkin ale and other fall seasonal beers

Despite the shortage and bad season, I will be out there apple picking in the fall and patronizing my fav farm, Indian Ladder. Also, cider donuts!

Looking forward to taking our new twin boys on their first apple orchard adventure (excuse for cider donuts at Lakeside Farms).

Apple picking & eating cider donuts every day!!!

I always look foreword to taking advantage of the orchards around the capital region. There is always lots of apple baking going on in our house!

Hiking in the Dacks!

I'm looking forward to cider donuts and corn mazes...

I'm looking forward to the Troy Farmer's Market at the beginning of fall (when absolutely everything is coming in and it's still outside), the final push of canning and putting stuff up and then the change in my cooking that fall brings. Of course apple picking, and sleeping with the windows open, and then my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

I'm pumped to hike and pick apples, can't wait to eat our region's famous cider donuts...and overall experience another beautiful fall upstate. We have some of the best foliage around :)

I am looking forward to apple picking, country drives, cider donuts, crisp nights, and octoberfest !

Pssh Ferrari-shaped cider donuts

As many oktoberfest beers as I can get my hands on.

Apple picking!

I'm looking forward to all the great music at PearlPalooza and Oktoberfest at Wolf's Biergarten. Larkfest, not so much.

Canoeing on Rensselaer County lakes, gliding over the reflected colors of the season.

Taking a hike out to Ommegang and enjoy a fresh brew while in the beautiful rolling hills of Cooperstown!

Walking the Indian Ladder trail at Thatcher park. Beautiful!

Haunted hayrides at the Rock City Falls firehouse ... and the fireman-made cider donuts that go with it

I'm looking forward to apple cider donuts and the foliage! I love fall and so do my dogs.

Doing a hike and driving to Grafton Lakes.

Carving pumpkins and baking.

Can't wait to try the Fall tasting menu's at all the restaurants that feature local ingredients... Yono's, Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark, New World Bistro etc... yum!

Jumping in a big, fat, pile of leaves with a Blue Moon Pumpkin ale in hand :D

Eating: Cider donuts from Golden Harvest in Valatie. There are none finer.

Doing: Huddling around the fire pit as the nights get cooler. :)

Im looking forward to apple picking,pumpkin beer eating apple crisp and experiencing Wolf's Oktoberfest!!

One word: Larkfest!

Pumpkin beers, soups made with all of the herbs I froze this summer, and perfect running weather.

I'm looking forward to taking the bike out for a long leaf-peeping ride through the countryside.

Apple picking!

I love the fall! Can't wait to put on my new boots and spend weekends apple picking, hiking, and eating delicious autumn themed foods and beverages.

Even though it sounds like it won't be the best year, I'm looking forward to apple picking!

trips eastward (to n.adams, Lenox, VT) to enjoy new england culture and the gooooorgeous foliage.

AND crunching over every leaf on the walk up the approach to RPI in Troy :D

I am looking forward to apple picking, the smell of leaves, and the return of cider doughnuts!

Oktoberfest, cider donuts, pumpkin pie and Halloween!

Korean tacos at Mingle

cider donuts

Oh man I cannot wait until the Saratoga Wind and Food Festival! That was the greatest meal of my life last year. There is no way I am missing it this year.

I am looking forward to football, and the slow-cooked meals that go along with it.

There are a few experiences I'm looking forward to. First, there's an Apple & Wine Festival in Altamont. Last year was our first year going, and it was a blast! Cider donuts, apple cider, and a basket of apples for the picking!

Then there are the pumpkins! Everything pumpkin starts to appear, from pastries to lattes, and you'll start finding them at the local farmer's markets.

And I think Fall is the perfect time to break out the mulled wine from Adair Vineyards. A nice crisp night, with a nice warm, sweet, toasty wine. Add the hot tub, and it's just the perfect way to spend a Fall evening *grins*

Fresh apple cider donuts

Pumpkin pie!

Fall menu at New World Bistro

I'll be riding my motorcycle to check out the autumn leaves

Apple picking

I can't wait for cool weather runs at the Crossings of Colonie!

So excited for my favorite season.. So many things! Apple picking, cider donuts, the awesome corn maze at Liberty Ridge Farm, hikes, Pumking ale, pumpkin lattes, enjoying the foliage, and of course all of the halloween festivities. Can't wait!!!

Cheeeeeese from the Washington County Cheese Tour, which happens to be on the same weekend. Wine and cheese, what could be better? Oh yeah - free wine at SPAC!

You can find me by a fireplace at the Wine Bar on Lark Street.

I would love to win these as I don't only love WINE but best of all it is GLUTEN free so I can drink as much as I want unlike Beer. Beer I have such limited choices and the taste is not there!

I am excited to be outdoors since FALL not only my favorite season, it is the best time of the year to enjoy the capital region and this wonderful events like these.

Plus it is right in my back yard!

I'm running my first marathon (Mohawk/Hudson) in early October - but that's waaaay off yet - right?

Cider Donuts!

Making a boss Jack O'Lantern.

I'm looking forward to baking some apple pies!

I never tire of cider donuts

Riding my motorcycle in the crisp fall weather; leaves changing and the smell of woodsmoke in the air...

I was hoping that they were giving away a Ferrari, or a ride in one... I guess my plan to befriend Alain Kalyeros will have to continue.

I am looking forward to:

doing - riding my vespa around the greater capital region as the leaves change, and maybe getting some sweet photos

eating - delicious apples and/or meals with friends as we enjoy the change in seasons, with wonderful wine

experiencing - another fantastic fall, with crisp, cool, dry days, and wonderfully chilly evenings. Just a hint of winter in the air, and clear air to see the moon and stars by.

Or you know, a ride in a Ferrari. :)

I'm looking forward to a hike in the Adirondacks with a group of friends, and returning home to a selection of cheeses by Gustav from Honest Weight food coop, paired with New York State wines.

Going to y family Halloween party

Enjoy being back in school when the library is cozy and inviting and it's beautiful to look out the windows and take study break walks around campus.

Octoberfest at hunter mountain

i look forward to watching the leaves change.

Hiking in the Adirondacks, making hard cider and slow cooking on my woodstove.

Fall seasonal woodchuck hard cider

Locally made sausage, local apples, and local winter squash with local maple syrup (do I detect a theme?)!

Climbing Mount Olga in Vermont on a day when all the leaves are in color and seeing them from the fire tower there.

Seeing American Halloween for the first time!

I'm looking forward to the Albany Comic Con

Cider donuts and pumpkin beer

Hot cider!

Fresh honey crisp apples! I hope they survived the bad growing season...

The Hairy Gorrilla Half Marathon held in Thacher State Park! Ranked the best themed half marathon by Trail Running Magazine!

Cider donuts and Brown's Octoberfest

Beer Brunch at the City Beer Hall

This fall i'm looking forward to apple picking, cider donuts, Oktoberfest's and my birthday! Wink wink.


Balloon Festival (Glens Falls)

Garlic Fest this weekend in Bennington

mmm Turkey and stuffing

Eating fresh, local honeycrisp apples :)

A hot cup of tea while seated in an Adirondack chair watching the sunrise light up the changing leaves.

I can't wait to go to the Adirondack National Car Show in Lake George NY!

Watching college football on Saturdays with a pizza and wings from Inferno Pizza.

I love going Apple Picking at Fo Castle Farms and I love to have lunch and hot Apple-Cider donuts at LakeSide Farms!

I could go for the low-hanging fruit here and say I am really looking forward to going to SPAC's Wine, Food & Ferrari Fest Grand Tasting. OK now that we have that out of the way, I must admit this question brings to a head the internal turmoil between my inner child and adult sensibilities. As a big kid, there are two words that sum up fall in the Capital Region for me - Fright Fest. OK, I said it, but come on - costumes, relatively short lines and fall foliage views from The Sasquatch - what more could you ask for. Of course for a different fall experience I like to visit the Saratoga National Battlefield where the crisp air and ruddy colors of fall mix with hallowed ground and the wellspring of American history to feed a uniquely contemplative experience.

Everything! I can;t wait to try it all!

Cider Donuts and Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to go hiking through the hills

Pearl Palooza!

I'm looking forward to: Indian Ladder hiking - hearing the leaves crunch under my feet and taking in the scent of the crispy, fresh air; My mom's apple crisp recipe made with local Crispins; And, sleeping with the windows open just a bit, snuggled under warm blankets with my honey.

I love to go to SUNY Albany Football Games and I love the Apple Festival in Altamont NY

I'm looking forward to going on a Fall Foilage Cruise on Lake George! I also never miss Lark Fest!

It's not original, but I do love me some cider donuts.

I am most looking forward to apple picking and playing in the leaves this fall season. I am looking forward to hiking and watching the leaves turn lovely colors.

I'm looking forward to a restaurant opening up in the Capital Region that features food not served up here before; something to shake up the regions palates.

I'm not the first to say this, but I'd have to go with apple cider donuts!

I look forward to finally trying the Beekman Street Bistro around the corner!

Having a homebirth, eating homemade grape jam from our summer harvest and Fall hiking!

pumpkin spice coffee and crisp mornings

I was thrilled when i won tickets to this event!
Oh, the hoi-piloi, fashion, cars, FOOD!
Oh, oh the heat, humidity, rain, wind,THE TORNADO WATCH!

We cancelled our trip, BUMMER!
Wonder how the event was?

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