Apology from Bacon Fest organizers

bacon fest ny 2012 logo largeThe organizers of the first Bacon Fest NY in Hudson this past weekend have posted a statement about problems at the event -- mainly, that samples ran out too quickly. Here's a clip:

Our initial estimate on attendance, ranged between 500 - 1,000 people. It was our intention to give the best day possible - for everyone - and as the bacon ran out, and the food lines stacked up, we did the only thing we could and opened the gates for free. In actuality, about 3,000 people attended Bacon Fest NY 2012; only 2,000 of which paid admission.
We apologize if we inadvertently left people feeling disappointed. That sucks and we are sorry. It was never our intention to shortchange anyone on food or fun. Where we exceeded in motivation, enthusiasm and dedication, we fell short on experience. We know better now, and from these mistakes we will build a better executed festival for next year.

Here are a few recaps of what happened from Daniel B. and Steve Barnes -- both were judges at the event.

Yep, AOA was a media sponsor.


What a shame. We were lucky to get there around 1130 and were able to sample a few things and buy some bacon to take home. I hope next year they'll get a lot more vendors (especially those selling bacon to take home - there are so many places in this area with great bacon, it was surprising to see one measly table).

People need to chill on the vitriol.

I don't feel an apology was needed. No one was hurt, no one died. Aside from some empty stomachs, nothing bad happened. This was a bacon/music festival, nothing more. Money was raised for a good cause (Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York). IF you left hungry, imagine what that's like for millions of people everyday. You probably went somewhere else and ate, not everyone has that option.

On the bright side....I took a boat ride with my wife, we were exposed to some great sights along the Hudson and some great local bands too. It was a cracking day weather wise.

Cannot wait or next year. Hope it continues.

1. Despite having to have given up on paid admissions, resist the urge to re-moniker the event as "Baconstock."
2. Nevertheless, do not rest until you have caused the Thruway to be closed.

Never underestimate the number of people who will come seeking free bacon.


I don't think killing and maiming people is a minimum reason for an apology, disappointing someone is enough. I took a day off from work, time that I EARNED, to go to this festival. I only drove down from Albany, but I met plenty of people at the festival who drove farther than 3 hours away to come, who were left explaining to their kids why they weren't getting what they were promised.

They marketed it far and wide for almost half a year, and they didn't think it would catch on? I could see if the bacon ran out at 4:30, but noon is unacceptable. They over marketed for the size of the festival, and what it was. If they didn't issue an apology you would have a lot more people not show up to next year's event. They have to convince people that it won't happen again.

As far as charity goes, only a $1 from every ticket (including the tickets sold at the gate, which were $2 more than the advance-sell-tickets) is going to the charity for every ticket sold.

On the plus side I love going down to Hudson anyway, I went to college there, and enjoyed showing the area to my friends, and visiting Mexican Radio. :)


I am tremendously envious of the world you live it if you think you're owned (or that you've EARNED) an apology for every time you've been disappointed. I truly cannot imagine how blissful your world must be.

Again, I had a great time. the Spirit of Hudson is a nice ship, and the Ramblin' Jug Stompers are the sh*t.

Bacon Fest 2013 is gonna rule. But really, DO NOT let that horrible "gelato" vendor back. That shiz was like melted diet fudgesicles. Unacceptable waste of calories.

Ok miles,

You are taking this a little over the top. I'm well aware that my disappointment is a first-world problem. I'm saying that there are liable to be a good number of people who will be put off by this years handling of the festival, and will not go next year. It is only good PR to issue a statement apologizing, and to promise a better experience next time, if only to protect the quality of the brand.

Further more, I was speaking to vacation time that I earned. I could have done something else with it, and not have been disappointed. I'm glad you could afford to go on a boat ride, some of us can't.

And as I said, we made the most out of our day there, and managed to have a good time dispite the lackluster festival.

Got there at 1. Paid the 10 themins dollars to get in. Nothing was left. Left 5 minutes. Event staff wouldnt give me a refund. I would go again,hopefully the organizers can learn from this for next year.

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