Drawing: Sleepwalk with Me and dinner

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Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk with Me opens at the Spectrum this Friday. The indie comedy -- from Birbiglia and the producers of This American Life (Ira Glass co-wrote the film) -- is in limited release (TAL has been urging people to request it at theaters).

We know of lot of people in the AOA crowd are fans of Birbigs and TAL, so we pulled together a drawing for what should be a fun night out: two free tickets to Sleepwalk with Me at the Spectrum, plus a $25 gift certificate for dinner at the nearby Capital City Gastropub.

Because Sleepwalk is (in part) about the dreams of Birbiglia's character, please answer this question in the comments:

What's your surreal dream for the Capital Region?

It could be a dream as wish for the future -- "My dream is to build a new Corning Tower out of bacon" -- or an actual (sleeping) dream that you've had. We'll pick one winner at random. That person gets the tickets and the gift certificate. The tickets are good for any showing of Sleepwalk during its one-week run at the Spectrum.

From the blurbage for Sleepwalk with Me:

The story: when an aspiring stand-up fails to express his true feelings about his girlfriend and his stalled career, his anxiety comes out in increasingly funny and dangerous sleepwalking incidents. SLEEPWALK WITH ME features Lauren Ambrose ("Six Feet Under"), Carol Kane ("Taxi"), James Rebhorn ("Meet the Parents"), Cristin Milioti (star of Broadway's "Once"), plus comedians Marc Maron, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Jessi Klein, Henry Phillips and David Wain.

The trailer is embedded above. And, due to the ultra-competitive nature of the film industry, Birbiglia and Glass have started a feud with Joss Whedon.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Tuesday and must respond by noon on Wednesday (September 12).

AOA is a media sponsor of the film at Spectrum.


I used to have a reoccurring dream about having an intimate moment in an apple orchard (in a brass four post bed) while an apple picking event was going on. If that does not count as surreal, I do not know what does. Sorry, Indian Ladder Farms for ruining the event, if only in my dreams.

Not sure that's it too surreal, but any dream involving 787 disappearing would be a welcome one.

My surreal dream for Albany is for everything that everyone is always saying "has potential" in the region (Lark Street, the DelSo, downtown Troy, Schenectady, the Albany Barn, students at local colleges/universities, and so on) to realize that potential, and actually be really awesome.

Tri-city subway system (Albany, Troy, Schenectady) with a light-rail extension to Saratoga.

So walking around the empire state plaza always makes me think of bizarre authoritarian dream/nightmares where Albany is a 1984-style Big-Brothe-ris-watching world.

My dream *for* the Capital Region is we bust down 787 and have a happy waterfront we can all enjoy ::fist shake Nelson Rockefeller!!::

My dream is that the Egg is actually an alien space craft and one day it's going to take off.

Also, I just want to note that Ned had a great dream! If this was a facebook post, I would like it.

I would like for the Capital Region to open a LaQuinta... and have Mike Birbiglia fly out of it and perform a comedy show. What I should have said was... world peace.

A dream date with Alan Chartock!

My dream is that all of the Capital Region will become more bike-friendly

My dream is to drive down Central or Washington with timed lights so I don't hit every red light no matter what speed i drive.

I have a surreal dream - that the city lights would really go out at night (and that there wasn't a safety issue associated with it) so that I could see the stars and watch meteor showers from my roof. That and that we could go back in time and keep a more accessible and vital waterfront in our city! Imagine no highway and a boat launch with walkable shops and eateries near the water... Oh that would be lovely.

My dream is for Albany to be connected to the Hudson River waterfront once again!

That everyone who runs a red light immediately gets a flat tire. No, make that four flat tires.

I once had a dream that the Egg was actually a huge bowl of cereal.

Sadly, I can not remember the type of cereal.

...that CD drivers learn how to properly utilize driving lanes, passing lanes, and turn lanes...and signals.

My dream for Albany is for the great art developed in our local colleges to expand beyond the classroom/studio and contribute to creating an even better art scene here in Albany to rival NYC.

I'm excited to see Birbigs' movie. I'm a big fan of just about everyone involved with the production. Thanks for helping to bring it to Albany.

For my surreal dream for Albany would be to see the big Central Warehouse turn into a Northeastern version of the big crazy funhouse that is the "City Museum" in St. Louis. involving artists from throughout the region.

That and a Wegmans...definitely a Wegmans (and NOT on Wolf Road)

"Tri-city subway system (Albany, Troy, Schenectady) with a light-rail extension to Saratoga."
Wow! That's interesting ...I had the same dream

A free trolley, shaped like Nipper the Dog, travelling back and forth between Center Square and the warehouse district.

That all the old/abandoned/run-down buildings are restored to their original condition and we could see what the city used to look like.... would be so cool.

My surreal dream for the Capital Region is Albany having a real "Main Street" area. A place that day or night has people walking about because there's something to do or see. A place where you could take a little stroll and window shop as well as getting some food or maybe a drink.

Oh, I cannot wait for this movie! I saw Mike Birbiglia when he performed at the Egg in May and he was delightful.

The first thing that came to my mind was exactly what Julie mentioned above - subway system with a commuter rail. I burn, I pine, I perish. It's about as likely as a Corning Tower made of bacon so I think it counts.

raised lite rail traveling between Troy, Albs and Schenectady

My surreal dream is having a snow day where we can all sled down Madison Ave and be dragged back up so we can sled down over and over again.

My surreal dream for the Capitol Region involves an IKEA and a giant tub of marshmallow fluff.

Some type of public transportation that would take me from home (near HVCC) to work (GE Schenectady campus) in less than 40 minutes, and with only 1 exchange (I'm trying to be *somewhat* practical here).

My surreal dream for the Capital Region is for awesome transportation: A rail that takes you from downtown Albany to downtown Saratoga with stops in between in popular work and shopping areas. A boat version of the Megabus to run on the Hudson in the fair weather so folks can take the scenic route to Hudson or NYC without the traffic.

My dream for the Capital Region is that one day people stop thinking it's all one big cesspool. People from here and people not from here need to realize that we live in a pretty amazing place filled with pretty amazing people and pretty amazing things.

Empire Plaza disappears, in a whiff of smoke and glitter, to be replaced by a thriving neighborhood.

The old warehouse on Broadway is torn down, and replaced with a Wegmans.

My surreal dream for the Capital Region is that one day people will learn how to put trash in a trash can.

Walmart disappears and nobody cares.

I once had a dream featuring The Egg. I was running through a friend’s backyard towards a line of trees. I crossed through the trees and on the other side I found a larger field where three Egg theaters of varying sizes. I ran towards and climbed to the top of the tallest Eggs. When I got to top I looked down. Suddenly, I was no longer at the top of The Egg in a big field outdoors. The egg had transformed into a tall tower of large kitchen appliances (ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.), which were now stacked in my bedroom. At the bottom of the tower was my bed and I decided to jump off into it. Then I woke up.

I dream we could swim happily in the Hudson!

I'm coming down Central Ave toward Albany and as I get closer and start to descend into the city, instead of the Hudson River, there is an ocean at the bottom of the hill and Broadway parallels a beach.

The Egg will open up and be filled with cadbury chocolate.

I actually made a subway diagram for the Capital Region a couple of years ago. I always meant to draw it up subway-map-style in Illustrator and publish it.

I really need to find that map now...

The surface of Empire State Plaza becomes a nature preserve: marble is replaced with grass and wildflowers; lilypads, cattails, bullfrogs, snapping turtles, and koi in the reflecting pools; trees are left to grow unsquare, teeming with lemurs and capuchins. The concourse becomes a useful transportation and commerce hub, an underground city, a haven for city dwellers in winter. Corning Tower becomes the Corning Zeppelin Terminal. All neighborhoods in the city are connected by monorail. Grocery stores are built in the South End and West Hill, rather than next to other grocery stores. The Hudson River waterfront is crowded with steamboats and floating pools. Etc...

a winter without any snow!

To bring back a movie theater to downtown Troy

Entering the ESP concourse from the plaza always feels distinctly Alice in Wonderland-ish to me ... so my surreal dreams (really) involve rabbits with pocket-watches and crazy potions muttering their way through those grim stairwells.

@ BP - I love that dream about the Nipper shaped trolley!

My surreal dream is that the state and federal governments give billions and billions of dollars to build a nano empire...and maybe some roads can even be moved! I know, crazy isn't it???

My dream is that someday, the murky waters of the Hudson that flow beneath the Menands Bridge will not be so awfully stenchful that I am forced to call the area "the Bog of Eternal Stench".

I dream for all roadwork to be done before the school season starts and Campbell Ave in Troy to be professionally paved and completed before snow falls.

I dream that somehow ^ Tess' dream can come true without my house on the eastern side of the Hudson being completely submerged in that ocean.

I used to wake up remembering conversations I heard on Quail St below my window. I never could tell which ones were dreams and which ones actually happened - but they were surreal either way.

Sometimes I dream of owning the Legs Diamond house on Dove St.

Eggfest. That is all.

ocean beach.

That the northway gets a center lane for commuter rail

My dream is for senior centers to stop serving pork.

Everyone makes their dog poop on their own yard before going on a walk

An outdoor beergarden overlooking the Hudson

I dream that one day there will be an IKEA here.

a thriving waterfront in downtown albany with parks, shops and restaurants... the abandoned buildings restored and filled with commerce and living/work spaces.. and a commuter rail system. wouldn't that be nice!

It would be great if we could find an eco-friendly way to bring the cross street lighting to lark street. They have this at larimer square in Denver where lights cross between the street houses or lamp posts. They seemed to use LED lights that do not look like an industrial field and are able to give the street walker an amazing experience.

That the X-Files 3rd movie is filmed here! A major chase scene will occur at Empire Plaza where Agent Mulder jumps from the back of the museum platform onto the rooftop behind and below. The water of the reflection pool runs black with the alien virus. Oh and I am totally rescued by Mulder and Scully (and totally a nerd).

i will be dreaming of a restored st. joe's after a great rest fest

My dream for the Capital Region is to have the real Joe's Stone Crab from Miami Beach open a restaurant in the area.

My dream for the Capital Region is to have an Outlet Mall like Woodbury Commons be built at the now vacant Latham Circle Mall.

My dream is that my property becomes self-maintaining and I no longer have to mow my lawn, trim hedges, pull weeds, etc. OK, that's just for my house but it is located in the Capital Region!

Let's paint the ESP towers to look like back and change the name to the Bacon and Egg(s) Plaza!


In my wildest dreams, the Miss Albany Diner never closed and I could still eat brunch there every Sunday. :'-(

I had a dream the other night that the cook on the L-Kens sign (on Central Ave. in Colonie) was chasing me around in a canoe, trying to turn me into hot dog meat. We ended up at his establishment, which, in the dream, was a small brewpub with amazing beers. All in all not bad!

I want a professional football team!

That double parking on Central Ave disappears entirely!

My dream is that Albany High becomes a national renowned school for their arts, athletics, and education.

A surreal Albany dream would be Nipper hopping down from the top of that building and we'd get up on his back and he'd take us on adventures like Clifford the Big Red Dog and we'd end up at the Egg where'd we'd all get inside and it would blast off to outer space.

My surreal dream for the Capitol Region is that the beautiful people of our city will realize that Lark Street is not a gigantic trash can... or at least realize that buffalo chicken wings are not a grab-and-go food.

Mine is that they would make a two lanes going up the hill to HVCC so when you come off the Menands bridge and there are three lanes...there would be two lanes going up the hill so many students would not get into accidents. Would be safer for everyone. I hope you are having a great day!!

How about a Bacon Fest at the Albany Plaza (not in Hudson).
Have it at the Egg - genius, I know.

My dream is a better public transportation/more walkable city overall.

Beach...a real beach with fine white sand and an open ocean within an hour drive from the Capital Region

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