State and local primary election results 2012

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Here's a quick scan of results from state and local primary elections around the Capital Region Thursday. This is not a comprehensive list, just some highlights. Numbers are unofficial.

The boards of election from Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Columbia, Washington, Greene, Montgomery counties have results posted online.

These primary results are important because some of the winners will face little or no competition in the general election. And in the case of the state Senate 43rd -- Roy McDonald vs. Kathy Marchione for the Republican line -- the primary is too close to call.

OK, here are the results...

Incumbents are marked with *

County-by-county vote total breakdowns are in a spreadsheet embedded above -- scroll all the way up. Totals are from the county boards of elections websites. Again, these are unofficial numbers and may change a bit as everything settles.

Albany County DA

David Soares* 57.24%
Lee Kindlon 40.00%

Soares is now headed for re-election.

State Senate 43rd

Roy McDonald* 49.43%
Kathy Marchione 50.43%

Updated Friday 9:20 am: Marchione leads McDonald by 134 votes, by our unofficial count. NYT has the difference pegged at 138. The Daily Gazette at 49. And the Times Union has it at "fewer than 50" -- it also reports that there are 1,137 absentee ballots that were turned in.

McDonald already has the Independence line, so he'll have the option of continuing in the general election should he lose the primary. (As will Marchione because of her victory in the Conservative primary below.)

Kathy Marchione 61.21%
Edward Gilbert 36.27%

Robin Andrews is the Democratic candidate for this seat.

State Senate 44th

Neil Breslin* 68.82%
Shawn Morse 28.12%

And Breslin's headed for re-election.

State Senate 46th

This is the newly created state Senate district. George Amedore has the Republican line (and the district was pretty much drawn for him).

Thomas Dolan 32.62%
Monica Arias Miranda 14.04%
Cecilia Tkaczyk 50.38%

As of 12:30 am Friday, Greene County had yet to post its totals -- so these are incomplete numbers. But it looks like Tkacyzk has taken it.

Assembly 108th

The seat currently held by Ron Canestrari (D).

Carolyn McLaughlin 44.02%
John McDonald 53.63%

McLaughlin has the Working Families line for the general election, but McDonald's pretty much lined up now for the seat.

Assembly 109th

The seat currently held by Jack McEneny (D).

Frank Commisso Jr 17.85%
Pat Fahy 36.86%
Chris Higgins 16.23%
William McCarthy Jr 13.31%
Jim Coyne 8.53%
Margarita Perez 3.25%
Ted Danz 52.82%
Pat Fahy 42.25%

Danz has also has the Republican line.

Joseph Sullivan 102
write-in 100

Those are vote totals, not percentages, in the Conservative primary.

Assembly 110th

The seat currently held by Bob Reilly (D).

Phil Steck 37.57%
Joe Landry 20.34%
Tim Nichols 11.16%
Kevin Frazier 28.43%
Phil Steck 15.80%
Jennifer Whalen 51.60%
Kevin Frazier 17.40%
Joe Landry 6.80%

Whalen has the Republican line in the general election. So, it'll be Whalen vs. Steck.


Worked at the polls yesterday.
Only 30 people voted out of 100 in the district i worked.
Maybe if it was "T he Voice" the vote would have been better! This is whaat our soldiers fought, and died for?

It's funny you chose that sign about campaigning too close to the polling place to accompany this story. On my way in to vote, I ran in to who I'm now pretty sure was William McCarthy, and he held the door for me and said "I hope I have your vote". Not being familiar with the candidate's faces, I didn't know who he was, but a second later I realized I should have taken him to task for campaigning inside the polling place...

Is it bad that I'm glad this is over so Chris Higgins will stop sending me flyers? I have a PO box that I check weekly or so, and my mailbox is stuffed with election flyers every time I check it.

I really should just register as independent, but voting in the Democratic primary is the only way to have actual say in who wins the election in my district.

What's with all the fonts on that electioneering sign? Get Doug on that. I want to know what they are.

RE: SD43

6800 Republicans came out and said, basically, "I hate the idea that gays can get married so much I'm going to vote against a perfectly good state senator."

Even if Roy somehow pulls it out, that's disgusting, and all 6800 of you should be ashamed.

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