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For the next two weeks you'll be hearing a lot about MoHu -- a festival of the arts in the Mohawk/Hudson region.

Yep, you already knew this is a good place to live and there's a lot going on, but for the next two weeks MoHu is hoping to get people to try something new -- something you've been meaning to try or something that might never have considered before. To encourage that, MoHu is giving away a super-sampler with tickets and restaurant gift certificates so the winner can enjoy not just a show, but dinner in the different parts of the "MoHu arts zone."

One winner will be selected at random and will get:

MOHU South:
+ Capital Repertory Theatre - a pair of tickets to an upcoming showing of Pride@Prejudice
+ Bayou Cafe, Downtown Albany - $50 gift certificate

MOHU West:
+ Proctors - a pair of tickets to the Friday, October 19th SPENCERS: Theatre of Illusion performance -
+ The Waters Edge Lighthouse - $100 Gift Certificate

MOHU East:
+ Troy Savings Bank Music Hall - good for reserved seating to Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presented events; expires 05/31/13
+ EMPAC - good for any EMPAC-curated event
+ Illium Cafe -Gift Certificate $100

MOHU North:
+ Arthur Zankel Music Center - valid for any Zankel Music Center Presentation. Good through 05/01/13
+ 51 Front Wine Bar & Bistro - Dinner for two, includes appetizer/salad, entree, & dessert
Wine, beer, or other alcohol is NOT included - $90 Value - Drinks not included
+ Fifty South Restaurant & Bar - $50 gift certificate good through October 1, 2013. Does not include tax or gratuity

That is a lot of art. And food. So, to get in on the drawing here's what you need to do:

MoHu is a made up word that stands for the Mohawk/Hudson region. Make up your own word, leave it in the comment section, and don't forget to tell us what it means.

We'll draw one winner at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Monday, October 8 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly -- seriously, if you win, we want to give you the tickets) with your comment. The winners will be notified via email by 8 am on Tuesday, October 9 and must respond by 6 pm that day.

AOA is a media sponsor of the MoHu Festival.


Smallbaniac - a person who is crazy for small cities!

Fallmer - Days like today, when it feels like Summer in the fall :)

AdCap - Adirondack-Capital Region

BeSa = Below Saratoga.

Pumpkilla- Vanilla and pumpkin flavors together!

Grube - German food.

MOHU seems more like an acronym than a word, so I suggest CDD: Cider Doughnut Dependancy.

Ermacgerd!!!!! - It's an annoying meme that celebrates the complete and utter enthusiasm for Ermac from the Mortal Kombat video game franchise.

Fallbany - Fall in Albany

Cuomonism: Masquerading as a liberal who's really no different than any non-socially conservative Republican.

Grage: anger at not getting the exam grade you expected :).

Portmantool - A person obsessed with making up now portmanteaux, no matter how unfunny or unoriginal

flogsmuw - for the love of god stop making up words.

dunch - an unappetizing word for the meal inhaled between dinner and lunch. Not be confused with 'Linner'

uny4cson - meaning upstate new york four seasons

Mipster - A hip cultured individual from the mid-NY area that is into the arts.

Mipster - A hip cultured individual from the mid-NY area that is into the arts.

ARTSites = MOHU has so many great sites to check out for Arts/Entertainment

MoNi = Movie Night
(Pronounced = MoeNye)

PiNi = Pizza Night
(Pronounced = PieNye)

MoPiNi = Movie & Pizza Night
(Pronounced = Friday)

Brawlbany - What S. Pearl becomes on the weekends.

Freakstatic - How freaking ecstatic I would be to win

Hangle - a collection of tangled coat hangers

Dipster - delave hipster.

CFATS - Pronounced "See-fest" - Cute for Albany,Troy, Schenectady. Usage: "Is it me or are they attractive?" "It is you. They are not bad. They are CFAST."

Uticorns - very cool people from Utica. Some people think they are mythical, but I believe they exist!

Capivore-Someone who eats foods produced in the Capital region

Thanksover - the over-stuffed let-down of the morning after Thanksgiving.

Okay, I'll bite. DFANO - dying for a night out!

Trowacoan - emanating from or having to do with the Troy-Watervliet-Waterford-Cohoes cluster of cities.

LATFOR - the LAnd that Time FORgot

ZiggyDamoe - It's anything you want it to be!

lipsticulture - Going to a cultural event as an excuse to get dressed up in that nice outfit in the back of your closet and have a cocktail and feel pretty.

"My wife has a sudden love for the theatre, but I think it's just another lipstickulture event."

permacontestant - those of us who always enter giveaways and never win

Albatroy. Because it sounds like a nice bird.

LocAter- Those who hate on the local 518, for whatever reason

chinception, When people has double chins

These are great! How about Dohaze.....that hazy feeling after you've had one too many cider donuts?


This word I use a lot! I blame the boyfriend for imparting it upon me. It's a combination of "chill out" and "relax." He often says it when I get hyper! He'll tell me to "chillax."

I've since expanded the use as answer to the question of "what are you up to?" And "chillaxin" is my response.

Shi-crap an exclamation used when experiencing sudden pain & realizing you're standing near small, impressionable children.

Frither - fraction, piece, or sliver (of pie).

jobfusticate, I heard this from someone else - This is when you make your job sound complex and difficult

Vodka added to Slush Puppy

brelly- it's what I call my umbrella for shot, or sometimes what I call my belly when after I've had some beer :P

Alloveralbanyphiliac- someone who loves alloveralbany!

GR-AR (Great Area)

CapCrap -- Albany's ever expanding landfill.

I just add pants to the end of any adjective and it's immediately more fun. Cranky-pants, sleepy-pants, happy-pants

Albanectadroy- the metropolis name for Albany, Schnectady, and Troy. Sorry Saratoga...

this is difficult! How about MyTo or MyCi - to use when referencing whatever town or city you live in.

Stock-aid - a refreshing, sugary beverage served in the longest occupied region of Schenectady.

Beerhouse District -- What used to be the warehouse district before all the bars started popping up...

Ha, B. I was thinking "Albatroy" too, but the meaning would be a person who is a lover of BOTH Troy and Albany, and old, small, awesome cities in genera.

Jiggingout---dancing mostly to the beat.

SNASTY = Super + Nasty

N.O.B. means a "Night of Beauty" when a woman or group of women friends treat themselves to a mani-pedi, facemask, parafin hand wax treatment or any other beauty pampering experience.

ICLiR - Inter City Light Rail

WiNo - means living down a road where wi-fi won't go. (Or cable, fios, etc.) May lead to becoming a wino. Would be nice to win entry to the outside world;)

faceblooper - when you find out about a close friend's or family's major life event through facebook.

â—˜ = Dop!

BoonTreking - when you use your Roadtrek RV to boondock.

I used to always say "Boo for that!" to bad things but that seemed long so now it's BOOF! The extra F sound better expresses the badness.

Pupkus - the industrial strength, glue-like substance that is smeared all over the windows where the dog sticks their nose.

OctSNOWberfest. It's what we had last year and what I hope we don't see a repeat of this year! I love the snow but not before November. Or after March :)

Twidges - Twin Bridges
Not enough time in my day to say both words

CellFree - An area without cell phone service

TechyTeen - A teenager who loves computers and technology.

McNopoly - that one time of year that I buy mcdonalds food several times a week

craftortionist = A person who can be crafty with anything!

Wegmans-ization: remodeling a supermarket into a 'concept' store.

Baumgardenization - movement explaining the prevalence of burrito joints in the capital region.

HoMuphobic - disease describing those who hold disdain for awfully named programs.

Picklejack...a nonsense word coined by some friends one night that now makes an excellent non-offensive curse word. "get over here you little Picklejack!"

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