Win VIP tickets to the AIDS Council's Beaujolais Nouveau event

beaujolais nouveau wineUpdate: Drawing's closed!

Next Thursday, November 15, is the release date for this year's Beaujolais Nouveau wine. And to celebrate, there will be parties, large and small, all over the world. One of those parties is a swank affair at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, hosted by The AIDS Council of Northeastern New York. The evening includes wine and food tastings from some of the finest Capital Region restaurants, as well as desserts, cognac, cigars, a silent auction and more.

We have a pair of VIP tickets -- each worth $125 -- and we're giving them away. The tickets include access to a pre-event reception where you'll get a chance to taste the Beaujolais first, plus access to the VIP post-event reception with cognac and cigars and a commemorative glass.

To enter the drawing, just answer the question below in the comments:

The beaujolais is a young wine -- meant to be consumed right away, not aged. What's something in the Capital Region that you should do now? As in, now. Right now.

We'll draw one winner at random.

Tickets to the event are still available. Standard admission is $75, and the VIP tickets are $125. Proceeds go to support The AIDS Council.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Thursday, November 8, 2012 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 am on Friday November 9 and must respond by 6 pm on Friday, November 9.

AOA is a media sponsor for The Aids Council's Beaujolias Nouveau event.

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go have dinner at New World.

Enjoy the weather before the long snowy winter!

Run home and get a walk in at the Normanskill Farm before dark comes at 5:30.

Go to the Spectrum and see a movie because tickets are only $7.50 until 6pm and their mint brownies are heavenly!

Get to All Good Bakers and try the vegan cinnamon rolls!

Try that new restaurant you've been meaning to go to. It seems like we have been blessed lately to have a slew of innovative and exciting new eateries opening. I know I have been guilty of putting off visiting these new spots and a few times that delay has resulted in me missing the opportunity entirely! By going out and trying new places you can not only ensure your chance at a new experience but also preserve the opportunity for others by supporting a local business.

Jump in a pile of leaves, before they get all wet with snow!

Something that you should do in the Capital Region now, as in right now, is call your folks and tell them you love them. Or forgive someone you have a grudge against.

Snow tonight it seems. Get out and enjoy the last few hours of fall!

Go home from work early and cozy up in front of the fire!

Enjoy some pumpkin caramel cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo!

have a pumpkin ale at browns

Seed my lawn.

Get my butt to Cutting Edge Fitness on Vatrano Road. I ate too much fried food last night while watching the returns.

A quick drive to Indian Ladder to get one last (chilly) hike in before snow.

Today I try and complete my applications for Hospice and Bereavement Therapy studies for Harvard, Albany Med, Cornell, and Union. Im broke as a joke, But I'll make it happen.

Buy a seasons pass to a ski mountain. Prices will go up soon and it is the only way to survive winter. Don't wait til it snows- you need it to ski now!

Grab drinks with the ladies, stay warm inside while the "unofficial" start to winter begins with a nor'easter tonight.

run as fast as I can to buy a bottle of Beaujolais.......!

Something you should do right now, no matter where you are, is support local businesses. Whether it be Honest Weight food co-op, Spectrum theater, Muddy Cup, Bombers...whatever. If it's unique to your area you should make a point to enjoy it.

go and buy winter clothes before it snows !

Gives thanks that we have the the good fortune to be able to partake in such frivolous (I mean that in a good way) and serious activities. Oh, right, I'm headed out for a run :)

Mini dogs at Guss's

Go for a run!, There is snow forescasted for later today

get amazing white chocolate chip craisin Bake For You cookies and head home...need to be ready with cookies and cocoa when the snow hits!!!

Go enjoy one more ice cream cone from Coldstone before the snow comes! Then walk over to The Book House and support a local business!


Get some tacos de lengua at the Mexican Market at Central and North Allen.

Go home and try and stay warm in this arctic cold!!

Walk through Empire State Plaza, and then up to Lark St for dinner and drinks. Also, make sure to buy all the Beaujolais in stock at Capital Wine and Spirits!

Start Again!

Tonight Wednesday November 7, and every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month Learn to Meditate, beginning at 7pm at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Albany, 747 Madison Avenue, Albany.

Take a walk around the Empire State Plaza, but bring along a hot cup of coffee from Caffe Vero.

Put your snow tires on your car!

Break out your ice scrapers and shovels and start the fireplace. Winter is here.

Make plans for a delicious dinner at Mingle!

Buy a honey crisp apple at the Farmer's Market... if you can find one! They're almost all gone :(

Buy condoms.

Warm up your car before leaving work!

I should really get down to Athens to Crossroads brewery.

See a show at Capital Rep!

I should bust out the winter clothes and get ready for some skiing or snow shoeing...fingers crossed we have a nice white winter!

Make a reservation for one of the few pasture-raised, antibiotic-and hormone-free turkeys we have available on! First come, first serve - only a handful left!

Be accepting of whatever weather comes our way and remember it could be so much worse.

Take a walk around my neighborhood.

Make sure you know where your snow brush is for your car!

eat a cider donut

Buy an ice scraper.

Go to the flying chicken!

Must have a fish fry at Bob&Rons!

Go to Oakwood Cemetery and watch the sun set over Cohoes. It's more beautiful than it sounds. They close at 7pm, so you can only get this amazing view in the months when the sun sets early.

Pull a double espresso

Buy a ticket for the event...because you know if you buy one, you have a better chance of winning one! At least, that's my luck. :)

Right now soul searching. In your 20's you go through a phase when it comes time to make a choice and commit something greater than yourself. A career, a person, a family, the pursuit of a life long dream.

Get in one more hike before the snow flies, then swing by Caffe Vero for another great pumpkin latte. YUM!

Go for a run!

I should probably get to work... but the coffee at Bonobo is calling my name!

Try a vegan twinkie at Xs to Os Bakery. Or buy a thanksgiving in a box for a family in need at Hannaford. Both would be nice.

Donate to the food pantries, the shelters and the animal shelters, do something for others rather than yourself.

Get some soup from Taiwan Noodle on this chilly day.

Get the snow blower out, tune her up so she's ready for the snow!

Pick a charity close to your heart and donate...'tis the season!


Give blood!!!

Buy a pair of Snowshoes!!

Go see Wicked at Proctors.

I will be great full that I have a place to go home to and food to eat. Many people who benefit from this event don't.

Take your dog on a long walk then snuggle with him on the couch

Pledge any kind of monetary donation to WAMC's Hurricane Sandy Relief fund today.

Drive east on "the original" Washington Ave Ext. before "the new" opens.

Make sure you have your car stocked with winter supplies! Ice scrapper, snow emergency kit, etc.

Check out which local charities are collecting goods for Sandy Relief. Our downstate citizens are experiencing the same devastating losses we had last year with Irene and it pays the soul to give back!

Enjoy cider donuts from Indian Ladder (or the orchard of your choice) before winter really arrives!

get married.

Give thanks that we are safe from the storm.

See Wicked at Proctors - before it is too late

Donate to a good cause:
Regional Food Bank
Operation Christmas Child
Your Church

Help a friend in need.

Celebrate that the election is over and we do not have to hear any negative commercials anymore !!!!

Take a walk down Pearl St. and get out of my office for a few minutes.

It's mundane, but I should tend to the leaves in my yard.

Hold a Mit Romney Free Zone Party!!!

Go to the Albany Distilling Company and get some whiskey!

Leave work, and head to Bier Abbey for happy hour.

Plant garlic! It'll grow over the winter and come late spring you'll be rewarded with the scapes and then beautiful bulbs in July.

STEAK, ALE & CHEDDAR SOUP at the Olde English Pub

Invite your best friend to the Beaujolais Nouveau event you just won tickets to

tell my bf i love him

We should be thankful that Sandy passed by our region, and send some help to those who are so much in need because of the superstorm.

rake one more pile of leaves!

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