Drawing: Ira Glass at the Troy Music Hall

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Act 1: The question. Act 2: Random draw. Act 3: Tickets.

Update: Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

This American Life host/producer/creator Ira Glass will be at the Troy Music Hall December 1. We have a pair of the tickets -- which include a pre-show meet-and-greet with him -- and we're giving them away. Maybe to you.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's your favorite story?

It could be your favorite story from This American Life, or your favorite story from when you were a kid, or your favorite book, or whatever. We'll pick one winner at random.

The Troy Music Hall appearance is billed as "Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass." From the blurbage:

Glass will talk about today's media environment, about how he makes "This American Life" in that context, and how he and his staff find compelling stories and make shows from them that are unique in broadcast journalism.
Onstage, Glass will combine his live narration with quotes and music from "This American Life", mixing them to re-create a radio segment before your eyes, explaining memorable, funny, and serious excerpts from the show from his point of view at the heart of public radio.

The show starts at 8 pm. Tickets start at $25.

Bonus Ira bits: Here's his recent Ask a Grown Man/balloon animal DIY at Rookie. (He's sort of a mentor to Tavi.) And a recent AMA on Reddit.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Tuesday, November 12, 2012 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Wednesday and must respond by noon on Thursday, November 15.

The Troy Music Hall advertises on AOA.

photo: Stuart Mullenberg


My favorite story is the one where This American Life looked at the fiscal crisis many local governments are facing. (http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/459/what-kind-of-country) I really enjoyed the inside look into how different areas are addressing this problem and it provided me hope that government can work well. A story that would have been my favorite was the TAL story about political fundraising but it only raised questions instead of answering them. I still don't know where exactly all of that fundraised money goes to.

That time I worked at a haunted house during the first year of graduate school...

There are too many TAL episodes for me to limit it to one favorite but...the one that has stuck with me since I heard it this spring was David Rakoff (one of my all time favorites) talking about dancing. It was the last time he was one, and when i heard it again, it reduced me to tears. (FTR, I often quote the poem that Rakoff did on the "Frenemies" episode about "The Scorpion and the Tortoise".)



I always seem to have what they call a "Driveway Moment" when listening to This American Life. Of course I don't have a driveway or off street parking but I still have that moment when I have to catch the last few moments of the show before I can exit my car. I have two favorites, one brought back great childhood memories of summer camp, Notes on Camp http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/109/notes-on-camp
The other spoke to me as a professional working with Special needs students, it even inspired me to capture my students on camera using their interviewing skills
Special Ed - http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/207/special-ed?act=1#play

anne of green gables.

The "What Happened in Dos Erres". It was captivatingly chilling.

A while back...Sarah Vowell's story of her trip with her sister on the Cherokee Trail of Tears

A Fly Went By

My favorite stories were the ones my mom used to tell about my grandfathers family of whalers and coal miners. Entertaining cast of characters.

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them." Anything relayed by a great storyteller is my favorite. currently, sunny haralson is my favorite bard.

My favorite TAL story is "Somewhere in the Arabian Sea" about life aboard an aircraft carrier. Life aboard this floating city is fascinating and made me greatly appreciate the job our soldiers do in and off the battlefield!

My favorite story: the one about the man trying to get the foxes, chickens and grain across the river.

I love to listen to This American Life at work.
There are just too many stories that I loved.
If I have to choose one, it will have to be Tig Notaro's story about Taylor Dayne..

"I love your voice"
"My speaking voice?"

The story of the movie Good Will Hunting... love it.

My favorite story is any of the ones told by my gamma, a quick-witted 92 year old with a lot of sass. Every time I think to myself I have got to start recording this woman..

My favorite recent story from TAL is "The Motherhood of the Traveling Pants"--http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/475/send-a-message?act=1

My favorite story pops into my head every year around Veteran's Day. My dad and his four brothers (in Scotland) all went off to fight in World War II. At one point during the war, three of them met up in a random location. At the end of the war, all five of them came home, relatively unscathed. There was definitely some kind of force at work keeping them all in one piece.

My favorite TAL story was "Petty Tyrant." Not many stories receive an entire show devoted but the Steven Raucci story clearly fascinated TAL producers as much as me.

Listening to "Blackjack" really made me want to try my hand at counting cards.

My favorite TAL is the Cryonics episode -- which dealt with apologies -- that's going to be the basis for Errol Morris' first non-documentary film.

My favorite TAL story was about the guy who worked at the summer carnival every year and was hopelessly devoted to his employer.

I listen to TAL every week while at work. "First Contact" is one episode I really enjoyed. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/411/first-contact

The legend of sleepy hollow

A recent favorite story would be the one told in the new movie Argo, which was also told in a great Wired article.

Pretty much anything David Sedaris has written when he does a reading of it. The perfect storyteller.

Robinson Crusoe.

My favorite story was Gordan Korman's "I Want to Go Home."

My favorite was the Valentines Day show - what crazy things we do for love. However, seriously, I have never heard a bad show on TAL.

My favorite TAL was Petty Tyrant.

The Youth In Asia by David Sedaris in the episode "In Dog We Trust"

There are too many to name, but I did appreciate Red State, Blue State a couple of weeks ago.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

From when I was a kid: 'Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.'

Favorite TAL: '24 Hours at the Golden Apple' -- interviews with customers and staff at a Chicago diner.

"One by one, many of the working-class quarters of London have been invaded by the middle-classes - upper and lower. Shabby, modest mews and cottages - two rooms up and two down - have been taken over, when their leases have expired, and have become elegant, expensive residences....Once this process of 'gentrification' starts in a district it goes on rapidly until all or most of the original working-class occupiers are displaced and the whole social character of the district is changed."

My favorite TAL episode is The Giant Pool of Money.

I love a story with a lot of accents involved (done by the same person).

I loved Petty Tyrant - amazing to hear about Raucci from a nationally syndicated radio broadcast. I also like the one about the detective soccer moms.

My favorite story is: "Pancakes for Breakfast" by, Tomie dePaola.

"Running After Antelope" is my favorite TAL story, by Scott Carrier.

"The Learning Curve" by David Sedaris

"How to be an Other Woman" in Self Help by Lorrie Moore.

The book The Life of Pi (even before the movie came out). GREAT story and it's really about the importance and relevance of "story."

The TAL about the guy who had his body cryogenically frozen was awesome if a bit disturbing!

I liked how TAL shared the story of the Mike Daisey Foxconn one man show only to come clean, retract the original story, and tell the full story. There isn't enough of this in the media. Often when something is falsely told, no one handles the embarassment quite like Ira did. With class, TAL reported what their failures were along with the failures of their source. It's my favorite because they didn't ignore the full picture.

Perhaps most memorable for me was the story of how John Perry Barlow met his fiancée and their tragically short-lived relationship.

I love This American Life, and most recently an episode about a diner in Chicago and the people who frequent it really enticed me called #172: 24 Hours at the Golden Apple.

My favorite book growing up was called "The Fourteen Bears: Summer and Winter" It was about a family of bears (Mama, Papa, 11 girls, and 1 boy). They lived in hollowed out trees and each house had a theme. 2 of the girls kept bees that made honey of all different flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and sometimes coconut). I still have the book held together with packaging tape. When Irene hit and I had to evacuate, it was one of the only things I took with me to save.

One of my favorites from this American Life was the story on Summer Camps. It reminded me a lot of the camp I went to as a kid. Especially the story about the "Color Wars".

One of my favorite parts was when all the boys were back in their cabin discussing the failure of one of them to make a move with one of the girls attending the camp. One of the boys just shouts out "Just go for it". A very endearing moment in a great episode.

24 Hours at the Golden Apple is also another great episode. Highly recommended.

"the little engine that could"

My all time favorite TAL (aside from the very first one I heard) is "And the call was coming from the basement" -- a Halloween themed show, made even creepier by the fact that all the stories are true...

I'll stick with my favorite from TAL: Act V

My favorite This American Life is Sarah Vowell's story on The Battle Hymn of the Republic!

"Let the hero born of woman!"

My favorite story would have to be Petty Tyrant. Not only is the story about someone local it is also insane.

My most admired story was the Mike Daisey retraction show. But my favorite is probably the one about crowd events, a variety of flashmob type that were charming and surprisingly heartbreaking.

I love almost every This American Life story I hear, but the one that sticks with me from 2012 was called Own Worst Enemy, about people who get in their own way. There were three acts, and the one that I found most interesting was that of the gay man in denial who tries to get other men to suppress their gay urges. People are nuts! TAL brings out the best of it in a way that's educational, entertaining, and thought provoking.

I don't have a TV, and this is one of the reasons why I don't miss it one bit.

Kid Logic!!

One of my favorite books: Persuasion by Jane Austen.

Squirrel Cop.

Oh, I would loooove to go! My favorite TAL episode has to be Fear of Sleeping. Either that or House on Lone Lake. You can't make me pick!

my favorite story, that i tell at bars often, is from a few years ago when i was involved in a bank robbery. works every time

My favorite story is the one that someone who's "never done this before" tells while standing in front of a microphone at monthly Front Parlor Storytelling events in Troy and Albany!

I loved thd TAL episode about the prison where the inmates got involved in. Shakespearea. Theater. Very poignant stuff.

The Most beautiful Girl in Town by Charles Bukowski

There are so many TAL episodes to choose from. The recent "Back to School" episode was terrific.

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