Goodbye 2012, hello 2013 drawing


The champagne of hams...

Drawing's closed!

We're grateful for so many things that happened and people we encountered in 2012, and we're looking forward to the surprises 2013 holds in store.

To wrap up the year and begin anew, AOA has one more give away in our cupboard -- something to help you celebrate in 2013:

+ A Champagne Ham from Bilinski's, marinated in Glenora sparkling wine with a blend of brown sugar and spices, so it's infused with champagne flavor.

+ A bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne from Capital Wine and Spirits, at the corner of State and Lark Street in Albany.

+A $25 gift certificate for a sweet treat at Saratoga Sweets, creators of the Peppermint Pig.

Ready to enter? Good. In the comment section below, answer the following question:

What's a local thing that you're looking forward to in 2013?

We'll draw one winner at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Thursday and must respond by 10 am on Friday, January 4.


Our wedding!

Pinkster Fest

my birthday

Fudge at tulipfest

Spring (tulips!). I'm already sick of shoveling. I know, I's Upstate NY.

Shopping at the Remodeled Latham Circle Mall.

I'm looking forward to seeing American Idiot at Proctors! Local culture will be fun this year. John Oliver and David Sedaris, too.

Albany Wine and Dine for the Arts in 2 weeks....have a couple of tix for Sat, and the birth of my great nephew....any moment now....

Seeing The Intergalactic Nemesis at Proctors!

9 more months of Sabbatical!

Local champagne dreams (but on a local beer budget.)

DerryX's wedding. For the food pictures :)

Northshire Books opening in Saratoga; trying the new wine bar in Troy; visiting the Cheese Traveler and All Good Bakers for the first time.

Graduation from Albany Law!

Getting the region's first creative reuse center off the ground!

Delicious locally made beer, wine & spirits!

Cashing in all the gift certs we got to the awesome DelSo neighborhood businesses!

I'm looking forward to getting back to Albany in the next few months. Haven't been there since April, 2011 for a funeral. I'm way overdue to get back and have some good fun with old friends.

The Spectrum Theater

The new Shop Rite in Colonie - grocery store walking distance from my house!

Kayaking from the Cohoes falls to Schodack Island state park next summer.

Alive at Five Concerts!


The food scene and local brewery/pub scene that is burgeoning in Albany. The opening of the new location of Honest Weight Food Coop in the Spring 2013. The increasing number of local food,and speciality food stores that continue to appear in the Capital district area. The growing number of wine shops and the variety of wines they offer.

Outdoor Farmer's Markets.

Paying off my car and getting my wife a new ride, she has been patient

I'm looking forward to attending the Mac and Cheese Bowl this year!

Northshire bookstore opening in Saratoga!

Eating more fabulous dinners at Duo.

Looking forward to the opening of Texas de Brazil churrascaria

The opening of FLOW From the Garden, and DerryX's wedding ;)

the mac n cheese bowl!!!

Reading all the great books I received for Xmas! (Thank you Santa for shopping at Market Block Books and Northshire Books!)

From the Garden! The new restaurant opening on Lark Street!

Albany spring.
(Fall is THE best season around here but I don't want to wish the year away completely).

I am looking forward to discovering hidden culinary and cultral gems in the capital region... all thanks to AOA! :)

Pinksterfest, The Legislative Correspondents' Association political parody night near the end of Session, eating locally and enjoying the Farmers' Markets.

The Confectionary in Troy opening for daytime hours

Trying out the new Healthy Living Market when it opens. :)

Taking my fromage-loving hubs to The Cheese Traveler.

I will miss Mahar's, but I am interested to see how BMT does with the Madison Pourhouse.

Celebrating my husband's and my 30th birthday!

The release of Place Beyond the Pines and trying to recognize local spots.

Gay Pride!

Cant wait for Troy Farmers Market to move back outside! I miss spring/summer!

The opening of the new Honest Weight Food Co-op

The safe return of all our sons and daughters in the military. P.S. I am a veteran.

Summer time and Vacation!

another year of great concerts

bombers of troy. summer farmers market in troy. homestead farms CSA.

Skiing the Pine Bush

Wine and Dine for the Arts!

the farmer's markets and produce stands re-opening

Birding at Fiver Rivers!

Phish summer tour

My retirement and therefore more time to enjoy the local pleasures.

Hopefully making it to the Mac n Cheese Bowl this year! And the return of outdoor farmers markets. It's not too soon to start looking forward to that, is it?

The Farmer's Markets going back outside.

UAlbany Spring graduation - I will finally have my MPH!

wine & dine for the arts

The opening of the new Honest Weight!

I'm looking forward to participating in the Color Me Rad run again! And Tulip Fest!

Lewis Black at the Palace in March.

I'm really looking forward to the new location for Honest Weight co-op, but I'll miss the quirkiness of the old store.

all the festivals and farmers markets

more fantastic times with friends at local restaurants that source delicious local things

Dave & Buster's

I am looking forward to the Delmar Farmers Market reopening in June 2013.

I am looking forward to watching my kids grow a year older in Center Square. Taking them to the shops, cafe's and Washington Park. Riding the CDTA out to the DelSo and to Summer camp with their friends. Enjoying everything that downtown living has to offer a family.

My garden! I know it's only January 2nd but the garden catalogs are already arriving and I am planning my food crop for the spring. Every year it gets a little better.

Mexican Radio

Spending more time playing in the snow now that winter has arrived!

I'm looking forward to my wedding, taking place at Brunswick Greens in Troy!

Dave and Buster's coming to Crossgates.

Drinking beer on the patio outside Druther's in Saratoga.

I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a very snowy winter. And I'm looking forward to being one year closer to graduation :-)


The new Honest Weight Food Coop!

Bringing my daughter to a(nother) show at SPAC. She came with us to 2 shows last year, but was still a little young. I think she'll really have a lot of fun this summer.

Seeing the garlic poke out of the ground in April!

I'm hoping for a healthy and happy new year for my family and friends.

Spending 2013 and beyond with the new girl whose very presence puts a smile on my face that will will never come off.

Summertime and gardening!

Spring! Summer! Fall!

bombers coming to troy/mexican radio coming to schenectady!

The demolition of the old dead Latham Circle Mall and the building of some new stores to revive that area.

Saratoga beer week

The Mac'n'Cheese Bowl!!! :-)

I just hope that this year is as good as the last.

I'm hoping more Capital Region "inner ring suburban" residents start using CDTA to commute to & from Albany after the city's new parking permit system goes into effect.

Larkfest & Tulipsfest!

Summer Wine tour in the finger lakes!

My brother and future sister-in-law's wedding at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga!

Jumpin Jacks and running lots of fun local 5Ks like the Rhubarb Run!

Checking out this Yellow Brick Road I keep hearing so much about...

Mac-N-Chz Bowl!!!

Drinking wine in the outdoor patio of wine bistro this spring/summer.

Gardening season in our CDCG garden plot!

Troy Pig Out, Rockin on the River, Country Fest. Love all the outdoor things.

a BLT from Sandwiches To Go

The Alive at 5 concerts

Spending all of my holiday gift certificate booty at my favorite local businesses!

The Altamont Fair!

Troy Pig Out!

Alive at Five. I love it so hard.

Capital District Scottish Games!

Making regular visits to my new local cheesemonger - The Cheese Traveler on Delaware Avenue, and hitting up the "dusty wine shop" on New Scotland Avenue for bargain wines to complement the cheeses.

Pig's ear salad at Taiwan Noodle!

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - Moving from the 4th week in July to the 1st week in August, so it never conflicts with Newport FF again. Hoping this will revive the festival somewhat.

My favorite summer tradition -- the Altamont Fair!

Outdoor farmers market's (Troy, Delmar, etc) and grilling dinner every night!

The return of spring!

Good beer.

Right now, summer.

troy ukulele camp - hoping she has another one this year.

I'm looking forward to experiencing Albany all over again in 2013. From the Slider Slam, to the Women's Expos, to the Mac & Cheese Bowl, the Hudson Valley Strawberry Wine Tour, and the changing of the seasonal farmer's markets. There are a lot of things to experience in the Capital Region, and the new year just give us the chance to do it all over again.

The cessation of references to the more southerly portion of Delaware Avenue as "DelSo."

I Love some of the businesses (All Good Bakers I'm looking your way; Spectrum if its included except when it plays movies made for Regal, Cardona's...), I detest the branding.

It reminds me of Clarice Starling asking Hannibal Lecter to "lend us your view" by filling out a survey: its "ham-handed," cliche and lame.

In other words, don't ruin a good thing and let the neighborhood's branding be its own good reputation.

So I can enjoy barbecue with a cold beer on a patio full of flowers and whine about the heat wishing for January

Looking forward (and hoping for) more restaurants that will open in the capital district than will close in 2013. Sad to see things like brown derby and central steak go, but excited for new beginnings this year!

Attending my first roller derby match!

Some springtime foraging: nettles, mustard garlic, oyster mushrooms, wild ramps at all my favorite haunts around the Capital District. Oh and some skiing and snowshoeing in Thatcher Park while the snow flies!

The flower show at HVCC in March!

@cincinnatus: I picked up the moniker from Silvia Lilly of the DelSo Blog. I always thought it identified the area from Lincoln Park to the 87overpass...a nice notation of what I think of as "our" neighborhood (we live very nearby)..filled with shops, restaurants, services, a great movie theater. It's not an attempt to sound pretentous or anything like that, just an honest attempt at having the greater community of Albany recognize our area as something special.

We absolutely mean no harm or offense and apologize that our fervor may have been overabundant! (not meant sarcastically in any way). We'll take it down a notch. Please know we aren't trying to separate ourselves from the Spectrum area of the street, but actively trying to make it a cohesive attraction for everyone in the Capital Region, encompassing all of our collective businesses.

I see the owner of Davy Jones Locker every morning, walking his labradoodle while waiting for our daughter's school bus. We dine at NWBB for special occassions. Dear friends live accross the street, as do a cat rescue operation near and dear to our hearts, we go to the Spectrum and Ultraviolet and visit Dexter & Travis at Organica, we order pizza, get gas, and otherwise patronize many of the businesses on Del Ave. We know that everyone in the neighborhood, resident or business, helps it thrive. We don't consider ourselves better or worse than anyone else.

Who won???

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