Slider Slam tickets for Albany Chefs' Food & Wine Festival

Albany Food and Wine Fest Slider Slam 2012 Credit T.R. Laz.jpg

Sliders from last years Albany Food & Wine Fest Slider Slam.

Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

It's Monday and the first full work week after a holiday. We're not sure about you, but we need a little something to look forward to. Hmm... a little something. Something little? Sliders are little. And fun.

The people from The Albany Barn have passed along a pair of tickets for the Slider Slam at the Albany Chefs' Food & Wine Festival later this month. The Food & Wine Festival is three days of dinners, tastings, pairings, and galas with food prepared by some of the area's finest chefs. Proceeds from the event go to arts organizations throughout the area.

The Slider Slam is January 18 from 8-11 pm and includes craft beer pairings from Ommegang, wine, cocktails, and a Jack Daniels tasting -- plus music and dancing. The event sold out last year. When we checked last, a few tickets were still available for this year's Slider Slam for $35 each.

You can enter here to win a pair of tickets by answering the question below:

Sliders are miniature burgers. They're more fun because they're little. What would you like to miniaturize in the Capital Region?

Maybe it's taxes, maybe it's The Egg so you could carry it around in your pocket and have tiny little concerts wherever you go. It's like having an imaginary shrink ray.

Post your answer in the comments. We'll draw one winner at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Wednesday and must respond by 10 am on Thursday, January 10.

Photo: T.R. Laz


I'd like to miniaturize the dozens of cars that speed through red lights in Albany every day. I don't think anyone would risk running a red light when you are driving a Matchbox car.

i would like to miniature the rolls from shogun - then i can double the amount of sushi i normally could! like little tidbits of amazingness, in my mouth.

I'd like to miniaturize rent in the capital region.



I would like to miniaturize the homeless dog and cat population. That would mean that people would be more responsible about spaying/neutering as well as taking good care of their pets. :) Thank you

787 - so it wouldn't be as painful!

I would miniaturize the Troy Farmers' Market, and more specifically, the folks who make 'BuddhaPesto' -- I would build a tiny village for them in my kitchen. Fresh Pesto whenever and wherever I want? Thank you very much.

I'd love to miniaturize the hill that RPI is on in Troy. It would make it so much easier to bike and walk between RPI and downtown Troy and I think both RPI and Troy would have something to gain from increased mixing.

Famous Lunch Hot Dogs, so I could eat a dozen without feeling shameful.

I would like a miniature birthday boot for those of us who would die of alcohol poisoning after chugging 2L!

Commute times.

I'd like to miniaturize my car at will. Would make parking a breeze. Pull up, blammo, pop it in my pocket. Instant car-ness anywhere...the mall, downtown, never have to worry about dings in a parking lot again.

It's a good question - hard to find too many things one would want to make smaller in a place so often called Smalbany. Still, I'd love to see 787 shrunken down to nothing more than a model fit for a museum...hopefully as the "before" in a before and after display.

I would like to shrink down the Dunn Memorial Bridge so that my son can use the unfinished stub portion of it to launch his hot wheels cars over a mock Hudson river in our sandbox.

i would love to put the old shrink ray on opposition to the raven's head brewery and all this craziness with trying to kill nightlife in Albany

I would like to make my body mass smaller.
I know i can't do that loving sliders,and all the fixin's!

I would like to miniaturize the length of the winter. I am coooold ;)

Spoons. They are just SO BIG.

Nipper! I would love to have a keychain sized one.

the level of frenzy and/or panic people display when there is a chance we might get .0000000005 inches of snow in the Capital District.

I would like to miniaturize my big back side. My second choice would be everything from the Capitol to the Cathedral--and stick it in a snow globe.

I see miniaturizing more as something from Willy Wonka...a way to shrink something that's annoying. If this was the case, I would elect Alan Chartock from WAMC during their fund drive, paintings of horses and anyone who refers to Saratoga as "Toga".

How about potholes

Jerry Jennings' ego. Or any politicians' ego for that matter.

The only thing I could think of that I'd like to miniaturize in the Capital Region is the price of gasoline...piiiiick me!!!! :)

Snow piles!



I'd like to miniaturize bad/inconsiderate drivers who nearly run me and other pedestrians over all the time. Then I could be like Godzilla and step on their cars when they get too close, or honk and act annoyed when I'm crossing the street. Mind you, it's while I have a walk signal in my favor.


Animosity towards the 'burbs.

I'd miniaturize the winters, crumble them up in my fists, and toss them somewhere else.



Cars so there would be more parking in Center Square!

The horses in Saratoga. Both the ones on the street and at the races.

787 along the riverfront

I'd like to miniaturize the length of office for Albany Mayors and many other self-servers in our region.

My butt- ironically winning tickets to a slider slam wouldn't help me any.

I'd miniaturize Nipper and put it on my desk!

Trader Joes so I can always have tasty hummus and beer an arms-length away!

I'd miniaturize the stench that comes from the dump while driving through the exit 24 tollbooths, and keep it bottled up to use when I must defeat an enemy!

I would minimize my copay for physical therapy and chiropractice services. I looovvveee body work!

The Capital Region footprint to make public transportation more viable and necessary.


I'd like to shrink Billy Fuccillo's car deals, so they're not so "hue-juh"

I would like to miniaturize my commute to Clifton Park.

My taxes!

Gas Prices. Or the distance between all the places in town I want to go. Either way.

I want to miniturize the Fucillo car dealerships, so in their irritating commercials they wouldnt yell its HUUUUGE they would yell ITS TINYYYYYYY!!!

small minded smalbanians

I would like to miniaturize State Street from the Capitol to Broadway, specifically the hill, so I would go down there more often.

the empire state plaza, so the surrounding neighborhoods could be connected again.

I'd like shrink 787 so I could step over it and get to the river.

Golden Harvest apple cider donuts. I would make them into a necklace and snack all day long.

This winter. I need another mild one like last year!

I'd like to miniaturize all the bad radio stations in the area

I would miniaturize the property taxes in Albany and Schenectady. Let's get people back to living in amazing old homes instead of fleeing to the suburbs.

My commute!

787, fo sho!

Dust Bunnies

I'd like to miniaturize the number of decaying historical buildings around here and have them restored to their former grandeur. Albany could be a really beautiful place if we could stop playing politics and start embracing our local history and culture.

racism and patriarchy!

Winter, for sure.

Egos of the political class. Keep 'em in lockets on a bracelet, they'd jingle merrily.


Cafe Madison into my kitchen every morning

I would like to make the amount of people who don't support the arts LESS. More people should be supporting local art, music and culture. There is so many amazing happenings going on all the time.

I'd love to minimize the Northway. There are so many places I want to visit that are north of Albany (Saratoga, Lake George, the High Peaks, Lake Placid, etc.) but sometimes the Northway just takes too long...

I wouldn't mind a miniature SUNY Albany campus so their would only be 1/4 the bros populating the area.

late night drunks and fights on lark streets, with a ray gun.

787's impact on the Capital Region.

Bad attitudes, I would love for a good dose of awesomeness.

my living expenses!

I would like to shrink all the cars so that I can park in downtown Albany without trouble!

I would like the dog parks to have a miniaturizing day so I can take my 4 lb chihuahua Gigi to the dog park and have some playtime also.

Snow banks so people can park and not take up the street I'm trying to drive on

I would like to miniaturize my 6' 7" boyfriend, so I can put him in my pocket and take him everywhere!

Garbage trucks so that they would not block the street

The amount of hours I've been putting in at work.....and taxes

The Empire State Plaza

The Mohawk Hudson Marathon, then I might actually run it.

I'd like to minimize the length of the work week.

The potholes on Jay Street.

Miniaturize rude neighbors! and then some handpies from All Good Bakers

The capitol building, With so many small people inside, you'd reap some pretty impressive economies of scale.

winter. Actually, not so much winter but the snow on the ground for 4 months straight. That's just too much...

I'd like to miniaturize the snow banks left by plow operators at the end of my driveway...

I'd like to miniaturize Jerry Jennings' tan... homeboy needs to not be ORANGE anymore :)

I'd like to miniaturize a CDTA bus, driver & all--carry it around in my pocket & have my own bus to take me anywhere I want to go whenever I want to go there! I could go to concerts at Proctors, HVCC even Caffe Lena etc. in Saratoga and never have to worry how to get there or how to get home!

State bureaucrats floating aimlessly in their over-sized office buildings on their over-sized pensions.

I'd like to miniaturize the unreasonable fear of Albany downtown so that folks from the burbs can relax and enjoy it as much as I do!

Kate, you're the second person in as many days who requested mini hand pies, I think we can make that happen!

Reading all the comments above, I would want to miniaturize my life, so I can start over again!!

I'd like to miniaturize the traffic on Central Ave.

I think i'd like to miniaturize Lark Street. I live in Amsterdam now, and there's nothing fun or interesting to do out here. If I could carry Lark Street around with me, it would be like I am carrying the best of the best right in my pocket :)

Miniaturize all the Fat Heads (they know who they are) that keep things from happening.


I'd like to have a miniature reporter Liz Benjamin ( that I could carry around..).it would be awesome to pull her out whenever one of the politicos, or other talking heads, or lobbyists makes some kind of assertion, and have her call it out!

I'd love to miniaturize the stinkiness of the Hudson River. Nothing is worse than the smell as I cross over the Corning Preserve in the summertime.

Property taxes.

Miniaturize hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, pesticides and other chemicals in the meats and vegetables we consume in the Capital Region!

Winter for sure!

I would like to shrink the distance between saratoga, schenectady & troy!

I'd like a mini winter... say, 2 weeks? I think I could get everything in that I like about it in that time... some sledding, ice skating, lights in the park, a few cozy nights under blankets with hot cocoa.. then everything magically thaws out/melts in a day or two and it is spring. perfect!

I'd like to miniaturize the amount of people who think owning a car in Albany is Absolutely Necessary. Sure, the CDTA isn't perfect, but Albany is very walkable in a lot of neighborhoods and it would do wonders to clear up our roads and atmosphere!

I'd really like to miniaturize the size of 18 wheelers on the northway into smartcars

I would miniaturize fast food, restaurant serving sizes.

I'd like to minaturize my taxes

I would miniaturize all SUVS and replace them with Mini Coopers.

The amount of mediocre supermarkets popping up.


I'd like to minimize all the small-minded, short-sighted, anti-progress whiners in Albany!

I would miniaturize the distance between some of my favorite spots in Albany- like The Olde English Pub and Wolff's Biergarten. In the winter they aren't super walkable.

Gov't fraud, waste & abuse.

I'd like to miniaturize the class separation throughout the Capital Region.

Clifton Park

I would miniaturize the Egg, so that I could have the acts that play it perform for an even smaller, more intimate crowd of my wife and myself.

I'd love to miniaturize the traffic on the Northway after 5pm especially during the summer and the holiday season.

Table Hopping commenters' crummy attitudes.

I'd like to be able to minimize cars so you can find lots of room to park them downtown and get closer to shopping.

That car taking up two parking spaces.

I would like to miniaturize my cable bill. Thanks for nothing, Time Warner.

the amount of space in between cars for street parking on Madison

Winter! And maybe SUNY Albany's school year... I love when all the college kids leave for the summer and the annoying drunk frat guys aren't crowding every Albany bar

all of my things, so that moving to Troy will be a breeze

@kerosena, favorited!

I'd shrink everything "HUGE", if you know what I mean.:-)

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