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hatties mardis gras spac by heather bohm-tallman

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The annual Hattie's Mardis Gras Party at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park is January 19. This year's beneficiary of the fundraiser is the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. And thanks to SPAC, we have two tickets for the event -- worth $200 -- to give away. Maybe to you.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

Mardis Gras is about relaxing to "let the good times roll." What's something people in the Capital Region should relax about, or let go?

We'll draw one winner at random.

The Mardis Gras Party is from 6-10 pm on January 19. It includes New Orleans-inspired food from Hattie's, live music by Garland Nelson and Soul Session, Mardis Gras masks and beads, a photobooth from Heather Bohm-Tallman, and a raffle ($20) for a two-year lease on a new Toyota Prius.

Tickets are $100 each and available online. Funds raised from the event will go toward supporting the NYC Ballet residency at SPAC.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Friday, January 11, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Friday and must respond by noon on Monday, January 14.

photo: Heather Bohm-Tallman


Everybody needs to relax about the weather. It's upstate NY, it's January, it's going to be cold!

People in this area need to relax about all of the positive development going on. We are very fortunate here to have international chip manufacturers coming to area and all of the spinoff development from it and many people find negative in it and try to fight it back with a stick. Relax area, please, phenominal stuff going on here.

Let the Wegmans discussion go already!

Traffic. Come on people, we're all in the same "crappy" situation together. Let's not be such jerks.

I second the wegmans talk......They will come eventually!

People need to relax on all the negativity, not only should the good times roll but goodness to others. Some many people are so busy tearing down others or other things that they cant see all the positives.

relax about the pearl street establishments people, they actually suck

Downtown Albany parking. It is what it is. And you know that if you decide to live/eat/drink/shop there.

Winter weather. It's winter in Upstate, NY. Yes, it's cold. Yes, we're actually getting snow this year. Deal with it.

Being in such a rush. Please just relax, go the speed limit, and stop for pedestrians.

Somebody beat me to it, but we need to relax about Wegman's. The grocery situation in the capital region is just fine.

they should relax and let ravenshead take over the church and relax and let more young people do things

the area needs to just relax. period. upstaters seems really angry about everything.

I agree people in the Capital District need to relax about all of the other comments but above all, remember we live in the CAPITAL of New York! It is a wonderful place for all ages and we are lucky to have such a rich history and monumental buildings here!! Let's all just embrace upstate NY and have a positive 2013!! =)

People should relax about parking, people are complaining about the new permit system but at least theyre trying to think of solutions instead of letting it all be a mess.

The weather !

Like every one else says - the weather. We live in upstate for a reason!

Complaining about traffic and parking - good lord, unless you move to the countryside, this area is hard to beat!

Relax about being relaxed. Embrace the stress. Join the dark side.

Relax and enjoy the area. It may be grey a lot but it's beautiful!

Relax about Fracking Everything

Peeing in alleys and whatnot during big festivals. Sure, there should be more toilets, people should try to be respectful, but really, it's not that big of a deal. There's only a couple of these events a year, we're not talking about permanent damage here, and it's just bound to happen when thousands of people get together to eat, drink, and be merry. Small price to pay for the fun, so folks need not get bent out of shape about it as if it's some justification to not have the event or otherwise "crack down" on merriment.

Relax and stop complaining about things that you aren't informed about. Check your facts before hitting the post button.

I agree about the weather. Think about the other three seasons in this area...they more than make up for a few months of cold/snow!

Road construction. You know that bridge is getting replaced. Leave earlier or choose a different route or stay home. Would you prefer it collapse from ill maintenance?

I have traveled and lived many places throughout the world and although I am not fond of the cold winters, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is no place like home!

Let go of working overtime.

Matthew 11: 28-29 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and more?

I agree they should stop being in such a hurry - relax - and stop for pedestrians as well as let a car in line once in a while....too many cut-throat drivers.

Relax about aging, weight, fats, snow, money and time.

I have to echo the many other comments that have already been made regarding weather. Not just winter though. The same folks who complain about it being cold in the winter complain how hot it is in the summer. They're called seasons, and they happen in the Northeast, every year. Deal.

Supermarkets! Seriously, accept what you have and stop whining about the fact that in some county in rural Tennessee there is a Piggly Wiggly that carries organic okra stuffed with pasture raised alpaca and you don't have it!

I really wish people would let go of using the term "Smalbany". It's really insulting to the people who actually like living here, and it serves no purpose other than to make people feel bad about the place they call home. If you don't like what we have here, go live somewhere else that has what you want. Simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.

Sadly, I won't be living here much longer, and I'm going to miss the Capital Region. Sure, there are frustrating things about it, but I moved here on purpose, and don't regret one single minute. To me, it was never small. Then again, I grew up in the absolute STICKS.

Relax about eating at the same table with a vegetarian. I just don't eat meat. I'm not judging anyone's diet, so it doesn't need to be a topic of conversation.

Relax about the so-called "Rush Hour Traffic" - as a transplant to the Capital Region, trust me, it's not bad at all!

to the next redlight first.
through the intersection regardless of traffic signal/sign/backup.
one car-length ahead in a rushour traffic jam.

The list goes on.

Trader Joe's! FFS, it's not *that* awesome...

People who post on the Table Hopping Blog need to relax about Cheryl Clark's reviews!

I agree that people should relax (chill out!!) about the weather, most of all. Do not run to the grocery store for bread and toilet paper every time the weatherman hints at the next snowmageddon!

Relax about relaxing. Get up and get after it!


@Parma Ham "We are very fortunate here to have international chip manufacturers coming to area and all of the spinoff development from it"

Curious - what "spinoff development" are you referring to?

I couldn't agree more with all the people who were agreeing with the people who agreed about the weather. It's nice to hear people who agree.

Relax about being "objective," "fair," "fair and balanced," "neutral," "professional," and "listening to both sides" without, in the end, "taking a side" yourself (and there are more than two by the way).

Relax, take a breath, and enjoy the view!

get rid of the Albany/Cap.Region inferiority complex

Thinking that that there is nothing to do in Albany and the greater Capital Region and that our best selling point is that we are three hours away from "real" cities.

the upstate weather

Supermarkets, as was stated above, and the need for a Wegman's. You want a Wegman's, move to Syracuse.

everyone just needs to relax about entering all of these drawings and let me win for once!

Folks in this area need to relax about life, generally. So much unnecessary stress about weather, growth, traffic... Stop and smell the proverbial roses!

I agree with one commentor's sentiment about Upstaters being mad about everything. My FB feed is full of complaints and gripes about the most inane things. Everyone needs to relax, take a chill pill, appreciate the good things, and work towards remedying that which is negative.

Relax, when I use the term "Smalbany"! Sure, Albany is a city, but let's face it, Albany is not by any stretch of the imagination a very big city! What has always amazed me is that for a population of under 100,000 people, it's gigantic with diversity. Yet when you walk down the street in Center Square, Pine Hills, the Mansion District, or any where it feels like a community to me. I run into an acquaintance, an ex co-worker, or a close friend at the local grocery store at some ungodly hour, when I'm only there on a fluke. Guess what? "That's Smalbany for ya!". I see the same familiar faces pass me by on the streets everyday.
A friend of a friend that I knew once upon a lifetime ago, just happens to be my next door neighbor. All those fun Coincidences seem to happen here more than any place else. Maybe not, but "That's Smalbany for ya". So, take it easy, and don't be so offended when I say "Smalbany".

The roundabouts! Everyone needs to learn how to read traffic signs again and yield to other cars. It's not that hard!

People should let go of the Wegmans hate

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