Good daycare near Albany?

kid crawling with blocksSean emails:

My wife is pregnant (yay!). We both love our jobs and plan on continuing to work after the baby is born. However, we don't know anyone in the area with young kids that could recommend a reputable daycare near where we work (Latham). The commute is from Albany, so anywhere between Albany and Latham would be right in our wheelhouse. Any daycare recommendations?

This question has come up before, but it was more than two years ago -- and focused on Saratoga County.

So, got a suggestion for Sean and his wife? Please share!

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Kidskellar @ Albany Med was GREAT!

Pineview Preschool on Washington Ave Ext in Albany is fabulous. Great teachers and incredible facility. Take a tour for sure!

Years ago i was a sub teaching asst. at eight different daycares. Executive Woods daycare in Colonie was the best. Mercy care near ST. Peter's hospital was also very good.
There is a NYS agency that can refer you.

My wife and I are completely interested in this topic but currently live in the Troy / Schaghticoke area. Also I should mention that we have 6 month old twin boys, so cost is also a concern.

Thanks for asking this today, what a great resource.

I have been using the Laven Early Childcare over at the Jewish Community Center on Whitehall Road since June of 2010. Pricey but I love it. The teachers are great and they are open 7a-6p. The number of closures due to holidays can be problematic for some so check the calendar before committing.

a friend has her two year old and 8 month old at the Albany Med daycare which is less expensive and provides all meals. She has been very happy there.

In 2010 I also toured the following that did not work out due for various reasons unrelated to their performance (availability, location etc). I did like the offerings at both:

over at corporate woods

St Peters Hospital

finally, I have not toured this location but I did meet the director and a teacher recently and was impressed by their passion and excitement.

Good Luck!

The Children's Place at the Plaza (at the Empire State Plaza in Albany) is great!

We're no longer there, as we have (excellent! - thanks, Bethlehem Preschool!) care closer to home, but we were pretty happy with Bright Horizons, just off exit 5A of I-90.

Congrats! I have two kids at Club Fed/Victory Child Care Center at the federal building in downtown Albany. My oldest has been going for over 3 years. I've been very pleased with their progress, emotionally and academically. Teachers and admin are very caring (including a good retention rate, which can be rare at centers). Any minor concerns over the years have been handled to my satisfaction. I also know that the Children's Place on The Empire State Plaza has a high quality program. I have heard very good things about Albany Med and St. Peter's as well. Down side is that all are hard to get into. Get on waiting lists right now. It is possible that your decision will be dictated by where the vacancy is when you need it. Visit all you plan on applying to and go with your gut - it won't fail you.

Can't say enough great thinks about Samaritan-Rensselaer Children's Center on Burdett in Troy. AMAZING. My son has multiple medical issues and we are in our 4th year with them and I don't know what we would have done without them. Educational but also play-based with lots of field trips and concerts and special days & activities and a diverse group of kids. LOVE THAT PLACE.'s_DayCare/

We've had a great experience at Maple Leaf Childcare here in Malta (i honestly never thought we'd use a daycare center, but they have changed my mind!). I know they have a few different locations in the area, so they may worth checking out:

That being said, i have also heard wonderful things about the Samaritan-Rensselaer Children's Center someone mentioned above -- if we were in that area i would definitely check them out!

I highly second Club Fed! My first born attended from 3 months until he entered kindergarten, and my second attended from 4 months until age 4.5. I have also had friends with children at Samaratan-Rensselaer Children's Center and they have been pleased.

A few tips: ask lots of questions (especially about staff retention), make sure they have a "drop-in anytime" policy, and most importantly, find a place that makes you feel comfortable!

We really liked Boght Montessori (just off Route 9 - near Colonie Town Park). Our kids went there for a year and change before we moved out of the area. They were great.

We thought they were very reasonably priced, especially compared to a place like Bright Horizons, which was significantly more expensive than other day cares we researched.

I second Samaritan Rensselaer Day Care in Troy (next door to Samaritan Hospital and across the street from RPI's fieldhouse). We send our son there and he absolutely loves it. Plus they are one of the FEW nationally accredited facilities in the region (google it). Space is always tough, but if something opens up take it in a second and dont look back, you wont regret it. The Director's name is Deidre...she's the best - give her a call for a tour.

I'll third the recommendation for Club Fed. They are great with my nearly 2 yr old, the staff is wonderful, and issues are promptly addressed.

I also recommend touring a lot and asking a lot of questions--and the previous posters who mentioned asking about staff retention are dead-on. As someone who worked at a couple of day cares in my time, I will say that the 'pay peanuts, get elephants' saying is true. If a center has good staff who are sticking around for years, they're paying well, training well, and providing good incentivesf. And that translates into better staff who are more engaged/happier with their jobs, and better with the kids.

But above all, as another poster said, trust your gut. If something doesn't seem quite right, it isn't. Enough said.

The Capital District Child Care Council has online information on choosing the right care for your child including quality indicators, how to review licensing records, occurances of citations and a child care search feature on their website at:

I just want to pipe in that Boght Montessori has had a very checkered past. My son went there for less than a year, during which time almost the entire staff turned over (one person was left, aside from the owner and her husband). They were not very caring or compassionate people, and we were glad to pull our son out before they caused him permanent harm. Keep looking! Good luck.

I would visit several close to where you work and choose the best one. It's very convenient to have the daycare close to your work given all of the Dr.'s appt's, illnesses and special events you'll have to attend at the center, especially early on. I've used Executive Woods since 2007 and work about 1 mile away. They are almost never closed due to weather as many other daycares are.

Don't forget Ecobaby is opening up in Troy!

They are awesome!

We have gone to the Laven Early CC at the JCC, and they are lovely, but very expensive, since we have twins.

Folks have been really happy with Club Fed and Albany Med.

We're changing to Kingsway in Schenectady, so not on your route, but wanted to give them a shout out. Theirs is an intergenerational program with the Senior home.

It's a brand new center in the heart of troy but as someone who has worked in Daycare for the last 20 years I can honestly say it is unlike anything out the most fantastic way possible. I promise you won't be disapointed.

Boght Montessori has been great to us and our children. The only reason they had turn-over in staff was because they started with the owners and were distant relatives to them and needed to move on as the place was growing. We have been going there since 2011 and couldn't be happier with the quality of a are there for our two children.

Full support for Club Fed in the O'Brien Federal Building in Albany. Great administration, long term staff, security, great curriculum and proper nutrition. Get on the waiting list now though.

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