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It's a new year. Time to get things "back on track."

We're two weeks into the new year and, if you're anything like us, your new year's resolutions might already be off the rails.

Today, we've put together a drawing to help you keep things on track and start 2013 off right.

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To get the place cleaned up
A house cleaning of up to 2-and-a-half hours by a team of four from The Maids, good for anywhere in Albany, Schenectady or Rensselaer counties. (If you live outside that area, just think how much would your friends would love it if you gave them this as a gift.)

To get you organized
Three hours with a personal organizer from Neat Chic Organizing.

To help keep you healthy
A $100 gift certificates to Active Family Chiropractic

To learn something new
A $50 gift certificate for any class from The Arts Center of the Capital Region.

To get in on the drawing, please answer this question in the comment section of this post:

What's your resolution for 2013 -- for yourself, the Capital Region, or the world?

We'll draw one winner at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 8 pm on Thursday, January 17, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Friday and must respond by noon on Monday, January 21.


My resolution for 2013 is to be POSITIVE. After 30 years of being negative by nature, I'm done! It's time to try to look at the bright side, and realize things could be worse.

Aside from the always popular, getting in shape, I am trying to stay upbeat and think more positively.

My resolution for 2013 is to stop stressing out about the little stuff and start focusing on what's important: my friends and family.

my resolution for 2013 is to be the best mom i can be. this means being the best me i can be, tackling the "it's too hards" in life head on. i will show my daughter she can do anything, just like her mom.

I'm hoping to look to the positive and and move to the next level in my running goals!

My resolution is to go out and do one thing every weekday and every weekend that I normally wouldn't. This is arguably also a resolution that will improve the Capital Region as a whole. Or make it a lot worse. I'm not sure.

This year is to adopt healthy habits - eating nutritious, whole foods and motivating myself to actually go to the gym.

Reduce my stress and recognize I can't change everything - sometimes I have to roll with it.

To be nicer in general.

My resolution for this year is to spend more time with my kids and less at work.

My resolution is to work on not sweating the little things. Having a large number of responsibilities I have let certain family relationships slide just so I can make it through the day.

My resolution is to work on my work/life balance so I can be a better fiance!

My resolution is to improve the wellness of my family as a whole. That means the wellness of our home, our minds, our bodies, our community, altogether.

to be better about staying contact with family and old friends!

My resolution for 2013 and on is to try and continue to be a better and more positive person and to focus on the good in people and my surroundings. It's all about being kind.

My resolution is to get to bed earlier. So far I've had mixed success.

My resolution to find more balance in my life. I tend to focus 100% on one thing and end up missing out on some great opportunities!

My resolution is to spend less time in front of a computer while the sun is shining!!

learn to play the ukulele.

My resolution is a lot like others - get in shape, improve my finances, etc but my most 'fun' resolution is to unplug and read more!

My resolution is to simplify everything - work, entertainment, family, eating. Just simplify.

My New Year's resolutions are to be satisfied and happy with all the wonderful things in my life, and to be a more connected and compassionate friend. Happy 2013!

My resolution is to be more positive and to keep myself motivated to do good whether it is mentally, physically, or spiritually! I want look back on 2013 and feel accomplished!

My resolution is to improve my overall health. Not necessarily to lose weight but, to live a healthier lifestyle.

to get my rugby build back while doing great things for Albany

My resolution: to keep fracking out of New York!

My resolution is to spend less time procrastinating by watching tv/movies and spend more time completing chores and work-related things.

My 2013 resolution is to do one random act of kindness each day, whether it be for a stranger, family member, or coworker...Something to brighten their day.

My resolution this year is to increase inner calm and my ability to access it when needed. This is my sole resolution for 2013 - Making this change will have a profound effect on how I manage every other area of my life, including my life with my children.

I resolve to get in shape and create more art.

Resolution: To look awesome in a bikini for me, the capital region and the world, in that order.

Resolution: to make a real effort to budget my money better.

To learn how to stress less, and let things just happen without worrying about every little detail.

My resolution is to finally have places for things. Ever since my husband moved in with me I've had piles of things waiting for a bigger house with more space. Now that we have a bigger house, I'd best get cracking.

I could list my usual annual stuff about exercise, eating healthy, and getting organized, but this year I've put them under the umbrella of accountability to myself and living more mindfully. What I put into my mouth, how I spend my time and so forth.

[Also, I like LB's resolution to do new things. That's a fun resolution and I'd like to once a week eat a new food, once a month go to a new cultural event outside my comfort zone, or try a new restaurant, new sport, or new art form.]

My personal resolution is to get myself back into shape and make myself a better me!

My resolution is to learn how to better balance my life between work/derby/sleep/relationship!

My resolution for 2013 is to spend less time worrying and stressing and to spend more time being grateful for the blessings around me.

My resolution is to finally get organized...my office looks like it's been blown to pieces :(

I have declared 2013 my year of positive ACTION.

I would like there to be more positive ACTION in our communities and our society as a whole, too.

I would like less violence and more kindness.
I would like more care and less cruelty.
I would like more support and less divisiveness.
I would like more solutions and less meaningless rhetoric.
I would like more representation and less personal interest.
I would like more love and less hate.
I would like more understanding and less ideology.
I would like more cooperation and less every man for themselves.

To quote one of my favorite band (Mudhoney)

I want to live in an era of peace,
of love and Justice, wonder and truth
I want a world run by giant brains
Instead of small-minded arrogant fools

Every so often I resolve to use the things I have, or weed them out if I’m not going to. This is just as much about enjoying the things I have instead of saving them for later, as it is about thinning out. So I’ll make tea in the pretty tea pot, wear the fancy coat, fill the ridiculously expensive handbag someone gave to me with snacks and take it to the park, and write in the beautiful journal that seems too pretty for words. If not now, when? Money is good for saving, but stuff is for using or losing. I am reminding myself of that again right now. And for all the other things I could do better at, this offer is a wonderful solution I'd be grateful for! My other resolution is to win it, pretty please!

My resolution is to cook and eat at home more often than in 2012.

I'm trying to make better use of my daytime hours (/be less of a nightowl.)

My resolution is to be healthier (just like so many others resolve to do). Also, I resolve to involve myself more with community non-profits by volunteering my time. Not only can I help the community, but I can feel good about how I am spending my time and really give back.

take more walks on beautiful train tracks.

My resolution is to forge new friendships with interesting people. As an introvert by nature who went through college and graduate school without really finding any lasting friendships, I realize how hard it is to make friends in adulthood.

2013 is a year when I plan on doing more things that interest me, asking people more questions about themselves, and saying 'yes' to invitations for dinner or drinks, even if my first instinct is to stay home and watch Netflix!

"There is nothing either good or bad. But thinking makes it so."
To relax and go with the flow.

eat out less

My resolution for 2013 is to start cooking more. I'd also like to increase the amount of local food I consume.

I resolve to finally get my website up and running so I can send all my essays and writings to one place instead of having it all over the web, my apartment, and my head. The word of the year is "streamlining."

MYSELF... start saving for retirement
CAPITAL REGION ...support more local business/events
WORLD...become more aware of footprint AND lessen it

I resolve to be kind ~ to all ~ especially in those moments when it may not be easy.

My resolution is to keep working on my "stuff", remembering if I let it slide, I'll be right back in the pain I was in before.

Me: Keep trying new things, acquiring new skills and enjoying life.

Capital Region: I'm loving the new additions of great small businesses alternatives like AGB, Cheese Traveler & Fin - would love to see more of these awesome mom & pops that do a great job of connecting with the community succeed in the region. My resolution is to support these business over the big guys at every opportunity.

The World: I want get back to the point where arguing with others doesn't mean war but instead means constructive dialog. My resolution is to do my part in not seeing one who disagrees with my opinion as the enemy but as someone I can learn from.

my goal is to no longer buy anything made in China...impossible, but I shall give it a try.

My resolutions are to be the best wife I can be and to lose around 10 pounds. (I'd love to make resolutions for the region and the world, but I can't force people to change.)

I resolve not to even begin reading AOA stories that link to Gazette articles ever again; I'll also try not to post comments which may upset the censors here, because I know they're a sensitive lot.

My resolution is to have more fun but still get my debt paid down.

be more positive, both inside my own brain, and outwardly towards other people. And I want to take better advantage Albany's proximity to other cool places....Burlington, Montreal and so on. More regional road trips.

be a more positive force in the world. (while I am taking it over of course)

to try new things around the capital region

to find a vision for my life. truly.

to work toward getting OUT of "corporate America".

My resolution is to try and be more creative, crafty and just, in general, less afraid of taking things on and more into DIY style projects. I may end up sucking at it but at least I'm giving it a shot and I think the money that can be saved and the satisfaction I'll get from completing a project is well worth it.

To take a breath and thing before reacting/responding.

pay off some student loan debt..... unfortunately the same resolution as last year, not that I didn't pay some off, i just still have more : /

To devote more time with God

My resolution is to be less hard on myself, therefore, no resolutions that I can beat myself up for when I slip. PS- I had cookies and milk for dinner on Sunday, cause I wanted to and deserved it.

Go to the gym 3 days a week.

Not to let other people's crazy bother me.

My resolution is to slow down and be more thoughtful, instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Which is proving harder to do than you would think.

Eat more meals at home! And, if I don't have anything nice to say...

My commitment to myself for 2013 involves living a healthier and more active lifestyle. I want to get out and see more. Overall, I want to get the most out of life and be as happy as I can be.

To get rid of much of my clutter - be it food around, stuff around the house and take more time to move more

My resolution is to generate less non recylable waste.

I want to bring more of myself into the wotk that I do and the relationships I have. It takes a lot of energy to censor myself as much as I do and I'm curious to see how much more enery I'd have if I changed my focus. Also, I want to get back into my pre-baby jeans!

I'm planning on taking better care of myself, my family, and my house!

My resolution for all of the above... Relax, appreciate what you have, or make positive changes.

I resolve to listen better and keep a more open mind to others thoughts and opinions. I'd like the Capital Region and the world to do the same.

My 2013 resolution is a new rewarding career. One where I know I'm valued. I had a rude awakening in December. With my knowledge, my eagerness to learn, and so many references telling me I can do more, I've made a pledge to change things. All it takes is feeling valued in one thing ... and it's like a domino affect throughout your life. It's been a rough road, but I just can't quit. So ... here's hoping ..

My resolution is to finish all the projects that I start.

Getting tours back in the City of Albany, with or without a Duck!

to give some attention to being healthy; body and soul. I want to feel comfortable in my skin and start taking better care of myself. I tend to get so anxious about stuff that I ignore important things that really need my attention.

To break out of the status quo.

I resolve to enter more contests.

My resolution for 2013 -- for myself, the Capital Region, or the world - is enjoy life more!!!!

To practice self-compassion so that I can be more fully present and compassionate for others.

More kissing

My resolution for 2013 has been to take a minute and stop and choose how I look at and react to every situation. To try to choose to be positive and to think about the type of energy that I'm putting out into the world.

My resolution is to be the best man I can be and that requires me being a better dad, a better friend, and...well...a better person.

I resolve to eat and cook at home more.

To double the amount of cycling in 2013 that I did in 2012 and to finish reading every book that I start.

i never make resolutions. but, if i had to make one, i'd resolve to continue to make a difference in my community. and if i was able to be a sheriff and take the law into my own hands (and if i had the skill of sherlock...minus his asshole personality), i'd resolve to somehow track down and bring to justice the person who i witnessed run over a dog (and subsequently kill) in albany yesterday.

What a great package! Good luck to everyone!

I really only have one resolution for myself for 2013 and of course its fitness related--drop about 10 lbs and finish my second marathon in under 5 hours.

My resolution for 2013 is to cook more at home.

My resolution for 2013 is to learn to better appreciate all of the good in my life and stop taking simple things for granted, and to stop focusing on the negative.

Lose 7 pounds. It can't be THAT hard, right?

My resolution is to be even more creative! Find a new project, go with it, share the finished product with others, be proud.

My resolution is to try a new something once a month that I read about here at AOA..

my resolution is to have more patience with Albany drivers, particularly those on Central Ave, Wolf Road.

My resolution for 2013 is to stop being so hard on myself. Stop feeling guilty for not getting to everything at home. It's not that I am always on top of things, it's just that I have this nagging guilt when I'm not. This year, I'm going to try to focus on what I did, instead of always focusing on what I didn't get to.

Being better about putting down the phone when I'm around my little kids because of the example it sets and the things I might miss as they continue to grow faster than I ever imagined.

To be a source of peace for myself and others. That also means less swearing I guess but that's hard.

To finally learn some foreign languages. I went to Germany and my German has withered and died. I'm travelling to Chile and need to learn Spanish. Thank goodness for the Capital Region Language Center starting classes soon.

More positivity, less negativity.

My resolution is to turn off my iPhone when I am at dinner with friends.

I resolve to frequent local businesses more.

My resolution is to be more mindful of the world around me

My resolution was to go ahead with my much wanted plans to better my life and not be held back by my own fears and insecurities.

My resolution is to adhere to the concept that focusing your mind on what you desire instead of what you fear, will lead to success and internal peace.

To not hold myself accountable to unattainable goals

I would like to find a job that allows me to make a difference in someone's liefe. I want to spend more time with My son, and to start to love myself more.

My resolution is to stay away from technology as much as I can on the weekends. I'm always on my phone/iPad/computer during the work week, so I want to try to stay away from that during the weekends in 2013!

I've resolved to finish out at least one cycle of Tony Horton's P90X Routine... not sure if it will make me a better person, but I'm happy to give it a shot.

One initiative I have for the year is to read more prose.

Over the last year or so I got sucked into a 'friendship' with Mr. Negative. Now that I have shed that poison, I am going to focus on the positives, follow the 'no complaining' rule, and to quote Brandi Carlisle: make myself a blessing to everyone I meet...

My resolution? Believe in myself!

To finish the Timberman 70.3 with a smile on my face and nothing left in the tank!

More art. More gardening. More hiking. More day-trips. More x-country skiing. More cooking/canning/preserving. More house- & phone-calls to my elderly father. More trips to farmer's markets. More local bookstore shopping. More fun!

My resolution is to be more positive, up-beat, and carefree. I will take advantage of any opportunity given to me and smile.

Since each year brings new life changes and new locations for many of my friends and family, my resolution is to take more time to make a phone call or send a card instead of a text or an email. Old school communication can brighten anyone's day.

My resolution is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

My resolution is to make better food choices. My diet isn't the worst, but its definitely not the best!

This year I want to start to write my materpiece.

My resolution is to live my life now. It's great to practice, to plan, to save, to think ahead, to prepare for what's to come but over the past few years, this has become my everything. I'd hate to wake up one day and realize I missed my twenties because I was too busy worrying about my fifties and sixties.

"I'd like to quit thinking of the present as some minor insignificant preabmle to something else."

Lots of very worthy ideas on here already.

I have other hopes and intentions, but here is something specific.

I am going to stop wasting so much food.

I buy things and forget about them, get busy, our plans change, etc. They go bad or expire.. I feel guilty because there are so many hungry people. So, more meal planning, list making, intentional grocery shopping!

Find a new job and start saving for a house!

My resolution is to not camp in front of Crisan.

To get my son into a college he loves with as little debt as possible.

Stop reading less about politics. It just makes me upset.

My resolution this year is to get healthy, fitness and diet wise. Also to "unplug" more often and spend time outdoors.

My resolution is to keep working towards a more beautiful and progressive Albany.

To be better with money and to start saving/stop spending!

keep being happy. help more people.

I resolve start doing all the things that I say "I want to . . . " instead of just thinking about doing them.


Wow! All that in one giveaway?! My resolution, entirely selfish, is to compete in (and complete) the Boilermaker 15K this July. I've been putting it off for a couple of years, and now I'm registered so there's no turning back.

One of my resolutions is to conquer a long held, embarrassing fear and go on, for the first time in my life, a roller coaster.

I resolve to finally lose that last 20 lbs, and to embrace all that the Capital Region / surrounding area has to offer (we moved up from TX last summer!)

My resolution is to read more, exercise more, and make a concerted effort to enjoy life more after a difficult past two years.

After a couple of expensive years for a multitude of reasons (some self-imposed, some things that were unavoidable), I am resolving to get back on track financially, with a plan firmly in place to do so. Nervous and excited about this.

Be present.

This is the year of getting my financial life back on track.

My resolution this year is to have more confidence in myself and be more assertive.

To eat fewer vegetables and listen to more death metal

My New Years resolution is to not take one more day for granted. Recently found out my one year old niece has cancer and it has truly changed my life! I really do want live every single day to the fullest and hold the ones I love closer!!

To restore lost friendships...

I'd like to be more organized at work. At home, I'd like to waste less time on the internet (AOA excepted, of course)!

Get organized enough to be able to make a monthly trip to NYC!

To strengthen - existing relationships, knowledge base, abs :)

Learn to cook! :-)

this year, with a little help from a supportive group, I am FINALLY on my way to quitting smoking.

My resolution is for my daughter. We just started homeschooling, so my resolution this year is to nurture learning and curiosity every day! (Thanks so much for this opportunity, AoA!)

Draw more, take care of family, eat more curry (yum), believe I am good enough

My resolution this year is to try get to know my new hometown better. Good luck, everyone!

My resolution is to start the process to move towards my long-term goals. I feel like I've been in a stalemate the last couple of years.

Happily, I've already started!

My resolution is to take a little more time for me. I'm always go-go-go...this year, I need to stop and breathe a little more. The world will still be there when I get back.

To lose 15 lbs and to eat more whole foods.

Give people a chance! Go out and make some friends instead of staying home all the time.

To finish making the movie I've been working on for two years.

To get back in the pool.

Realize that I am not perfect and can make just as many mistakes as the next person (i.e. my husband). It takes me down off my high horse of superiority and will hopefully help our marriage...and help me to remember him as the smokin' hot rugby player that I fell in love with 28 years ago :)

to accept what is beyond my control

To finish my dissertation!

I resolve to stop worrying about finding "the one" to love, and instead give my love to all those already in my life.

I made promise to my husband that I would work on my rage issues, seriously.

I resolve to hike more!

A big one and a small one. To get up without hitting Snooze! And find a new job. Which one is which, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

To breathe, relax, and be patient.

i resolve to foster dogs beginning in June (need to work a little longer on leash manners and recall when distracted for my current rescue baby)....and not be a foster-failure.

My resolution is to be kind--to work to be kind in my words and thoughts, toward myself, others, and our natural world. And to, wherever/whenever possible and appropriate, ask others to be kind as well.

My resolution this year is to get healthy, and hopefully lose some weight and tone up in the process. After having weight problems since I was born, I finally had a realization that I need to make a huge change. So far I've had luck, cut out carbs and sugar and lost 10+lbs. That's enough to keep me going.

I resolve to enter 2014 debt free...

My resolution is to lose weight!

To live a healther lifestyle-eat less processed foods and be more active and get my family to do it with me.

To actively nourish my music-making dreams.

My first resolution is to clean, exfoliate and moisturize my face everyday. The second, is to start and finish my licensing exams this year!

Resolution '13: keep my mouth shut and LISTEN.

To practice sun salutations most mornings and reach my weight lifting goals.

2013's resolution is to be the best me, for myself, my city, and everyone around me.

to be more active outside (during all seasons!)

To not just reconnect with, but build upon my old passions. I'm finally in a position to do so and my old excuses just don't cut it anymore.

Be happier every day! Count my blessings.

Work on healthy habits (eating and exercise) and be kind

"do many small things with great love" and eat healthy

Resolution: to remain calm when someone (anyone) tracks rock salt through my freshly cleaned house again and again and ...

Four Goals:
1) Eat out more.
2) Still look great in a bikini.
3) Say that I agree with everyone that I actually disagree with.
4) Be so negative that its positive.

My resolution for 2013 is to be more patient and keep saving towards my passions in life and to not be afraid to make them happen. To keep on traveling, to continue jogging as a positive way to release stress, and to surround myself with good people.

To take advantage of this beautiful snow and ski more!

My resolution for 2013 is to put money away in my savings account every pay check so I can go to Europe in 2014!

Nag less.

To be kinder, and hopefully for the world to be a kinder place as well.

"Things are rough all over."

to save more money!

To do my part to keep New York frack-free.

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