Drawing: New York in Bloom & brunch at City Beer Hall

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It's spring (sort of) at the New York State Museum this weekend

The drawing is now closed.

Yep, it's still winter, but the New York in Bloom flower show at the State Museum is this weekend, -- so spring can't be too far away.

The New York in Bloom show is an annual fund raiser for the museum's after-school programs and features more than 100 floral displays by florists, floral enthusiasts, garden club members, community groups and student groups.

AOA is giving away five pairs of combination tickets that will get the winners into the flower show and the annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil show and sale, also going on this weekend at the museum. The tickets can be used either Saturday or Sunday.

But, wait, there's more: one grand prize winner also gets brunch for two at the nearby City Beer Hall.

To enter the drawing, please answer the following question in the comments:

New York in Bloom is a local harbinger of spring. What are you looking forward to this spring in the Capital Region?

We'll draw the winners at random.

New York in Bloom is this Friday (February 22), Saturday (February 23) and Sunday (February 24) from 10 am-5 pm. Tickets are $5. The Gem Show is Saturday and Sunday and combination tickets to the flower show and the gem show are $8.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Thursday February 21, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Thursday and must respond by 10 am on Friday, February 22.

Image: New York State Museum


Taking my English Bulldog to the dog park without having to bring ten towels and a pack of handwipes to clean up her, my pants, and the car afterwards. Oh and flowers.

I most look forward to spending more time outside hiking and rollerblading.

Tulips and warmer weather...and, of course, my wedding.

Spinach and lettuce from my garden, Cohoes falls during the spring thaw.

Looking forward to the opening of the garage doors at the Bier Garten!!!

Celebrating my first mother's day at Tulip Festival.

Walking my Boston terriers, Hades and Lethe, down the road for a nice walk with my wife,and a pint on the patio and nice bowl of cold water for the pups

The annual trying on of my bathing suits , and screaming in terror at my reflection.

Being able to run outside!

Running outside without the worry of falling on ice, riding my bike and new spring clothes!

I'm excited to drink wine on the porch outside... works a lot better when you don't have to worry about mittens hanging onto the wine glass.

I am looking forward to making up creative excuses as to why I'm not taking the bicycle to pick up mini me at school.

I cannot wait for flowers, the bright green from the grass, and of course Tulip Fest. Oh and I'm really looking forward to being able to sit outside and drink a beer.

the earlier sunrises

I like to photograph Spring in Bloom

Looking forward to my son's school play in the spring.

Planting the garden, drinking beer on the deck and the re-opening of all of our great local drive-ins and ice cream stands.

Planting the vegetable garden and walks around Buckingham Pond

Being able to put my shovels away and not see snow again for many many months!!

climbing the mountain that lurks behind Troy without snow!

Taking walks outside, with everything in bloom! Green grass and the tulips coming up would be great. :)

I'm really looking forward to that fresh, crisp, spring smell; more sunlight, floral dresses, and being able to run outside without hacking up a lung.

enjoying the breeze coming through my ancient apartment windows instead of cursing it in the winter. Also, my rooftop patio, or really any patio for that matter.

Opening my window at work and breathing fresh air instead of dry space heater air.

Eating outside at PJ's BBQ

Longer nights filled with light after work = more random strolls around town with my dog.

I look forward to the sun being up when I get out of bed in the morning

I am looking forward to the blooming of the tulips in Washington Park!

Going birding during spring migration at all of our wonderful local parks!


drinking outside on The City Beer Hall patio

Sipping beer and milk on the porch after work with my boys, while our neighbor's dog stops by for a visit.

I'm looking forward to backyard sugarin'!

Getting outside to start getting the garden going and some flowers in the ground.

I am looking forward to leaving the windows open, and feeling a nice breeze blow in.

Riding my bike!

I'm looking forward to a new addition to our family

Patios, porches, stoops...you name it! Just being outside, with a cold beer (or margarita!) in my hand, maybe dinner on the BBQ, and relaxing!

I am looking forward to flowers, Tulip Fest and extended camping trips.

Seeing the crazy-eyed macro photographers hunched over tulips in the park. They are the highlight of this walker's commute.
Even more than that, being able to go out on my deck and enjoy my view again. Replanting the planters, and getting a new grill!

I'm looking forward to hanging up the down coat and bringing the box of hats & gloves back up to the attic!! Also, I love wearing shoes with no socks so my feet have been freezing for months! I'm looking forward to warm feet again!

The beautiful Forsythia blooming in Washington Park.

My garden, which I have been planning all day instead of working, that's how excited I am. Also enjoying hiking, camping, and just being outside especially with our new puppy, who has a lot of world to see.

looking forward to:
* garden
* evenings outside
* no more heating bills
* tulip fest

Local asparagus, hanging my laundry out on the line, the first crocuses, planting lettuce and peas.

Jumpin Jacks opening up - not for the food, necessarily - really just for the vibe

I'm looking forward to my garden getting up and going again, getting outside more and the tulips in Washington Park.

Warmth, sunshine, everything sprouting. Your basic spring stuff! It's amazing how much the thought of spring gets you through these last weeks (months!?!) of winter. Cannot wait to be drinking adult beverages on my patio again.

I'm looking forward to the opening of our seasonal ice cream shops! Twist, Jim's Tastee Freez, etc. Also: wearing dresses without leggings underneath.

Warm spring nights that are perfect for a wander around the park, Lark, and a drink on the Oh Bar patio.

jumpin jacks


I am looking forward to flip flop season again!

Running and biking outdoors!

Walking through Washington Park.

tulip fest and hot days on the porch

simply...the smell

The Snowman in Troy opens in March. That first really nice day, ice cream tastes like the promise of summer. I can't wait! Here comes the sun!

mini golf

Walking outside without a winter coat and seeing the buds on the trees!

Enjoying a drink at an outdoor patio on Lark St.

to be on a blanket with books, bubbles, instruments, with a blue and cloudless sky, in picturesque washington park with my friends all day

My 2nd baby! I'm due the end of April.

Tulips in bloom at Washington Park. Helps that Wash. Park is across the street from me.

Actually, finally just getting outside and being active again. Like most warm-blooded animals, I tend to hibernate in the winter

Also, resuming taking trips up to the ADKs really is the best.

The Troy Farmer's market moving outside!

All of the above are great responses - nice - viva La Primavera.

The slightly fishy earth smell in the morning air after a springs night shower. Trout fishing in the still numbing water of the stream out behind the corn field, and having drinks with the gang.

Longer days with less mud.

Of course, Tulip Fest! That's my favorite part of Spring in the Capital Region. Beautiful flowers, junk food, and an outdoor concert.

Letting the kids play outside instead of being cooped up inside.

Walking more places. And longer, brighter days.

Spending my first spring with my new pup, so some great hikes, lovely days sitting in the park, and working in the garden while she runs around the yard, and napping in a hammock together

I can't wait to finally be able to sit comfortably (sans winter coat) on my and my neighbors' Center Square stoops and have a drink and a chat after work.

And I'm psyched about the tulips.

I'm looking forward to warm weather and the ability to go outside without a coat.

Walking the dogs outside in flip flops and shorts...

Tulip Fest!

Running, Biking and Open Water swims again outside!!!

Playing tennis and running outside and having blue skies and a bright sun replace the gray of winter.

Right now, it's definitely March 11th - the first day I will leave work and the sky will still be light.

Looking forward to spring because in the Capital Region spring means Tulip Fest. And my son though having enjoyed the winter ice skating and sledding fun has spoken of looking forward to riding his bicycle when spring comes.

Riding my bike.

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