Drawing: Lisa Loeb and The Confectionery

lisa loeb

Lisa Loeb will be playing with her band, Nine Stories.

Drawing's closed!

Later this month Lisa Loeb is coming to Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. AOA has tickets to the show -- and a $50 gift certificate to the nearby Charles F. Lucas Confectionery and Wine Bar. And we're giving them away. Maybe to you.

To enter, please answer the following question in the comment section of this post:

Lisa Loeb's big hit was "Stay." What makes you stay in the Capital Region?

We'll draw one winner at random.

The Lisa Loeb show at the Troy Music Hall is March 23 at 7:30 pm. The opener is Satellite. Tickets are $27.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 am on Wednesday, March 6 and must respond by 8 pm that day.

photo: Juan Patino


One thing that makes me stay in the Capital Region is how small it feels. It's nice going to different events or programs, and without a doubt you'll probably know someone there. I think that's pretty cool.

This is easy - People are generally nice and content. I'm originally from Long Island, where most everyone is generally irritated. You could be on line at the supermarket, and the person behind you is irritated that there's someone in front of them. It's like they're incredulous that someone else could be out shopping at the same time and place they are - as if I missed a memo informing me to steer clear.

Here, people are pretty friendly. There's just a general sense of contentedness that I really appreciate.

Tulip festival and all of the beautiful tulips in Washington park!

Two words: Capitol Q.

Low cost of living... you don't have to work as much here.

RPI keeps me here.

I stay for friends and family, but also for the easy proximity to so many locations. Within 2-3 hours I can drive to the ADKs, the Jersey Shore, NYC, Boston, or Montreal depending on what mood strikes. For that I live being located in the CD

I have a wonderful life in this area with family and friends, there are great things happening all around if you know where to look and the up and coming food scene (ex The Confectionery and Wine Bar) is exciting.

Why do we stay in the Capital Region? We like it here - and it would take to much time and effort to get rid of all the stuff in our house so we could get it ready to put on the market!

Great history, great architecture, great museums, great food, and great people! What's not to love?

Because I am close to family.

Besides our jobs? :) The summer weather and activities!

I stay in the Capital Region (specifically Troy) because it is my home in every sense of the word. It has molded my music tastes, my hobbies, my concern a sustainable future, and even my interest in food. Everything here is comfortable. There are record shops, vegan restaurants, places to go for a good jog, and even awesome farmer's market. What more could I need? :)

Our jobs are here!

Because a hot girl promised a treat and scratched under my ears and said "Good Boy."

It's "just right". Big enough to have good food and interesting concerts/museums/festivals, and small enough not to have the "big city" stress and cost of living. Add in that it's ~3 hours to Boston, NYC, and Montreal, and it's a no-brainer. It's also a great place to raise a family.

a generally pleasant place to live that is halfway between our families

AOA sums up why I stay in Albany...all the goodness that happens around here and how underrated this area is on the goodness scale. I side with the underdogs.

My gentleman friend. I tried to get out!

Albany Symphony, awesome estate sales, great friends!

what makes me stay here is the availability to experience every type of environment. We have big cities nearby, ocean, mountains, rivers, quaint little towns and villages, and the best part of all is that the whole area is full of cool people and interesting people to experience it with.

For me it isn’t ‘what makes me want to stay?’ It’s ‘what would ever make me want to leave?’ I live in a beautiful, historic, friendly and fairly safe neighborhood a 10-minute walk from downtown. My husband and I both have cool jobs that pay well (especially considering the high cost of living many of our peers in other areas face.) There is more stuff going on than we can manage to fit in our schedules. And we can be in the middle of nowhere or in any one of several bigger cities with just a short drive.

Great restaurants like the Confectionery and amazing friends to share the good food with.

Everything is easily accessible but there isn't the congestion of a "big" city.

Nostalgia. Loved living in Albany. I actually left 18 years ago, but my mind and heart keep me "here."

What keeps me here? RPI. What might makes me here? Troy

the mountains. hands down.

I love the variety the Capital District has- music, food, sports.

Good food, abundance of outdoor activities...

Accessibility of locally made craft beers, along with bars with a generally higher quality craft beer selection.
Also, my girlfriend, great neighborhood, and my classes at St. Rose.

All Over Albany, good friends, and the friendliness of people. I had a friend from Brooklyn visiting recently and was she was a little shocked about the level of friendliness between people who didn't know each other.

Well first and foremost my friends and family and the. Jimmy's Pizza :)

The people! I love walking around Downtown Troy or being at an event or out to dinner and seeing the familiar faces of the Capital Region. It is a big city with a small town feel.

My BF4L Josh, My Family, and my Husbands 92-year-old Grandma. I've lived different places before and no matter how great the view is nothing compares to family and good friends. Though if Josh ever decided to move I might have to follow him.

The small town feel with the amenities of a larger area. Troy, cost of living, the farmers' markets, the outdoor activities, the beer... the list goes on and on.

True love! (And school - Russell Sage College, and hiking, and great friends)

born, raised and educated...worked marrried and raised a family here...don't know any better...it is what it is and it ain't that bad.

Great outdoors activities with so many mountains, parks and lakes combined with plenty of good places to see art, eat good food, see theater, dance, music. Getting better all the time.


I like it here, but I could be happy (and possibly happier) elsewhere, yet I don't see myself picking up stakes again.

A crippling fear of change, and 20 North wings keep me in the area. Also, during track season, i like the horse mounted police officers patrolling the streets of Saratoga... well actually...I like to watch well dressed people that have had a couple too many on caroline street, obliviously step in horse crap. 518!

Summer and fall...so much to do around here during those seasons. And good friends, of course!

I like the various neighborhoods in Albany and the different feel you get from each of them. I like that we're close to Boston, NYC, and Montreal. All very different cities that we can run off to on whim. The Adirondacks, the Berkshires, the Green Mountains and the Catskills. No matter what you are in the mood for we have it in our neighborhoods or close by (except warm weather).

ooOo! This is fun!
I stay in this region because of all the amazing people I've met.

Don't tell anybody, but I just couldn't fathom moving away from the Ruck's wings.

Family first, state job second, low cost of living third.

Trader Joes

I love taking walks in Washington park in the summer and then grabbing a beer at one of the great bars on Lark Street!

My Alumni - Siena College

family and work...and possibly the fear of the unknown!

Great restaurants and family near by

Frozen Custard

Midtown Tap and Tea Room, love that place!!!!!

SPAC in the summer, so awesome to be outside listening to great music

I stay because of the increasing frequency of interesting quality performances like this one that make feel less like the Cap District is on the edge of the known world. And AOA, of course. Also my wife, who moved us here and isn't planning to go any time soon.

My husband! I moved here from another state the day after our wedding almost 9 years ago.

Husband's job.... Boring reason, but true.

I stay for the people, the places, and things.

School!, I currently attend RPI :)

What makes me stay is the day dreaming eyes of those who remember downtown Albany, Troy, and Schenectady in their golden ages and can trace the very beginnings of their families to these places, for the limitless aspirations of its present citizens who work to revitalize even when others say it can't happen, and for the future, because there is so much potential in this area.

Good schools and close to the Berkshires, Catskills, and the Adirondacks.

My best friend is definitely my answer. After I met him 4 years ago, he has been introducing me to so many cool things in the capital region, from salsa dancing to outdoor activities to amaaaazing restaurants :)

The city vibe with the country close by is just one reason to stay in the CR. Great restaurants, fun night life and history all around!

The close proximity to so many wonderful natural, cultural and historic places.

Because its a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of big metro cities like NYC, Boston, etc but still not far away to get there whenever you want.

I stay in this area for the loveliness that is having four distinct seasons to enjoy.

Close to skiing, Boston, and NYC. Thacher Park and many other great places to enjoy the outdoors. Oh yeah...my house and job too.

Troy! Specifically, my love of living close to downtown, buying cheap houses/buildings and fixing them up with my husband, and walking the dog everyday after work and saying hi to everyone we pass!

i grew up here and have lived elsewhere, but i came back because i wanted to get to know myself. and what better place than here? this is where my heart is! i became politically involved since i've been back, and the capital district has a disproportionately large amount of great activists working for social and environmental justice. as well as an honest arts culture.

the Charles L Confectionary's hummus!

Cloe enough to NYC and Boston without having to pay to live there. And family memories!


The high taxes, clueless government, bad weather, small and watered down gene pool, and smelly river keep me here. That and AOA and WEQX of course!

My family

I stay because I have a job I really like, and all my favorite friends are here. Also, the huge variety of things to do is awesome. If I'm bored, it's my own fault.

Def isn't the weather. Family. Down to earth people and the variety of the towns and cities in cap region that can fit different moods.

family friendly jobs, great friends & amazing farmers markets.

It's home, as it was for the 12 generations before me.

RPI, nature, being close to NYC and Boston, and believe it or not the weather...

For me it's all about family.

The Saratoga Race Track

400 years of European history.

Born and raised. My familiy and friends keeps me here. Oh, and also the food at New World Bistro ;)

The pleasure of saying we're in the state capital! The NYS Museum, Joe Bruno Stadium/Valley Cats, Times Union Center, SPAC - think of all of the events and venues we are lucky to have. Amazing things to do at a lower cost than NYC. Saratoga is a wonderful afternoon in the summer - the races are just a short drive away. I can go for a run in the Albany Running Exchange one day and venture to Alive at Five for a free concert the next. In the winter, how about the classic viewing of It's a Wonderful Life at the Palace? The Capital Holiday Lights in the Park. Name a day or season and we'll have something to do in Albany.

The lack of a full recovery in the housing market.

An amazing job, and Center Sq. :-)

It's a small town with city convenience -- the countryside is always a stone's throw away (more or less) and (several) big cities are just a few hours away.

I stay because it's just the right size... not too big to be overwhelming, not to small to leave us wanting for things to do. That, and it's close to places I like to visit (Boston, NYC). And for what the outdoors here offers.

1- my job, 2- much fun here, 3- close proximity (

And so I, I turned the internet on, I turned my speakers up
And this blogger was singin' my song
The city is tryin' but the breeders run away
The blogger is cryin' 'cause the people won't stay

family, friends, job. plus we're pretty centrally located to other great places- boston, nyc, burlington, montreal, ocean, mountains...

Duct tape! No, I'm rooted here...so many great things right here or within a 3 hr drive.

The fact that I can enjoy all the events in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy (city mouse) and then drive less than 15 minutes and been in wilderness (country mouse).

I love our four seasons, proximity to cities like Montreal, Boston and NYC, good restaurants and concert venues in Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga, and all of the fun outdoor things to do in the Adirondacks.

I stay for all the Lisa Loeb shows.

Her hipster glasses were way ahead of their time.

Today even Justin Bieber wears them.

Proximity. Three mountain ranges within 1 1/2 hours. 4 hour radius can get you to NYC, Boston, Montreal, Western and Central NY (Great food culture and wine country!). This place has some real history and hidden gems, but the fact that so much is so accessibly close is the real draw for me. Well, that and both my job and my family are here!

well, I'm in jail...

Beautiful Downtown Troy:)

Family! Family keeps us here.

I stay because of the amazing friends I've made and the community I've found here. No place is perfect and I might not stay forever but Albany has been good to me.

My roots are here...

The people I've met, my job, and the great music scene.

Well .... technically school. But even without that, I'd stick around for the friends!

Ever since I moved here from Denver, CO in 1980 - I've always found the area interesting. Once the downtown area came alive with music, art, and of course the Lark St. area - I knew I had to live here. I've been living downtown since the early 80's & have always loved it. In the Spring and Summer there are a million things to do, see, visit - you name it. The culture here is amazing!

I came to the region from downstate to go to college and have almost never looked back. I met (and married) my husband, graduated college and we've raised our kids here. I love that there's so much to see and do and I'm not far from any of the events. There's great places to eat and meet friends and awesome things to show visitors. And hey, where else can you take visitors that has a free state museum within a stone's throw?

Easy, the architecture. Just look at Troy. The Troy Music Hall is world renowned for its sound quality due to the way it's built. Plus, it's just stunning. The nearby Troy Library (glass floors and Tiffany window) and the Emma Willard campus are also treasures. And the cost of living is so great we even have our own old and beautiful home in nearby Delmar to live in.

I "stay" in Albany because we've got city living at suburban prices! The best of both worlds!

My job, my family and my relatively affordable housing. Also, great access to beautiful mountain trails.


I originally came for school at UAlbany. I stay because of the people I've met, my job and all the original restaurants and places to go out.

I went to college up here, left for a few years, and came back. I've lived downstate and on Long Island, and people here are so much nicer. It's an affordable location with lots to do and easy access to the big cities. Finally, and most cheesily, my friends and support system are here.

What makes me stay in the Capital Region can be summed up in one word: FAMILY. My entire family resides within a 10 mile radius of each other.

Friends, a sense of community, and way more than enough to drink/ eat/ see/ do close by. Also, being close enough to family, but not too close.

Our region has so much going on when it comes to art, culture, and dining. The sense of community is great! I love the convenience of city living coupled with the feeling of a great, small community!

The unique cultural microcosm that is the Tri-State Area. There is always something to see!

Much of what was already said: proximity to cool locations, foodie paradise, quick access to the countryside, and the Spectrum Theater.

The Capital Region is exploding with creativity. Be it the arts, music, food, fashion or amazing new social gathering places like the Charles Lucas Confectionary. Lets face it, its the NOW place to be!

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