AOA Birthday Party 5

city beer hall exterior

Update: OK, so the party filled up in about three hours. That was fast. There's a waitlist at Eventbrite, and we just released a bunch of spots to people on the waitlist Wednesday morning. In past years, spots have continued to open up as the date nears, so if you'd like to attend please sign up for the waitlist. Thank you!

AOA is now five years old -- hey, we're surprised, too! So we're having a party. And you're invited. (Of course.)

We'll be celebrating at the City Beer Hall in Albany on April 18 from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm. There will be free snacks, cake, and a lot of interesting people.

Because space is limited, we do ask that you RSVP at the linked Eventbrite page. The party fills up fast every year.

See you there!


Dang, I'm working!!!!! However....

Here's your annual update on AOA's development (since my son was born days within AOA's launch, making him the human equivalent of this blogs age). AOA is turning into quite the little kid. Cognitively, AOA still thinks in black and white terms, but is starting to become curious about larger grayer concepts such as what happens after something dies. Or why some folks on the planet don't have enough food and why we can't just march on over and give them our leftovers. AOA is also starting to understand that it's not the center of the universe and will often ask it's parents if it can use the phone to call family and friends just to see how they're doing. A similar example is having the thoughtfulness to independently write Santa a thank you card this past Christmas (awwwe, right?). AOA can read basic things without any help, like a menu, greeting card or simple story book. Physically, AOA can (finally after a year of YMCA swimming lessons) tread water, write legibly, and do a full cartwheel. It can prepare a simple snack on it's own (like cereal with milk). AOA no longer fits into a car seat and has been upgraded to a booster. Need help navigating your smart phone? AOA can help you, because new technology is completely intuitive to a 5 year old. AOA is starting kindergarten this fall- something it is VERY excited about. And AOAs parents are ever so proud and think this is the best age yet! Happy birthday AOA!!!!!!

I can't wait to embrace my inner yuppie! :)

Hey irisira, we look lovely!

All Over Awesome!

Indeed we do, Melissa! Hope I see you there this year! :)

Wow, Arielle, AOA is so accomplished.

This party is always one of the highlights of my year socially because I lead a sad and reclusive life. Seriously, though, it always gives me an opportunity to meet new people, to visit with people I already know, and to meet people I only know online.

I feel like I should hand out cards with my Twitter handle and blog address.

So, CBH just announced a tap takeover featuring Evil Twin and Ennelise ON THE SAME DAY. So some of you may get to finally meet Mr. Irisira, as he wants to go drink Evil Twin all night. :)

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