aoa tournament pool 2013 winning bracket

Cutting down the nets on AOA NCAA Tournament Pool II

aoa tournament pool 2013 winning bracketCongrats to Dylan, the winner of this year's AOA NCAA Tournament Pool.

He bested a field of 46 other competitors in AOA's pool. And for that he now sips the sweet nectar of victory. In this case, that nectar will probably come from Stewart's, because he won a $25 gift card from there.

Dylan correctly picked 41 of 63 games in this year's tournament, compiling 141 of a possible 192 points. He even correctly picked the final match-up: Louisville vs Michigan (with a Cardinals win, of course). His bracket, which is posted in large format here, ranked him in the 99th percentile of all brackets in Yahoo's Tournament Pick 'em game.

After the jump, the top 10 from this year's pool. Thanks to everyone who played.

1. all about BRACKETS (Dylan) / 41 of 63 / 141 points
2. Kassy's Bracket (Kassy) / 39 of 63 / 121 points
3. guess works (Spencer) / 41 of 63 / 120 points
4. Ari's Bracket (Ari) / 40 of 63 / 116 points
5. Lou Quillio's Swell Bracket (Lou Quillio) / 40 of 63 / 116 points
6. Mechanically Inclined Guess (Jon) / 39 of 63 / 116 points
7. Cleodore's Choice Bracket (Cleodore) / 37 of 63 / 114 points
8. Schenectady Blue Jays (ADG '99) / 38 of 63 / 114 points
9. Smitty's Bracket (Shawn) / 39 of 63 / 112 points
10. Button (Burton) / 34 of 63 / 109 points

Also: Special mention to Colleen for being the only person in the pool to pick UAlbany to win the whole thing.


I couldn't have done it without Uncle Drew. He taught me what this game is all about.

congrats! i like your tie breaker (1-0), predicting the worst game in the history of basketball. i'm glad you weren't right about that one.

I thought it was Price is Right rules.

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