AOA Birthday drawing #1: New World/Spectrum

New World ext.jpg

A $300 gift certificate to New World + 4 tickets to The Spectrum. Happy birthday!

This week, AOA celebrates our 5th birthday -- and you get the presents. Each day this week we'll hold a drawing for another birthday present. You can enter every day to win all kinds of good stuff.

Drawing's closed!

First up: Dinner and a movie.

A $300 gift certificate to New World Bistro Bar and a four-pack of tickets to The Spectrum.

One winner will be able to treat friends to a great night out for dinner at New World and a movie at The Spectrum.

To enter today's drawing, just leave your answer to this question in the comments:

How would you want to celebrate your birthday in the Capital Region?

Maybe it's dinner at your favorite restaurant, maybe it's a show, maybe it's something totally off-beat.

We'll draw one winner at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 10 am on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Regular commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Tuesday and must respond by noon on Wednesday, April 17.


A night out with the single malts at 9 Maple in Saratoga followed up with a little Footsie Magoos skeeball closer to home.

I would like to go to a nice dinner with family and then meet friends out for drinks afterward!

exploring the Clarksville caves & dessert @ Jake Moon!

Happy Birthday AOA! This might sound staged because of what this giveaway is for, but I would celebrate my birthday at New World Bistro - in fact, I have celebrated my last few birthdays there! It's by far my favorite restaurant in the area.

Also, since my birthday is in the fall, I'd probably stop by Indian Ladder Farms and Thacher Park as well.

A pizza party at Rollerama.

Just had a birthday last Thursday, but a family emergency prevented my getting down to the Biergarten for my boot. Went to City Beer Hall instead on Friday for a few quarts of stout, and that was delightful. So that's my vote.

Cheese fondue and lots of wine with great friends

Dinner at Yono's preceded by a few of their excellent gimlets at dp's. Follow that with a showing of a Marx Brothers movie at the Palace - then more gimlets!

The ValleyCats are usually nice enough to have Opening Night on my birthday, so I usually take in a baseball game with family. Some beers and wings at the Ruck afterwards would be a nice finish to the evening.

Birthday is in summer, so drinks first, at one of the roof deck places in the Saratoga, followed by dinner and nightlife. Looking forward to it.

Margaritas at Mexican Connection in Saratoga and then blowing through some birthday money on the slots at the casino! (sorry, but I hate the name Racino - too goofy)

Birthday brunch @ cafe madison, lunch @ anton's, nice stroll through washington park, then dinner @ new world (blackened green beans are a MUST), ice cream @ emack & bolio, followed by drinks and late night wings with friends @ Juniors!

Birthday food tour is the only way to celebrate.

What a coincidence! I have and will in the future celebrate my birthday at New World Bistro. The food is amazing there.

An evening out at the Biergarten.

at one or more of the many 'free birthday drink' bars

I would like to spend the morning hiking at five rivers and end the day with a giant bday margarita at Bombers.

BBQ at Thatcher, late afternoon drinks at the Barge, chateaubriand at the Bears.

A hike at Peebles followed up by ice cream at Snowman!

at new world bistro

I always celebrate my birthday by leaving town for the day, but if I was stuck here, there's only one place that would absolutely HAVE to be on the itinerary; The Ruck.

My birthday's in the fall so a brunch at Iron Gate followed by a day of apple picking, corn mazes, a haunted house, and a fun dinner where my friends and I can eat, drink, and be merry sounds just about perfect!

A nice cold beer at the Albany Pump Station!

renting out all of Guptill's so my friends and I could have an adult skating party without little bodies acting as speed bumps all over the place....catered by the ruck

We're either going out to dinner at D'yramonds (per FussyLittleBlog, by way of metroland's reader poll) or New World Bistro Bar tonight... ooorrr Café Capriccio.

Because tonight is ACTUALLY my birthday. Instant qualification? haha.

Happy Birthday AOA!

Spending the (hopefully nice) day at Thacher Park with friends, followed up by pizza at Smith's Tavern and gelato at Villa Italia Pasticceria.

I'd start with the raspberry oatmeal pancakes at Cafe Madison with a mimosa, and once that finally wears off go to Merry Monk for Rare Vos and moules.

I would like to have a concert played on my behalf by the Tone Rangers and some bibimbap from Kinnaree.

I have a mid-winter birthday that I do spend in the Capital Region, so here's my dream mid-summer birthday celebration:

Early morning hike at Thacher, breakfast at Cafe Madison, lunch/tea at the Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa, heading to the track for the races and walking around Saratoga, back to Albany for dinner at New World, and then out for drinks at City Beer Hall.

Definitely New World for dinner with family. I love their tapas appetizer. I'd probably do some shopping at Flights of Fantasy, see a movie, play Cards Against Humanity with my friends. Basically the same things I like to do anyway but all in one day. :)

My birthday was just last week, and the night before we celebrated it by visiting Sushi X in Latham and capping it off at the Confectionary in Troy. The day of my birthday we drove all over the hudson valley thrifting and ended the night by getting dinner at Crossroads Brewery in Athens. I can't think of a nicer way to have spent my birthday.

Hiro's for habachi, they have the best mustard sauce and shrimp. Lord I wish it was my birthday!

I'd like to celebrate by finally winning an AOA drawing....

Sleeping in! (Not easy with two little kiddos) Dinner and a movie are also pretty hard to come by too, so a date with my husband would round out a great birthday!

Looking forward to a big birthday bash this summer -- maybe at the Bomber's beach room in Schdy!

For my birthday I love a fancy dinner on the town. If I'm in Alb, NWBB is my favorite place. This year, with a bit of luck, that fancy pants dinner will be in San Francisco. Can't wait!

Mussels, frites and beer at the Merry Monk!

I would celebrate it with a spa day and a night on the town!

My birthday is Christmas Eve so my guilt-free options are limited -

I'd start my day with a winter hike on Mt. Rafinesque east of the river. I'd have a huge feast of dumplings and buns from A La Shanghai, walk off the fullness with a stroll through the park to see the lights, and spend the evening in Niskayuna with my parents, opening my birthday presents at night and my Christmas presents in the morning!

Boot and latkes at Biergarten, followed by dancing and music at Fuzebox.

I will be spending my birthday this week at the Biergarten! need my boot of beer!

A hike during the day and a movie at spectrum that night sounds like the perfect birthday to me!

A night of good friends, food and beer at the Pump Station.

Hiking in the Adirondacks, dinner at Sushi Tei, and delicious cocktails at dp.

I would settle for a movie at the Spectrum, just around the corner from my house, a sweet treat at the New World Bistro and a walk home...of course, a grandmotherly like babysitter would be required!

I love sitting with friends outside and enjoy a beer at one of the many local places that has outdoor seating and good beer.

Good friends and good drink make the Feast of St. Nedrius wonderful.

Tomorrow happens to be my birthday, and I will be celebrating it at The Olde English Pub & Pantry with friends and a giant teacup filled with hard cider.

Every year I like to do a local touristy thing for my birthday. I take along whatever family is here with me, usually my husband, kids and dad. One year we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame, another we went up to Saratoga to watch the horse races, and last year was supposed to be an Erie Canal cruise but it got cancelled so we went to the Herkimer home and then dinner at Beardslee Castle. This year I'm thinking I'd like to go to the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

I'd stay in Troy. I'd go to Browns, then Bootleggers and I'd finish at the Ruck.

My birthday was earlier this month and I spent it having a spa day at Vitoria Adamo (wished it was at Complexions instead), then dinner at NWBB (had the delicious Thai Pineapple for dessert) and then I wanted to go to Spectrum to see Oz (but the timing didn't work out right). It was a fun day, I'd love a redo where I can fit the Spectrum in!

Dinner at NWBB!

I would celebrate my birthday with dinner at My Linh and a movie at the Spectrum and then some drinks at The City Beer Hall

I like to go to Pop Montreal for my birthday, but if I were stuck in the capital region I would go to new world bistro for dinner and then over to the confectionery in troy for drinks.

NYC Ballet (with a take-out picnic from NWBB and Cheese Traveler)

Brunch at Peaches, followed by some bloody marys. Then a hike at Old Stage(Thatcher) or Christmans. For the evening get all my friends together for a great dinner at Cap City Gastropub and finish the night hopping from city beer hall, merry monk etc.

Last year, I had the most awesome birthday dinner at Jumping Jacks while watching the Water Ski show in Schnectady. I will undoubtedly do this again.

Valleycats game!

Breakfast at Jake Moon, dinner and drinks at New World Bistro and desert at Emack and Bolio's!

Since my big 4-0 is headed this way I have a few people asking me what i'd like to do and a NWBB dinner with friends and a movie would be on the top of the list.

Some afternoon tea at Whistling Kettle!

Dinner at the New World Bistro of course, and a movie at the Spectrum to follow!

I'd love to spend my birthday skiing powder at Gore with my friends!

A nice dinner at one of the places my wife and I have not made it to yet, then being able to sleep in while my wife gets everything ready for my son's first birthday party the next day!

Relaxing dinner night out - preferably involving sushi. Maybe one cocktail at a bar then call it a night.

With a run through Washington Park and downtown, followed by dinner at NWB!

Seeing some live music at Valentines and drinking my way around town with friends.

I'd celebrate by starting at the Confectionary in Troy then heading to Saratoga to dance the night away with good friends.

A picnic at either The Corning Preserve or Thatcher Park. Of course, my birthday is in the middle of winter, so that might not work! Guess I'll have a picnic for my half birthday!

Kayaking in Grafton, followed by birthday boot at Wolff's Biergarten.

brefast at either the 76 diner or burnt hills cafe, then bowling and finsh it off at jumpin jacks.

My birthday's in the summer, so a day spent with friends by the pool drinking and bbqing sounds just about perfect.

Dinner at Ali Baba in Troy --- Love love love Turkish food, then ice cream at Lickety Split!

I'd love to celebrate my birthday watching the fireworks on the plaza with my daughter & have no traffic afterwards! :)

A movie at the Spectrum and dinner and drinks at New World Bistro of course!

brown's or dino bbq patio!

My birthday will be on Thanksgiving this year so i wont have a choice in what i eat - but otherwise i would have my yearly birthday dinner at NWBB - as i did last year. It is my favorite place to eat in the CR. They make some good strong drinks too so we wouldn't have to travel far for that either. And maybe a late-night dessert fondue at the Melting Pot!

Dinner at NWBB, of course :)

I am in August, so burgers and ice cream at Jumpin' Jacks would be great!

Sushi X, have some relations, take a nap with my baby, eat fruit.

My ideal birthday would be spent thusly.
Breakfast at the Iron Roost in BSpa.
A couple hours of Snow Tubing at West Mtn with the 5yo.
Nap - no lunch (saving up for dinner)
Dinner at NWB and a movie at Spectrum 8 with my lovely wife. If I could somehow get free babysitting thrown into the mix, it would be 100% perfect.

Blobbing in the Park! What's that you ask? Pick a meeting spot, message everyone you hope to see, and go with a blanket and snacks and wait for the blob to grow. I celebrated my 30th birthday last summer just like this: a pretty summer night and a few dozen people from all corners of my life meeting one another, sharing potluck snacks and playing lawn games till it got dark. and I think I'll do it again this year!

I would celebrate by a trip to AIHA, happy hour beers at Lionheart, and dinner at Wine Bar on Lark!

I love to celebrate my birthday with cider doughnuts and a nice dinner! Since my birthday's in the fall, all fall activities are fair game as well.

Maestro's in Saratoga for dinner and drinks at 9 Maple.

Since my birthday's in December, maybe brunch at City Beer Hall, some skating at the Plaza, and back home to my favorite spot in the to the fireplace with the best family ever.

My birthday is at the end of October, and I'd love to spend the day at Indian Ladder Farms and have a quiet dinner at home.

Sitting in the sun at the picnic table in front of Wolff's sipping a boot of beer.

Wow, dinner at new world and a movie at the spectrum (complete with the carrot cake) sounds like a good way to spend my birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks, too!

Happy Birthday, AOA!

Dinner at NWBB or Mingle and catching an Albany Devils game with friends! Also, a cake from X's to O's to share with said friends would be a great way to wrap up the night.

Dinner at Katrinella's and birthday margarita at Bomber's!

I would like to hike with my family, then see a movie or concert, and dinner too.

Brunch at the top of the Empire State Plaza

Big dinner/drinks with friends at the Pump Station, and/or intimate dinner with my guy at New World BB.

My brithday is in the fall. I'd love to go to a museum (NYS Museum at the Empire State Plaza or Albany Institute of History and Art in Albany), have dinner at the New World Bistro Bar, and go to the movies at Spectrum 8.

I would love to see a show at Proctor's and then go out for dinner (come on, Mexican Radio!) for my next birthday.

A picnic lunch/hike at the Saratoga Battlefield, and a meteor shower viewing.

Birthday is in the fall...maybe a Dutch Apple Cruise to look at the foliage followed by drinks at NWBB and then off to Yono's for a chef's table meal.

Backyard barbecue with tons of smoked brisket, short ribs, and brisket. Beer provided by local breweries.

Apple picking during the day and a night out at City Beer after.

A Troy food and beverage tour (farmers market, Browns, Dinosaur, Finn...) culminating in cheese and wine at Confectionery

As my b-day is in the winter, I would begin with skating at the plaza, dinner in the DelSo and hopefully a snowy walk home with friends.

I took my birthday off this year (less than a month away, wa-hoo!) and I plan on walking around town with the dog snapping photos and just being outside. Hopefully it's a nice day out. Then a hearty and healthy dinner, followed by an attempt at the Baumgartner bar trio of massive drinks with friends. Planning on noshing on bar fare and copious amounts of water at each establishment. I will likely be falling asleep in an empty margarita cup. I took the day after off too!

I'd start off with wine and dinner at the Wine Bar on Lark, some Karaoke at the Side Door Cafe and then let my friends decide where we go next. So long as there's an ice cream cake from Carvel, I don't care where the night ends so long as I'm with them.

I would celebrate by going to City Beer Hall for some nice IPAs

Birthday brunch at Cafe Madison, walking it off at Five Rivers with my camera to see the snapping turtles sunbathing, dinner at possibly Manama Grille or another ethnic restaurant (which are so fabulous and many in the Capital Region) and a good movie with coffee at the Spectrum.

Since I am a summer baby I would pick a night at the Malta Drive-In. Love that place!

SAKE in Latham (Hibachi table room)

Bday dinner at Cafe Capriccio with hubs, & meet up later at City Beer Hall with buds! A perfect night out!

My favorite ways to celebrate my birthday in the Capital Region have included: dinner with (many) drinks at Taste followed by dancing to really ridiculous music at Jillians and a nightcap at Rocks; wearing the sombrero and drinking sangria at with my husband and family at El Mariachi, dancing till the wee hours with my best friends at the Fuze Box, and back in the old days the combination Valentine's Day/birthday date with my husband at My Linh and the Spectrum.

If only I had a summer birthday, the perfect day would be on a boat on one of the local lakes, followed by a nice cook-out. Since I'm a winter bday, I generally go to NWBB for a long multi course feast :)

I would probably spend it with a boot at biergarten.....then followed by seeing a live band at Red Square or someplace else. Maybe dinner in between.

I love a nice dinner - last year we celebrated my bday at Talullah Bistro in Glens Falls - I would definitely drive up there and do it again!

A morning hike followed by a day of wandering around the shops in Hudson and capped off with dinner and drinks at none other than New World.

My birthday is next week, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do that hang out on the farm with a few good friends. I'm looking forward to making s'mores in the firepit with gooey goodness from DP Marshmallows and an array of local beers.

A matinee movie at Spectrum, followed by a scenic drive down to The Crimson Sparrow in Hudson, NY for dinner. Then maybe stop by Troy on the way home for a cocktail at Footsie Magoo's!

attending a bout at the Washington Ave Armory to see Albany Roller Derby kick ass!!

I still have yet to get the Boot!!! Or the margarita or the teacup! That's how I want to spend my birthday, not very original for Albany but I feel like the only person who's never done it!

I'd want to go to New World Bistro for my birthday.

I honestly like to go out to see a movie on my birthday.

FREE DRINKS (shared with friends, of course)...Biergarten>Stout>Barrel Saloon>Olde English>Bomber's>Elda's>Ship's Pub>Memorial Hospital

Not working, maybe some yoga or a massage in the morning, brunch at Ilium Cafe, Volleyball 4s at Avon Crest, followed by dinner and the Boot at the Biergarten with friends!

My birthday is actually in a few weeks. Last year we did the tasting with wine pairing at the Wine Bistro on Lark St. This year I would like to go to New World Bistro!

Since this year is a milestone birthday for me, I'd love nothing more than to have a tasting menu prepared for me by Chef Jason Baker. Still bummed he's not at the Wine Bar anymore.

A night out for dinner and drinks with some good company!

I would LOVE to do a eating marathon where myself and family and friends either have all our local favorite foods catered at a place with games for the kids or in the backyard with a bouncy bounce. :-)

I would love to start my birthday with breakfast at Indian Ladder Farm (stuffed french toast with fresh picked berries, homemade whipped cream, and real maple syrup) and after I feed/pet the goats a quiet early morning hike at my favorite spot Thacher Park.
Since my birthday is in the summer I'd love to cool off, catch some rays, and kayak at Grafton Lake with a picnic of sandwiches and snacks packed from Cardona's.
Dinner is would consist of a sushi feast at Sake Cafe on New Scotland, my favorite dinner joint.
Drinks with friends at Bombers to get my sparkling margarita and all over lark, hopefully ending up down at the Old English Pub because I really want to get that huge steaming tea cup this year.

Just did yesterday! A big tea cup from Olde English with friends and a classy dinner at The Point with family. It was perfect.

a pool side poker party during the day, followed by a campfire jamboree once the sun has set.

My ideal birthday would start at the Troy Farmers Market with my husband where we would pick up some hummus, buddha pesto and jalapeno cheddar bread... Followed by lunch at The Greek House or Beirut... We would partake in some day drinking at various establishments downtown... And then head home and enjoy (drunkenly devour) the farmers market purchases from earlier in the day...

Start things off with a good brunch followed by an afternoon of kayaking and dinner and drinks with friends after that

Depending on the day of the week, either Biergarten and Old English Pub for the boot and tea cup, followed by a movie at home, or a nice dinner with fancy drinks at either Koto or New World Bistro.

Since my birthday is coming up this week (Yay!) I'll be spending it in Chicago, gorging myself on deep dish pizza. If I was in Albany, I would definitely be visiting NWBB for dinner since it is my favorite place to eat and probably capping the day off with a trip to the Confectionery for some wine and sweets.

For a 5th birthday, a train ride on the North Creek railroad with new engineer caps!

A day trip to the Clark or a hike, then finish the day with dinner at New World and catch a cap rep show.

I never celebrate my birthday with much fanfare but for #30 I want to do something!

I was thinking something low-key like a picnic with a birthday 'cake' from Cheesecake Machismo!

Last year's b-day was full of Capital District and beyond fun: my first camping trip in the ADKS, sushi at Shogun, and tubing in Phoenecia (though this year we will not go during water release season that was terrifying!)

Breakfast at Irongate, wandering around Dove and Hudson, a trip up to Yaddo to wander

I AM going to celebrate my birthday in the capital region! I will be singing with Hot Cousin at Pauly's Hotel on July 5th to ring in my 40th birthday! Because rocking my way into 40 with all my friends seems like the most fun thing I can do!


Dinner at the Gingerman!

Last year I did the Albany trifecta: lunch at The Olde English Pub where I got the 40oz hard cider; a trip to the Biergarten for the (in)famous Boot; and finally to Bomber's for the classic Margarita! You get a tee shirt for doing all three! This year I'll still stop at the Pub and likely Bom-bom's but I can do without 70oz of beer!

This year my birthday coincides with my graduation, as well as another couple of thousand local college students', so I'll be making reservations way in advance wherever I go!

Anyplace with an outside patio to eat, drink, and be merry. Olde English Pub is my favorite place so far.

My birthday was on Saturday! I met some friends out in Troy and had a great time. Of course, there are also many free drinks to be had!

My birthday's in July - so a day on a lake (Mariaville is my favorite because that's where the family is) followed by dinner at an Albany restaurant (New World would do nicely) and perhaps one of the big birthday drinks - all with a ton of friends and family to celebrate with me.

My husband and I lived in Albany for 8 years before moving up the Northway a little bit. Our favorite thing to do when we go back is to go to The Spectrum, and grab some dinner at El Loco or New World Bistro.

A teacup at Olde English with some good company.

I would start with sleeping in. I'd then go out for a nice lunch, and maybe enjoy a pedicure (at Executive Nails on Wolf Rd. -- best place around). I'd follow that up with a few drinks outside at my favorite neighborhood bar with friends, and then enjoy a nice dinner with my husband.

Tea cup filled with some hard apple cider at Olde English Pub

This weekend my buddy and I are celebrating our birthday weekend together like we do every year. Ironically, part of the plan is to go to New Wold Bistro for oysters and bloody Marys at brunch! I've been looking forward to this for a month!

I'd like to have a very nice dinner at an excellent Capital District restaurant, then spend the rest of the evening drinking with friends up and down Lark Street. In the morning I'd have to go out to another restaurant for breakfast and continue the whole process all weekend!

A good meal is key -- or preferably two good meals, a good breakfast/brunch and a good dinner. (I'm leaning toward Merry Monk this year, but there's still time to decide.) As for what to do, it varies depending on what I feel like that day. Last year, I hiked in Thacher Park, which was nice. Hanging out near Lake George or in Congress Park are nice choices, too.

Some time up in Lake George for a hike or a swim.
Back to Albany for a birthday boot at BG
Then to troy for some treats at the lucas confectionery
Victory beer at Browns on the deck.

Jumping Jack's for a burger and a dole whip!

Dinner at New World and if I can stay awake a movie at Spectrum, of course with Mint Brownie for desert.

Tom Petty at SPAC!

Something outdoors--on a stoop or in a yard. Dancing is involved :)

I would like to spend my birthday by going to an Indian buffet. Can't wait!

I have celebrated my birthday at New World before - it was excellent!

I typically prefer something lowkey - probably brunch with friends at Iron Gate, New World or Carmen's - maybe a night gathering at Excelsior or Suzie's!

(On a Saturday...) I'd start with a long bike ride that takes me out to Thacher park where I can suffer a little on the hills before returning to Albany and enjoying a post-workout beverage (or two!) at the Biergarten. From there, it's getting cleaned up and heading out to relax at an afternoon Valley Cats game with some friends. After the game, we'd head on back into Albany and enjoy some dinner + drinks at The City Beer Hall. Before calling it a night, we'd settle in for a night-cap on my screened porch and just enjoy the activities of the day.

I would spend my birthday on a long walk around the city, dinner and drinks at my favorite restaurant with the love of my life, and perhaps some karoke.

Dancing and then dinning at the The New World Bistory of course!!!!


I like to go see Hair of the Dog at the Parting Glass in Saratoga. Wonderful time!

In the Capital Region tis always great to enjoy a free burrito from Bombers on your birthday! Next year I will remember to get there damnit!

Breakfast at Perreca's, dinner at Ferrari's and the rest of the day spent anywhere but Schenectady.

A sunset picnic at Central Park and a nice cold beer on my porch. Both with bugspray.

Go to Olivers Beverage. Mix a six pack. Go home and turn off my Phone.

A nice steak on the grill, a dip in the pool, and plenty of good IPA.

Dinner at Maestro's and staying over night in Saratoga.

Wish I could still celebrate at Mahar's!
A leisurely morning at the Albany Institute of History and Art, followed by a long walk through Washington Park and then browsing the shops on Lark Street, a pint with mates at the Olde English Pub then dinner at the Merry Monk’s, topped off by a nice avant-garde film at the Spectrum.

I'd spend my birthday by first having breakfast at Cafe Madison, followed by a hike through Thatcher Park, capped off by dinner at New World or Shogun (tough choice there!) and dessert and coffee at Professor Java's!

Some cocktails and a nice steak at 677 Prime.

Dinner at Appertivo in at bow tie cinema..dancing in saratoga! after that...wherever the night takes us!

Going to our favorite restaurant, NWBB!

Apple picking at Indian Ladder Farms with my wife and sons, followed by sushi (preferably from Sushi Tei), and cider doughnuts for dessert (no cake, thank you).

Beers at the Ruck, followed by wings at the Ruck, followed by beers at the Ruck.

last year, I celebrated my 1/2 birthday in the fall (best season) with apple cider doughnuts and apple cider on a cool sunny day at thatcher park, came home and walked to NWBB for some Thai Love and then to Emack for their bleeding heart ice cream -- one of the best days ever.

birthday drink at olde english pub followed by dinner at 677

Going for a nice long run on the Hudson Mohawk bike path, shower, then to Bombers in Albany for a birthday margarita and BBQ tofu burrito. Afterwards a tipsy stroll thru Washington Park!

My birthday is on Valentines Day, which is not as cool as it might sound... but celebrating either a few days before or a few days after with friends at Mingle, the Wine Bar or New World Bistro is perfect!

Dinner at any of the fabulous restaurants in town, followed by drinks at Footsy's. How can you celebrate a birthday without skee-ball?

I would go to the City Beer Hall and ride the bull, then make all my friends do the same! :)

Birthday dinner at my favorite place, the Pump Station and then a show at the Palace.

A swim somewhere beautiful outdoors like the Sacandaga River or a lake up north (Chapel Pond on route 73 on the way to lake Placid?) and then a picnic (sandwiches and chips) and beautiful hike. Summer birthdays are the best.

a quentin tarantino movie

I would like to celebrate my 70th birthday by having dinner at 677 prime and then go to a Broadway show in NYC chauffeured by limo to NY.

Dinner at the Ginger Man followed by a classic booting at the Biergarten.

If not everyday at least my birthday should begin with Brunch at the City Beer hall and a good bloody Mary! To be followed by some hiking or taking in the view at thatcher and some much needed estrogen centered entertainment with the Albany All Stars roller derby. Rinse wash and repeat please!

Kayaking sounds great, but that would be cold on my birthday (Dec). So I'd go hiking at Thacher and enjoy some good beer and laughs with friends by the fireplace at City Beer Hall.

I just had a birthday, which included (not all in one day): New World Bistro Bar, Wolff's Biergarten, Olde English Pub, Brown's Brewing, and The Arts Center for the Capital Region.

This is a pretty good start to a bday already (Jerk Chicken dinner at nwbb and a movie at the spectrum) after that though? A drink or three at one of the Baumgartner establishments and a third dinner at Prime :O :P

Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Ali Baba in Troy.

Can't go wrong with the boot at Biergarten!

I like to spend my birthday winning going to dinner and a movie for free after having won an awesome contest. In all seriousness, I like to gather friends together and grab drinks and dinner. The kookier the night goes, the better.

There are so many ways I would like to celebrate - a night out with love ones and good food is always on the agenda - and a satisfying birthday present every time.

Dinner at NWBB and a movie at the Spectrum is an excellent combination and we've enjoyed the combo on more than one occasion.

I did celebrate my birthday in the Capital Region in March - with a haircut at the Jean Paul salon in Stuyvesant Plaza and dinner out in Saratoga at Capriccio Saratoga.

A long run in the Corning Preserve

Lunch and shopping with family during the day, then relaxing and doing whatever I feel like in the evening (usually watching a movie or reading a book - some time to myself is my favorite birthday gift!)

Dinner at McGuire's followed by a Sean Rowe concert. Yeah, he doesn't play much here anymore and my birthday dinner last years was a pizza delivered (my husband was away with the military ), but a girl can dream.

Bialys from All Good Bakers, preferably still warm, delivered to my bed. A leisurely walk along the Hudson, followed by a more vigorous run later in the afternoon. Drinks at dp's and dinner at Cafe Capriccio then back to Yono's for dessert.

Wine and food and friends. My house, their house, out at a restaurant.. as long as all three elements are in place I am happy!

Lunch at Cardonas, bar hopping on Lark, brunch at city beer hall. mmmm, I can taste the celebration now!

Dinner at the River Street Cafe, drinks out in Troy afterward.

Beginning with sunrise at John Boyd Thatcher Park with my dog, and ending with pie at Grandma's.

Ice skating flash mob at the Plaza followed by a warm-up teacup filled with Fosters at Olde English Pub. Throw in a pickle back or two and maybe a flash mob encore presentation will follow.

I would start out with dinner and drinks at New World, especially that pork belly! Move on to Wolff's Biergarten, where I would get my birthday boot and enjoy the company of friends. Come to think of it, this is exactly what I did for my birthday this year.

Never been to 677 before- I'd like to try that out.

Start out with a nice dinner at a local restaurant with some friends then head to Wolffs Biergarten and Olde English then maybe City Beer Hall to finish off the night!

Nice dinner out then an overnight in a nice hotel room without a wake-up call.

I would go to the City Beer Hall for good eats and drinks with friends

Polish food at Muza followed by a fire in the firepit and glasses of wine in our backyard.

I would go to see a movie and then go to old world of course ;). ... However every year I'm on a cruise to the shamans for my birthday but when I come back you bet it would've a movie and some good eats!!!

A big dinner at Brunswick BBQ and ice cream at Moxie's.

Picnic on Peebles Island with the fam, bread and cheese from the Cheese Traveller.

By NOT drinking one of those over-sized birthday drinks.

Ice cream at Snowman during the day.
Dinner at New World. It'd be awesome.

i would celebrate by winning the giveaway

Wouldn't mind a repeat of my birthday last year, which fell on the same day as Wolff's Biergarten's anniversary. Was going for the infamous boot, but then found it was open bar and free food. :)

With close friends, great food and drink. I'd stroll down one of the many great streets in Albany, Lark, Madison or downtown and ad lib where we end up.Just to be with people you care most about is what would make the meal. Good food and good conversation. The best.

Three times per year, my husband and I allow ourselves to enjoy a high quality restaurant and completely ignore the cost: his birthday, my birthday and our anniversary. These are such memorable occasions that I remember each restaurant we have been to over the past three years living in Albany. We usually force ourselves to try a new place every time but I have to admit we have been to New World twice. I will never forget the spring pasta dish with fiddleheads, pea sprouts and asparagus - spring truly defined in food. Our second favorite experience was at Athos where we both ordered the whole fish entree - amazing. We will likely be moving out of Albany next year. These meals will definitely be my favorite memories of living in the city.

Disc Golf and flights at the Merry Monk.

NWBB, already our favorite!

A movie and a nice dinner out followed by an overnight stay at the Gideon Putnam with brunch the following day.

Brunch at Lil Buddha and an adults only night time pool party w/ lots of margarita's!

Birthday Trifecta: Bomber's margarita, teacup at Olde English, and das boot at the Birgarten. Free huge drinks and a free T-shirt.

At New World Bistro, of course.

With any kind of live music, cake and beer. Preferably, all at the same time.

I just moved here, so I don't know where I'd want to spend my birthday yet. But reading all of these comments has given me some great ideas!

Capture the Flag at the Empire State Plaza

Now that you mention it, New World Bistro and the Spectrum sound perfect....

Never been to 677 before- I'd like to try that out.

Drinks @ old english or wolfs biergarden then dinner at 677prime. Followed by comedy show at comedy works if there is an act that night.

Bowling at Del Lanes, Dinner at NWBB, ice cream sandwich at Emack. Oh what a day!

On a pirate boat in Lake George, wearing all white, with a fake parrot on my shoulder.

Birthday Boot at the Biergarten followed by a Dutch Apple Cruise with all my friends!

Dinner and Chatham brewery beers at the Peint O Gwrw, and a movie at the Crandell (doesn't really matter it is).

Birthday dinner and drinks at The Merry Monk.

bike rides, brunch at the city beer hall, gelato at crisan, farmers markets, hikes at thatcher park and every other great thing you can do in Albany - including dinner at New World Bistro

Perhaps some El Mariachi and a movie at the Spectrum

no offense to NWBB, because I love them, but I want to go where everybody knows my name. . . .and that's the city beer hall.

Before dinner and a movie, we all check out some live bands at Albany Public Library's awesome Garage Bands summer music series!

I would love to spend my birthday at a day spa

Simple date out with my husband - a quiet sit-down dinner in Albany and a show at the Capital Repertory.

Ballet at SPAC

A hibachi dinner with tons of sashimi at Sake in Latham and out to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert afterwards!

I'd want to goto the spa to start off my day with my girls, then a stroll at the Crossings, followed by dinner at Blue Spice to get my Thai fix!

It's almost my birthday, and I'm going to celebrate it with a bunch of intensive planting (it's time to get those babies in the ground!) an americano and a pickle plate at the Confectionery, and a big bonfire with friends in Troy at night.

New World Bistro Bar sounds like a good way to start!

Eating some delicious buttery popcorn at The Spectrum and enjoying some fantastic independent films!

I just did -- and rather like AOA 5, it was with my homebrew club and my friends (not mutually exclusive), at the City Beer Hall, with some fine New York State (if not "local") beer. Can't think of a better way.

Though I hope they give AOA the "birthday bucket".. it's apparently been phased out for the "birthday 40" which was the undrinkable Olde English.

And if anyone were actually reading the comments in this thread, they might be forewarned...

Trail Runs followed by dinner at Ala Shanghai followed by bull riding.

Olde English Pub!

I would celebrate by getting a group of friends together and doing a tour of all the places that give out free drinks for your b-day! Wolff's, Bombers... hopefully my friends know of more.

Out to brunch with family and friends to Cafe Madison and many catch a movie at the Spectrum and then out with friends at night.

Lunch at Brown's, Dinner at Sukhothai. Float between Wolff's Biergarten and Olde English for drinks afterwards.

at the charles l. confectionary in troy with some small plates and ginger beer!

I would get dinner at new world bistro and go to a movie at the spectrum. For real, not just because of this post!!!

Eating good food with good friends and starting year 33 with lots of laughter!

And there must be cheese.

I would celebrate my birthday with a hike at Indian Ladder, dinner at New World Bistro, and home-made cake baked by Mrs. Greg!

Hike at Peebles Island with friends followed by drinks at Confectionary. Then River St Cafe with my hubby.

I would want to celebrate my October birthday in the Capital Region by starting the day with pumpkin/apple picking at Indian Ladder farms, with a bag of Apple Cider donuts to take home.

Then later on, a dinner out at Katrinella's Bistro with their Tuxedo Cake (which is phenomenal).

Then a night out on the town at some of my favorite bars. :)

Go to a Yankee game and have some beers!

Camping in the Adirondacks with family and friends, which I will be doing this year!

Dance class at the Albany Ballroom followed by french macaroons from TC Bakery ... then wash it all down with the boot from the biergarten! :)

It came from Schenectady movie and dinner at cafe cappricio

Dinner and drinks with friends and family!

With a boot at Wolffs!

Brunch with my husband and daughter at New World, walk around the neighborhood, ice cream cone from Stewart's.

A run to Five Rivers in the morning, followed by breakfast at the Madison Cafe, an afternoon movie at the Spectrum, concert at the Egg, and dinner at Creo.

just like last year, at new world bistro with friends and family.

If only my birthday was in the summer, I would want to celebrate it with a picnic in one of our lovely parks, maybe Saratoga Spa State Park. As it is in February, I have to settle for brunch at Union Cafe in Schenectady followed by afternoon cake from Cheesecake Machismo and/or macarons from TC Paris.

A night out at the barge (aka The Riverfront Bar and Grill) is my favorite way to celebrate my summer birthday!

a steak at wine bar and bistro on lark and then some good beer and bull riding at city beer hall!

A show at Proctors and dinner at Cornell's!

my favorite combination is dinner and a movie; New World Bistro never disappoints and to follow that with a movie at the Spectrum....wonderful

I can not think of anything better than eating NWBB green beans with my husband and catching a piece of carrot cake, I mean movie, at the Spectrum after. Please oh please...

Greasy breakfast at Duncan's Dairy Bar in Troy, browse the Troy Farmers Market, afternoon beers on the deck of City Beer Hall, back to Troy for a show at Revolution Hall!

Id spend my birthday hitting up all the specials in Albany... The boot at Biergarten, the huge margarita with sparklers from bombers, the dinner special at barnsider etc etc...

Had a birthday this month, but didn't go out to dinner because the baby was sick. Would love to celebrate belatedly at NWBB and the Spectrum along with a cake from Crisan. Happy Bday AOA!

I'd want to sleep in, take my hubby and dog on a walk at Capitol Hills golf course (walking the dog, not my hubby), then back to our house to grill on the deck and have a fire in the chiminea. As close second would be to eat at New World and have the No Crash Mushroom Risotto.

A boot at the Biergarden.

Cocktails and a game of Scrabble in Washington Park, followed by dinner at home with friends (and more cocktails).

Film at the Spectrum with dinner at NWBB with my wonderful husband, of course!!

I'd start the day right with a leisurely brunch with my closest friends at Iron Gate Cafe (florentine benedict, yum!), followed by an afternoon stroll through Washington Park. A movie at Spectrum, then back over to Center Square for dinner at El Mariachi and some birthday cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo to cap off the evening.

Dinner at yono's and beer at wolff's :)

Dinner for 1 at Mingle, dessert for 1 at stewarts, wine for 3 in wine country (my basement), then crying myself to sleep

After looking at the menu online, I'd try New World Bistro Bar because everything sounds delicious. Then to a movie.

Seeing as my bday is in the fall no day is complete without a trip to Indian Ladder Farms for some cider donuts, apple picking and good ol'fashioned leaf peeping. Top it off with some amazing beers and grub at the city beer hall or gastropub and life is good.

Saratoga Farmers Market & ShakeShack w/ friends.

Drinking everything at Bier Abbey. Oh wait, I just did that.

Thatcher Park, and dinner and drinks with friends, simple enough.

Drinks at Brown's!

I would buy out the egg for the day, and throw myself the best party ever! Oh and I would have the cohoes mastodon there too!

I'd love to go to New World for dinner followed by Biergarten!

Picnic and strolling the grounds at Olana, followed by drinks at the Crimson Sparrow and dinner and stargazing at my parents' house (in Stuyvesant. They're amazing cooks and great hosts.)

I have always been happy having a birthday party at home, and I wouldn't say no to a growler from Albany Pump Station or Brown's or Crossroads.

Eating a single Hot Dog Charlie's hot dog while sitting on top of the Egg.

Family dinner followed by games & drinks.

Since my birthday is coming up this is pretty fitting: bar hopping in Albany on my bike and then dinner and a movie with friends (at NWBB and the Spectrum of course).

My birthday is usually on one of the most miserable day of the year - either blizzards or ice storms or 10 below so I dream of celebrating it somewhere warm. However, we always try and make the best of it so I'd snowshoe up at Grafton with a thermos of cocoa and then take a ride to Glens Falls (sort of the Capital Region) and have dinner at Bistro Tallulah.

Honestly, there are so many good options that you can do something fun and different every year with no repeats. My husband planned a birthday feast at Ala Shanghai as a surprise for my 30th, with two large tables of all of my friends and family. It was a lot of fun and definitely something different.

Something that would be fun in the future would be a brewery tour of local/regional tasting rooms, or perhaps a craft beer bar crawl.

Dinner out at Yono's or Wine Bar and Bistro. Dessert from Crisp Cannoli or a cake from Zachary's.

My summer birthday has often started with a bike ride for brunch, and later a play in the Berkshires, followed by a drink at the Red Lion Inn.

A laid back day starting with a hike at Thatcher or Peebles Island with family and friends. Good food and wine in the evening at one of my fav. local restuarants: NWBB, Shogun, or Mingle.

I'd celebrate with a good hike and better beer

Dinner at Hattie's Chicken Shack and a show at Caffe Lena.

My birthday tends to fall around the tulip fest/mother's day time of year, but were I to spend it in the capital region I might want to do some hiking, either at the escarpment at thatcher, or out near grafton/dyken pond.

Going out with friends and listening to live music.

The new Star Trek movie opening, on my birthday, at Spectrum.

My birthday is always celebrated over a weekend with plenty of friends and my husband. We do a great dinner somewhere, followed by drinks, and where ever our whims take us.. this year it was a tattoo and then dancing.. Friends, and celebratinf is something you can never tire of..

New World and Spectrum!

Python Burger, wit

Drinks at Iffy's place.

Pass out on the capital steps

I would go for dinner at Bombers for my free Birthday Margarita and then off to see a show at Proctors.

A day roaming Albany with my dog followed by drinks and dinner with friends.

Hiking in the Huyck with the wife and dogs, followed by laser tag with some buddies from growing up, and then a classy dinner at one of the regions fine dining establishments. Though growing up it was usually spent watching the River Rats at "The Knick!"

With my Love and at NWBB

Dinner at New World Bistro and movies at Spectrum? Hey- it's not creative, but my birthday is actually coming up in early Mary, so it's realistic! Please!

Dinner at Junior's, dessert from El Machismo, and adult beverages at City Beer Hall!

Dinner and a movie sound pretty amazing. I have a 9-month old, and haven't been out in ages, so that's pretty much all I could handle!

A long walk in a local park, or hike a nearby mountain with my family..followed by a Stewart's ice cream cone.

Hmmm, maybe this year I'd pick Mingle for dinner. It's been a while since I've had the beef bulgogi. A movie at the Spectrum. Obviously. And then dessert somewhere. Crisan? Then my guy can get gelato and I can have a pastry.

I like to take my wife out to see a movie at the Spectrum for her birthday or a show at the Cap Rep

I'd start with an early morning bike ride through the Malta bike trails, then breakfast at Quintessence. After a round of golf, dinner at Taste (never been) and after-dinner drinks at City Beer Hall and Wolff's. Of course, some of this would be difficult, as my birthday is in February.

Dinner at Carmines and a concert at the TU center would be a great birthday!

Ever since going to Rollerama the other night for a Hellions of Troy Roller Derby bout, I really want to go rollerskating. So, a rollerskating party with a bunch of friends would be my wish! And dinner at New World could never be a bad start to an evening....

A paddle boat ride in Central Park in Schenectady, then dinner with my friends at my favorite restaurant, Tara's Kitchen :)

Good beer, good food, and good company . . .

Hiking on Peebles or visiting some local waterfalls, watching hockey at the TUC, pizza from Micks

OH DANG! I missed this drawing so I could go away on vacation for MY birthday!!! And NWBB is my favorite restaurant ever. *pout*

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