Where to get top soil, mulch, gravel?

gravel and sand on tarpMike emails:

Can you ask your readers where is a good place to find good top soil in the Troy, NY area.

You can get stuff like top soil, mulch, and gravel from a garden center or one of the big hardware stores, but you're usually going to be buying it by the bag. If you have a bigger project, often the best way is to have it delivered to your house -- it can be both cheaper and easier. The truck comes to you and dumps the dirt/mulch/gravel in a a big pile.

So, we'll extend Mike's question a little bit to include mulch, gravel, sand, rock, all that sort of stuff. Suggestions for either garden centers or delivery? Please share. Bonus points if you can provide details about price or ease of setting up delivery.


I was just about to Ask AoA the same question but for Albany!

if you need more than 10 bags of dirt (I think it is usually 1 cubic foot of dirt per bag), get a bulk delivery (i learned this last year with mulch...after 30+ bags of mulch just to put around my hedges). True Value does bulk delivery and so does Hewitts. The prices are pretty much comparable. (if you get a bulk delivery and do not plan on spreading it within a day or so make sure you cover it with a plastic tarp, otherwise its like working with rocks).

Olsen's in Slingerlands. Just had 3 yards of mulch delivered. I got the premium brown which has like 45 bucks delivered. I think you can arrange next day delivery. They do mulch, topsoil, gravel, etc... You can also rent all sorts of useful yard machinery there.

George's Market in Latham all the way!!!! I used to work for these folks, and wouldn't recommend anyone else!!! Great people, great family business!

25mins from troy.

dirt cheap gravel/stone.
its where we get ours. $20 cash for a bucket loader scoop.
i think its a yard?

theres a few places around valatie/kinderhook with good prices on yards of mulch. i think we got a yard for 25 or 30 last year.
good luck on your projects!

Try the Saratoga County Soil & Water Conversation Dist. Tree - Scrub and much/top soil sale ..... It's a fundraiser for the District. .... They will load the 25 lb. bags into your car and it's cheap !!

Tree and Shrub 2013

Please click on downloads below for our 2013 Tree and Shrub Order Form and Brochure for your reference.

"Last day to pre-order was April 2, 2013.

Please join us at the Saratoga County fairgrounds in Ballston Spa on our distribution days which are Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Most items on order form will be for sale on these days on a first come, first serve basis. See you then!"

E-mail: TreeandShrub@gmail.com

Brochure here:

Oops, reference my earlier comment. I meant 45 bucks per yard...

I got deliveries from Becker's Farms on Route 20 in East Greenbush it's right across the road from the Columbia (Price Chopper) Plaza. It was prompt, friendly, and as near as I can tell, reasonable.

We always go to Troy Landscaping. They have all of that in bulk. I am almost certain that they deliver, although we usually just fill up the back of my husband old pickup truck (which is the only thing that rust bucket is good for.)

Herrington Farms Inc.
63 Herrington Lane Troy, NY 12182
Family farm offers topsoil and compost.

Troy's on Rt 9 Latham is the best place for you to go in your area. They have everything you need for hardscape.

Greenwood Farms (HURB Landscaping) has great mulch, compost and stone. Located right on Albany St. near New Karner Rd. (155) in Colonie.

I been calling around the last week or so to find topsoil for my midtown Albany backyard. Right now it is basically hard packed clay from years of neglect and heavy use. It's a realatively small project soI kept missing the minimum order for delivery from most places.

Called Hewitts today, not only is their topsoil on sale for $1.99/bag (from $2.99) this week, but it comes in 2 cubic foot bags so no need to have a dump truck pull up to my place I can just take two trips back and forth in my tiny truck!

Also if you can find a senior citizen to come in with you to make the purchase on a Wednesday you get 10% off your order.

Thanks AOA for the timely springtime post!

Thanks for this info! I need to re-gravel my driveway. If anyone else has done this, please share your recommendations/experiences as well.

Another endorsement for Herrington Farm. One brother has the dairy cows, and the other brother recyles the bovine excrement. Real cow manure. NOT recylcled human waste, like the "top soil" many businesses sell. All the compost is cooked. Last year, their truck delivery was about $40 to deliver 12-15 miles away. Most compost/soil/mulch mixes [there are a variety] were about $40~45. a cubic yard. It's best to put a tarp over your delivery pile, as well as under it. Keep it from getting sopping wet [heavy] and stop weed roots creeping/ growing into the bottom.

olsen's garden center in Slingerlands or Biers, down at the port

@Spoon - I believe Hewitt's topsoil comes in 40 lb bags which is about 1 cubic foot not 2.

For what it's worth, we ended up going to George's based on this recommendation and we were totally impressed. I think it was George IV who was running things on the floor and he was awesome! He answered EVERY question I had and was incredibly patient and friendly. When we came back for more stuff the second day, someone else helped us outside and was just as informative and helpful. We will be coming here for *all* of our gardening needs in the future. Also, they appeared to have free coffee and donuts early on a Sunday morning (not sure if they were complimentary or for sale - but it doesn't matter because it's awesome!).

For contrast, when we originally went into Lowe's for patio/yard stuff and had some questions it took four different people to get a brochure for us (because they couldn't answer the questions themselves). One kid was new and tried finding YouTube videos that could help us since he didn't have the answer. Creative, but I know how to search on YouTube - I was looking for expertise.

Support local businesses!

Gem farm in Schodack sells buffalo manure. My father swore by it for all gardens growing up and I just bought my first 3 bags for my own gardens. We always had the brightest longest lasting flowers in the neighborhood!

I have heard it is fantastic in veg gardens too!

we got a load of topsoil from Greenwood Farm to enrich our garden. Planted garden and plants did not grow. Had soil tested by Cornell Cooperative extension and results were that soil's ph was 7.4-7.8, which is too high for anything to grow. When soil dried it's color was a light beige and dried very, very hard. Appeared to be claylike. Went to Greenwood Farms to inform them of the problem. Person we met with was not receptive and offered no remedy (we were treated rudely as if we were putting her out). Did eventually offer our money ($32) back which we declined as our purpose was to help them and didn't like the way we were treated. Would NOT recommend. They would not stand behind their product.

If you are a resident of the town of Sand Lake, you can pick up free shredded wood to use as mulch at the town's Highway Department -- there's a big pile outside. You just have to shovel it into whatever you have for containers (we use kitty litter buckets).

If you want a finer wood mulch, Valente Lumber on Rt. 66 sells and delivers composted and uncomposted wood mulch, or you can go there and fill your own bags for a reasonable price.

Cheapest of all -- shred your leaves with a lawn mower and store them in piles over the winter, then use them for mulch in the spring.

I have used Becker's for garden mix and it was good but delivery was expensive since I was outside their zone. I tried closer Herrington Farms for "garden mix" the next year and the pH was 8.0. Just terrible. I usually try to mix my own top soil now with peat moss and compost and my own leaf mold, with maybe some vermiculite too if it's for a raised bed or something.

Herrington's is great and reasonable. We always pick it up with our pickup truck. I agree with the high pH issue, but if you let it set for a couple of weeks before spreading it, you'll be better off.

The mulch is the same, but if you want your Spring annual shrubs etc to perk up and produce more green and then more flowers, use the mulch straight away.


I see two great reviews for Herrington's, and then a negative review for Greenwood saying their soil (and customer service) was a poor pH and low quality.

The most recent review "agrees" that Herrington's has a high pH. I'd like to know if he meant Greenwood or Herrington?

Also, just found Hudson Valley Organics in Old Chatham... they deliver garden soil - a min of 3yds @ $40/yd plus $85 delivery.

The owner is very nice, and offered a formula to determine how much soil you will need:
Length x width of bed x depth divided by 27= # of yds

Hudson Valley Organics is absolute top quality, but a little more expensive than you'll pay from some of the other places. Used them for topsoil, compost and mulch for the last five years. Run by two brothers, Byron and Cameron Clough. They are (former?) dairy farmers and know their business. www.hvorganics.com

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