AOA Birthday drawing #4: A Taste of Albany + All Good Bakers + The Cheese Traveler

taste of albany 2011 bennett campbell

From a previous year's Taste of Albany.

This week, AOA celebrates our 5th birthday -- and you get the presents. Each day this week we'll hold a drawing for another birthday present. You can enter every day to win all kinds of good stuff.

Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

Today birthday drawing prize: Two tickets to the Taste of Albany May 2 at the State Museum. The fundraiser for the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless will include samples of food from more than 30 Capital Region restaurants.

But, wait, there's more! The winner will also receive a $50 gift certificate from All Good Bakers on Delaware Ave in Albany, and a cheese plate for ten from The Cheese Traveler next door.

Because today is the AOA Birthday Party, we thought it'd be fun to ask this question for the drawing:

What's your favorite AOA story, recurring feature, item, or thing of all time?

Answer the question in the comments, and you're entered. We'll pick one winner at random.

A Taste of Albany is from 6-8 pm May 2 on the State Museum mezzanine. Tickets are $70 each ($60 for people under $30) -- there's also a $150 VIP ticket that includes a special pre-event reception.

All Good Bakers -- a farm-to-bakery cafe -- is at 540 Delaware Ave in Albany. The Cheese Traveler is right next door and offers hand-crafted cheeses, meats, and specialty foods, as well as meat from Tilldale Farm.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11 am on Friday, April 18, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Regular commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 2 pm on Friday and must respond by noon on Monday, April 22.

photo: Bennett Campbell


My social life relies entirely on the AOA Stuff to Do this Weekend post. I would be a lonely hermit without it. :-)

I like the "Things to do for this weekend" and the daily newsrecaps of goings-on in the capital region.

Craig and his wonderful list....i am so normal compared to the missed connection posters and boy do i love seeing baby goats.

Morning Blend. I've come here for my morning news during the week for years now. I appreciate the service!

I like ask all over albany -- and the round up of things to do/upcoming events.

That is a tough question becasue there is a lot to like, my 2 favorite recurring features are the Morning Blend and What's up in the Neighborhood.

Anything history related.

Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but yeah, stuff to do this weekend is pretty great. And any time you announce upcoming concerts to area venues.

Ask AOA and Craig and his wonderful list

I love the "Getting Away" segments for (semi) local road trips

never miss the morning blens

Stuff to do this weekend

While the vast majority of this site is worth it in terms of distilling down news that is of interest, directly related to those of us living in the area, and often glossed over or not addressed in other sources, the reocurring piece that I have gained the most from is the list of "Shows coming up". Going out to see live music is one of my favorite things to do. What I miss most from my brief stint in Nashville is having great music be so easily accessible. It is easy to say that no one good comes to Albany or that the music scene here is weak. But a lot of that talk is from the fact that it is not always easy to find out about the upcoming shows. I know I don't have time to check every venue's pages on a regular basis. Having it all in one place makes it a breeze to plan my concert going experiences. Plus, I would have totally missed out on some of the best shows I have ever seen if I hadn't seen them advertised on AOA. Thanks for having my back!

Back in the day when I still cared about "dead tree media" the TU included what it called a "Life and Leisure" section. AOA is the best of that and more.

Daniel B.'s food reviews and snippets: the most informative dining posts in the entire area. I've found some excellent eats in out of the way places that I would have never tried or found on my own.

Stuff to do this Weekend has just provided too much good stuff on too many weekends not to pick

Definitely the Stuff to do this Weekend. It's great having a listing of most if not all the weekend events.

What's up in the neighborhood would be my fav feature.

Snow Report! Love the combo of humor and information, without the drama of impending doom from the Weather Channel!

I always come here on monday's and friday's to see what's going on during the week. You guys keep me informed and up to date!

"What's up in the neighborhood" is may favorite. Just when I think I've read everything that interests me for the moment, there's a whole new collection of great stuff! It's like finding money in your pocket or one last beer in a cooler you thought was empty.

My favorite thing is when AOA reviews local I know where to eat next!

My favorite AOA thing - is how you put together "tours" - ice cream, donut... you make an event out something some people would consider commonplace. love it!

Stuff to do this weekend - definitely.
I really like when AOA does a hyper-local focus. I feel like too much 'local' news focuses more on the burbs and outlying areas than Albany proper.

I enjoyed the Stewart's food selection reviews. If you live in this area, you have to appreciate Stewarts!! I also like the "stuff to do this weekend".

Upcoming events especially food and history items.

Happy birthday :)

I always enjoy Daniel B's reviews and Leah's Soapbox pieces. Happy Birthday, AOA!

My favorite recurring feature (but I haven't seen it lately, hope it still exists!) is the road trip feature - love seeing day trips to nearby places.

I'm fairly new to the area, so Stuff To Do This Weekend has been extremely useful to me. Even if I don't make it out to all the events, I'm crafting a mental bucket list of Capital Region things to enjoy!

Don't know if it's coming back but I always enjoyed (and miss) the Sunday Soapbox.

What to Do This Weekend/ Concert Lists. Love these!

My favorite is the stuff to do this weekend section... I've attended so many cool events and things going on around here that I otherwise would have never known about. Thanks for making my life more interesting, AOA!

my favorite recurring feature is on the different types of food around the capital region

When you post up license plate photos - that is fun
Stuff to Do this Weekend is fun as well

Craig and his wonderful list!!!! Makes me look forward to Thursdays!
I also enjoy the MyExits and Daniel B.'s articles.

What's Going On In The Neighborhood, of course!

What's Up In The Neighborhood is always enlightening

In terms of practicality and personal usefulness, I love Ask AOA and any of the "where to get _____" type posts. Where to cut a Christmas tree, where to pick fruits and veggies, etc. So nice to have such things collected for me rather than doing the shopping around myself.

I love "Stuff to do this weekend" and I also love the "other side" type of news stories you guys do - finding out what the TU doesn't report on or deem interesting enough. I like that!

Hard to pick a single favorite, but I would have to say:
Morning Blend, bumper gawking, and what's up in the neighborhood.

The drawings.

Happy Birthday AOA!

Love the Weekend Events and Concert lists! As a recent Albanian – the Pizza Tournament has given me some good sources for good pizza in the area! :)

I enjoy reading Daniel's spotlights on snack foods and small dishes

For me, it's a tie between "stuff to do this weekend" and "Craig and his wonderful list."

I've found Ask AOA to be really useful- I just moved to the Capital District last spring and have used it to find mechanics, places to eat, whatever!

Also have to love the Tournament of Pizza!

My favorite weekly features are "Things to do this week/weekend" and "What's up in the Neighborhood".

My favorite stories are when you really take the time to interview and present multiple sides to a story that people are talking about. The St Joseph's and Sculpture in the Streets articles were phenomenal.

Craig and his wonderful list. Cracks me up.

Stuff to do this weekend is my favorite. It has a good round-up of everything happening in the area.

Morning Blend!

I love to read the What to Do this Weekend posts to make sure I know about all of the events going on around town...thank you!!

The little waterfall guide, showing how much pretty there is right around the corner.

Ask AOA, food reviews, and in-depth local stories. Love these features!

i enjoy Dan B's food pieces....

My favorite reocurring feature are the local roadtrip pieces, but my favorite all-time article has to be the time Jess visited the opera museum. That was a hot lead!

It's got to be Morning Blend. It's a great way to keep up on the local news. Thanks so much for providing it.

I also enjoy the What's Up in the Neighborhood posts. I've found some great local bloggers to follow that way.

Weekend event lists and those day trip suggestions

T.O.P - hands down!

I love the morning blend!

Happy Birthday AOA!
My favorite is always about the FOOD!
You are a gift to me , everyday with a new and , interesting thing for me to read .

Daily news and your what's happening this week posts!

I love the morning news roundups.

I like it when you take a reader question and ask the AOA community to respond, like where to find a good dentist or a reputable plumber. I seldom need the answer, but I know when I do, I'm going to come to the archives! Your collections of lists like where to skate, swim, and take a fall walk are much appreciated, too. As soon as I learn someone is new to the area, my number one recommendation is that they start paying attention to AOA (Sorry -S. I bet it IS getting harder to win...).

craig and his wonderful list!

I like the historical bits.

Craig and his wonderful list! A bright spot to my week!

I'm torn between the What's up in the Neighborhood and the daily news anthologies. I guess I have a thing for them.

The snow report!

I couldn't live without Stuff To Do This Weekend. You guys are great!

I dig the road trip posts, especially "12 hours in Bennington, Vermont"

Going to also say "Stuff to do this weekend."

Craig and his wonderful list....and Maeve's continued historical tidbits

I love the day trip stories. Happy birthday!

the "12 hours in" features of nearish counties are my fave. Also, the food/business reviews so that I can plan my own close-by road trips :)

Craig and his Wonderful List is always entertaining!


I always look forward to Wednesday's What's up in the Neighborhood post.

What to do this weekend! Love that feature, so full of great things to do for when you're planning on NOT staying in.

Stuff to Do This Weekend!

Morning Blend, and Happy Birthday!

Stuff to do this Weekend! Never shalt a weekend be boring!

Gotta go with Morning Blend

"Things to do for this weekend" saves my (social) life every friggin' week. It's great having that kind of aggregating resource.

I love love love the local history things (history of the highway that was supposed to go through Washington Park, the bung factory, etc). So thanks ;-)

This Week/This Weekend posts!

It's really great to have a diverse list of various things happening any given week(end). It's easy to follow your interests, but harder to discover what else is going on that may be fun but new experiences to you.

For example.. I didn't realize Taste of Albany was coming up. I went 2 years ago with a ticket through a friend and it was awesome. Didn't realize when it was last year and was bummed to miss it. In the loop this year thanks to AOA!

Impossible to pick just one (and no, that isn't idle flattery); AOA is a (multiple) daily stop in my web browsing.

If forced to make this impossible Sophie's Choice, however, I would point to the Morning Blend. I really appreciate the one-stop shopping of what's going on around the region -- it is a true public service.

Stewart's food selection reviews cracked me up! Thank you!

I like your road trips. We took the Bennington one and it was great!

Definitely Craig and his wonderful list. So much entertainment value.

I am not sure if I would have discovered the fun of the region's farmers' markets if you had not mentioned them. Thank you! (although I spend WAY too much money at them)

Things to do this weekend

I love Eat This. It's great for helping discover some of the hidden gems around the area.

I really love almost everything on AOA (e.g., Stuff to Do helps me to take advantage of the amazing events in the Capital Region that I would likely miss otherwise), but I have to vote for contests like these! My husband once won tickets to a wild game dinner at City Beer Hall, and we never would have known how great that place is without your prize :)

stuff to do this weekend, roadtrips

The giveaways

I'm a map guy... I like the crowdsourced maps. Haven't seen any of them lately though.

I LOVE the stuff to do this weekend... i look forward to it all week!

I like the What's Up in the Neighborhood feature, and also just love the spotlight on the area's best food and restaurants - had some good food based on this site!

I love when you answer the questions from Google searches and of course, Craig and his wonderful list. Congrats on five years, AOA!

I was rivitted in 2011 by AOA's coverage of the occupy Albany movement. The video highlighted on AOA by creator Bhawin Suchak. visually displayed what the early days of the movement were all about. Showing solidarity and how the collective can still make change in a dynamic digital world.

craig and his wonderful list, it makes me feel so much better about my own life!

Love the road trip postings, have found a lot of neat places I would have never ventured out to see otherwise!

Craig and his wonderful list crack me up

Too Damn High

I like the Stuff To Do This Weekend & the Craigslist feature (that always makes me laugh).

Your guide to weekend events/things to do. I love the fact that everything interesting is compiled into one list so that I can pick and choose. You do the leg work, and we all benefit. Thank you AOA.

As much as I can't believe DeFazio's hasn't won yet, I haven't missed a Tournament of Pizza post.

I love Tournament of Pizza! Also, the what's up in the neighborhood posts. Thanks AOA!

The "Stuff to Do' feature is just excellent for DINKs such as the wifey and I.

What I appreciate most about this site is the Ask AOA feature, and other items that touch on big or small issues specific to Albany life (like the winter dog poop chart). I also enjoy the articles/photos about interesting new projects or businesses in the area. The giveaways are pretty sweet, too. ;)

My friends and I pretty much plan our weekends around the "Stuff to Do This Weekend" feature. And we were equally excited when you started front-loading it with the "Week Ahead" pieces. Happy birthday, AOA!

Stuff to do this weekend, and the upcoming shows lists.

Craig and all of his crazy lists!

Bumper Gawking!

I love Craig and His Wonderful List!

Ask AOA, or whatever it's called where people recommend auto mechanics, stores, etc.

I have to say "Stuff do Do this Weekend" because it helped me reconnect with an old buddy who happened to be playing at Northern Lights.

ANYTHING by Casey Normile.

She eats, she hikes, she's a historian, she's awesome.

I especially like her courage in trying those Cupcake Monstrosities from Coccodots this past Winter. The pictures alone were scary. Mad props for that!

I would have to say the food reviews are the best part - keep it up!

I like that AOA fields questions from residents/visitors and tries to leverage its readers to help get answers. Very nice of you.

Regular feature: definitely Stuff to Do This Weekend. But one of my all time favorites is the piece comparing the accuracy of different local forecasts. It was a thought I'd had a hundred times and you made it a reality.

I love "Stuff to Do This Weekend." I know everyone's already said it, but it gets us out of the house and our comfy Center Square-borhood.

Daniel B's column!

stuff to do this weekend and Craig and his wonderful list

Stuff to Do ... This Weekend!!!

What's Up in the Neighborhood is a great way to find out what people are doing around the region, but really I love just about everything about AOA.

I live by things to do this weekend and things to do this week!!!

Craig and his wonderful list and the Icy Snowy Apocalypse Meter!

Morning blend and Stuff to do this weekend!

stuff to do this weekend!

"eat this" is one of my favorite recurring features on AOA.

Craigslists and the Makeovers that Kristen Resler does.

It's kind of fun to watch people get all worked up about which giant corporate chain grocery store they love the most, and passionately defend it as if it was a member of their family.

I LOVE when you show what people Googled and ended up on AOA. And then the answers are so funny!

The Tournament of Pizza!

Loved the do-you-pick-up-or-not-pick-up doggie doo flow chart. And I don't even have a dog.

Craig and his wonderful list.

My favorite are the food / restaurant pieces by Daniel B, I started reading his blog because of them, but still come here!

Stuff to do this weekend

Getting away mini road trips, for sure.

The drawings, especially the one that you announced that I won (hint, hint).

I love What's Up in the Neighborhood, but I wouldn't want to start my day without a quick read through of Morning Blend.

Stuff to do this weekend is the best! Thanks for being awesome, AOA!

I love the Morning Blend (although recently I haven't been reading it in the morning), What's Up in the Neighborhood, the stories that uncover the areas history, anything about food, I could go on, but need to get to work. Love you AOA!

I love Craig and His Wonderful List!

functional: Stuff to Do This Weekend
fun: Bumper Gawking

I enjoy all of the history related articles and I really enjoy the supermarket week stories.

Stuff to do this weekend.

Craig and his wonderful lists!

Anything music related! I love hearing about upcoming concerts, and reading reviews of past ones! You guys always know whats going on! Thanks AOA!

the aggregation of "what's up in the neighborhood" has introduced me to other great blogs from around the area where i can get news and different perspectives regarding the capital region

The quirky history stories!

Definitely, "things to do this weekend." Keeps me informed about all the wonderful things happening in the area that I otherwise, most likely wouldn't know about.

I love the history articles about our fair capital district. We have such an amazing history and I love that people are still so interested in it.

How to pick just one?

I enjoy:

This To Do This Weekend
Craig and His Wonderful List

Great work as always and Happy Birthday!

Stuff to do - it is my go to to find out what's going on in Albany. It's great.

Craig and his wonderful list, though I have to read it at home (blocked at work).

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