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The NeighborhoodAmong the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: making stuff at home, value, the Orchard, wildflowers, the Catskills, Emma Willard, getting it right, a wedding, Aimee Mann, Tala, rogue taxidermy deferred, the Roosevelt Baths, rye toast, a dealership cat, and the fate of a cupcake.

Mr. Dave produced some cheese at home from Meadowbrook milk -- and some interesting thoughts on the pursuit of making foodstuffs at home.

The Masticating Monkey ate a burger and chewed on the issue of value at restaurants in the Capital Region compared to other cities.

Daniel talked with the owners of the Orchard about the tavern's long history in Albany.

You know spring is here when Jackie starts spotting wildflowers.

Jona hiked three peaks in the Catskills.

Carl highlighted the history of Emma Willard (the person). Bonus Carl: thoughts on alternate routes.

Rob shared a little story about getting it right.

Jerry ran through all the local stuff for his upcoming wedding with his lovely fiance.

Silvia says seeing Aimee Mann at Helsinki Hudson was a perfect night.

Steve got a look inside the new Tala American Bistro in Latham.

A career conversation with someone at Vicarious Visions prompted Albaniana's daughter to put aspirations of rogue taxidermy on the back burner.

Katelyn rejuvenated at the Roosevelt Baths in Saratoga.

Nora took a moment to appreciate the rye toast at Tops in Rotterdam.

The Beer Doctors recapped a beer event at CBH.

In which Chuck gets his teeth whitened.

Paula pointed out the old stockade border in Albany.

The switchover of a car dealership on Wolf Road prompted Stephanie's concern for a cat.

A beautiful sunset in Cohoes, by Bob.

And now we know where the "5" candle cupcake at the AOA birthday party ended up...


I'll bring a 6 candle for next year's party

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