A new neighbor, visiting via chimney

center square parakeet

John emails with an unusual story:

Friday morning I found my dog Lucy staring intently into our fireplace. When I investigated what was arousing her interest I saw that this amazing bird [photo above] had gotten into the fireplace by coming down the chimney!
Luckily for me, the fireplace screen had prevented the bird from just flying into my living room. I was able to gently capture it with a large aquarium net and I brought it out to my front porch. After getting the net off, we sat together for about a minute - the bird chirped a few times and seemed very calm. I was starting to worry that the bird was injured and couldn't fly when all of a sudden it took off like a shot for the trees in Hudson-Jay Park. I went back inside, gave Lucy a dog treat and closed the chimney flue.
After a quick Google search, I believe this is probably a juvenile Monk Parrot. I also found that this may not be the first time they have visited Albany.
I'm looking forward to spotting my new neighbors around Center Square this summer.

Monk Parakeets -- AKA Quaker Parrots -- are originally from South America, but there are now feral populations in spots around the world thanks to escaped (or released) birds. Chicago has a long-established population in its Hyde Park neighborhood. And Brooklyn has a a population -- it even has a website tracking the group. (Brooklyn was into Quaker Parrots before you were -- they were obscure, you probably hadn't heard of them.)

In some places the birds are regarded as nuisances because they nest on utility poles and other power system equipment.

(Thanks, John!)

Update: In the comments Chrissy and Drew note the bird looks like a lovebird, a different type of parrot.

Earlier on AOA: New York's (now lost) native parrot


I believe that's a peach-faced lovebird. I had one as a pet for years. Likely that is someone's pet who has escaped which would explain why you had such a nice encounter. They can't survive under 50 degrees so it is probably a new escapee and I really hope somebody finds him soon. :-(

I should mention that if you good Peach faced lovebord you will see much brighter colored ones but a lot of domestically bred ones are "pied" so the colors are more muted. Mine was predominately greenish-gray with the same coloration of this one across the face.

That's a Love Bird (often a misleading name as they can be vicious little s&!#s. They're native to Africa, and this one is probably someone's recently-escaped pet as it probably wouldn't survive Albany's climate during non-Summer months. Good luck to the little guy.

Hear a great story about Chrissy's birdie here:


I had a peach faced love bird that escaped two years ago. However unlikely, I'm going to pretend that's my "Little Bird" continuing his adventure.

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