Weekend daydreaming

airbnb_new_paltz_200_year-old_houseThe mention of the Vermont tree house last week got us browsing through AirBnB this week looking for cool/interesting/cozy spots to stay for a weekend not too far way. Hey, an hour away from town can feel like a completely different place.

So we pulled together some rentals that caught our eye. And even if we never go, it's fun to gawk....

Columbia County

Luxury Apartment on a working farm
Hudson, NY | $175
The place looks nice. And the location: on a farm that borders Olana.

Review clip: "The farm was very quiet and peaceful and wonderful to walk around."

Fabulous & Chic Hudson River Barn
Germantown, NY | $295
A barn that's been turned into a loft space.

Review clip: "This is a dream spot for a weekend away. I don't know many people with better taste and hospitality than Ann Marie."

Romantic and stylish upstate cabin
Elizaville, NY | $400
Strikingly modern on the outside, cozy cabin on the inside.

Review clip: "A really comfortable cabin that was clean, well equipped......and made us say, "wow" as we opened the door"

Hudson Valley

Your Sanctuary with a Private Lake
Coxsackie, NY | $450
A big house that looks like a Restoration Hardware catalog

Review clip: "Upon entering the house, my mouth stayed wide open in astonishment for about the first half hour. "

Designer cottage with movie screen!
Woodstock, NY | $255
Very modern. And it has a huge movie screen.

Review clip: "The bedrooms are high up in the trees and it feels like you are sleeping in a beautiful treehouse! The movie screen is AWESOME!"

Woodstock Cottage
Woodstock, NY | $149
Looks like something from a Scandinavian style blog.

Review clip: "The cottage was in a perfect location - far enough away from town to feel like an escape, but also close enough to not feel completely isolated."

Designer cottage with movie screen!
Woodstock, NY | $255
Very modern. And it has a huge movie screen.

Review clip: "The bedrooms are high up in the trees and it feels like you are sleeping in a beautiful treehouse! The movie screen is AWESOME!"

Beautifully Renovated Bungalow!
Rhinebeck, NY | $255
Heh. This bungalow looks bigger than a lot of houses. Super nice mix modern and traditional.

Review clip: "My only complaint was that I kept waking up all night because it was so quiet."

Solar Powered Luxury Yurt
Accord, NY | $150
Exactly what it says.

Review clip: "We all were delighted with the space (including the friend who had stayed in a yurt in Mongolia) and found it both beautiful and comfortable."

The Stone House 1807
New Paltz, NY | $275
A 200-year-old house, updated.

Review clip: "From the moment we walked through the door to the moment we begrudgingly said goodbye it was peace and smiles all around. "


Private Island in Adirondacks
Saranac Lake, NY | $300
Old-school Adirondack style -- on an island.

Review clip: "They say it's private island, but I like to think of it as a moat separating you from humanity."


Stunning Eco Modernist Lakehouse
Hubbardton, VT | $200
The name pretty much describes it -- we love the slanted addition with the big windows.

Review clip: "I will forever carry with me the view from the open, vaulted-ceiling living area onto the magnificent lake."

Architect designed "Archie Bunker"
Warren, VT | $500
A concrete house designed by architect David Sellers. Modern mashed up old European.

Review clip: "I want to LIVE THERE FOREVER!"


Montreal, QC | $97
Funky Plateau loft with pinball machines.

Review clip: "I was there for just over two weeks and really didn't want to leave."

Lovely studio Quartier Latin
Montreal, QC | $128
Looks like something from an IKEA catalog.

Review clip: "Made us feel as though we actually lived here."

High end loft downtown/old Montreal
Montreal, QC | $128
Big factory-style windows.

Review clip: "superbe loft, très bien placé."

photo: AirBnB The Stone House 1807


"Woodstock Cottage"- This is where we stayed for our honeymoon!! Owner was fantastic, cottage was sweet.

I have been eyeballing the 'sanctuary with the private lake' for over a year now. I'm just waiting for the opportunity to get some friends together and spend a week. *sigh*

I really really really want to stay in the YURT!

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