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In the the park with the tulips

Tulip Festival 2013 panorama clip

Check it out: An aerial view of the tulip beds near the Moses statue in Washington Park. The image above is just a section of the photo. We've also embedded a large, zoomable version of the whole photo.

The photo was taken by Robert Eastman. His company -- Ground Aerial -- takes low-altitude aerial images using a 60-foot extendable mast topped with camera equipment. As he said to us in an email today: "[W]e were in Albany on Tuesday working on a project. Since the weather forecast for this weekend doesn't look so great, I thought I'd stop by Washington Park and enjoy the tulips on a nice sunny day. I couldn't rest breaking out the equipment and getting a panoramic shot from the air."

(Thanks, Robert!)


I love Washington Park, its history, its beauty, its vitality. But I do think it could be even better. We really need to do something with the lake house. Why not lease the space to someone who will serve food both inside and in front of the stage. Maybe we could even bring back the rowboats and offer deals. Set prices for a spin around the pond, and an additional price for dinner and a ride. With better lighting and maybe one police officer on duty, you could hold a night market that integrates the restaurant, pond, and path surrouding the pond. Live music on the stage when its not used for Park Playhouse. Big ideas Albany, why not???

@Albany Joe - that would be wonderful.

Who do you think we are, Albany Joe? Troy??

Wow! What a beautiful panoramic of the gorgeous Washington Park iconic monument - Moses! I was worried about the rain this coming weekend, so thank you so much for posting this photo to show the sun-drenched beauty prior to potential soak-fest... Ground Aerial has some other awesome stuff if you click through!

This is an awesome shot, is there a way to download the high res image?

I would love to see the Albany Symphony doing smaller concerts at the lake house. There could put up a small dock and rent out row boats. Should we try to push Washington Conservancy to do more? They did a report on the Lake House in 2006.

Yes, bring back the row boats! Also, I agree about serving food in the lake house--I seem to remember that they used to sell ice cream there.

Here is an article outlining a lakehouse proposal in 2006. I think it's time to revive the discussion and open it up to more entrepreneurs this time around. A lot has changed since 2006 and I think someone would be willing to invest now.

Beautiful photo!
I've been enjoying the park and the tulips like it's my personal backyard (which it kind of is). Speaking of boats in the lake, I was delighted to see kayakers playing water-polo in their the other day. A few friends and I are tempted to put our own in. I wonder if anyone would yell at us...

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