A sampling of cooking classes, summer 2013

christian noe sausage class by albany jane

From Christian Noe's very popular class on homemade sausage. (photo: Albany Jane)

We all have to eat. So we've pulled together yet another list of upcoming local cooking classes that look interesting or fun.

Here's a batch of classes for the next few months -- from "off the hook" sandwiches, to chocolate, to eggs, to sauces, to sausage, to dairy at home, to exotic ice cream, to pasta, to grilling, to new Southern, to peaches...

This is not a comprehensive listing. If there's something not on her that you think is worth a mention, please share!

A lot of these classes tend to sell out -- quickly. So if something catches your eye, better to sign up earlier than later.

May 15: Off the Hook Sandwiches | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Chef Ric Orlando on making "signature sandwiches found in his New World cooking repertoire." Breakfast bahn mi with bacon and eggs, Cubano sandwich, triple mushroom melt with chipotle aioli, soft shell crab bun with horseradish slaw and pickle mayo, and "ghetto pain au chocolate." 6 pm - $69

May 16: Prosciutto, Pancetta, & Pork Belly | Spoon & Whisk
"A celebration of pork" with chef Patrick Mannato. Prosciutto a asparagus bread pudding with parmesan crema; spaghetti cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) with pancetta; pan-seared pork belly with caramelized onion jam; bittersweet brownie with candied maple bacon glaze. 7 pm - $45

May 21: Ceviche Around the World | Spoon & Whisk
New World Bistro Bar's Jacquelyn Clark on "a culinary journey of ceviche which crosses 4 different continents." Classic Peruvian-style ceviche with lime and cilantro; Asian-inspired ceviche; Spanish-style ceviche; Mexican ceviche with avocado ice cream. 7 pm - $45

May 25: All-Time Chocolate Desserts | Different Drummer's Kitchen
A hands-on class with Jesuit Paul Nugas on making three chocolate desserts: special dark chocolate cake with fudgy chocolate ganache, ultimate cream cheese brownies, and chocolate mousse cake. 3 pm - $65

May 28: Gelato and Frozen Desserts | Gio Culinary Studio
"Students will learn how to make these delicious frozen desserts from scratch, using fresh natural ingredients and professional techniques that are easily duplicated at home." Chocolate hazelnut gelato, Chianti wine sorbeto, raspberry semifreddo. 6:15 pm - $65

May 28: All About Eggs | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Jerry Papandrea on making poached eggs, fried eggs, classic French-style scrambled, coddled, and "the secret to making hard-boiled eggs perfect every time." Then it's on to making homemade hash with poached or fried eggs, classic scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms, mixed green salad with Dijon balsamic dressing and boiled eggs, frittata, and molten chocolate cake. 6 pm - $69

May 28: Stocks and Sauces | Healthy Living Market
A demo of how to make homemade stocks and sauces: chicken stock, veggie stock, hollandaise, bechamel, sauce mornay. 5:30 pm - $20

May 30: Homemade Italian Sausage | Spoon & Whisk
Making homemade sausage, and using it various dishes, with Patti Fortuna-Stannard and Paul Stannard, from the Vermont-based Fortuna Sausage. 7 pm - $45

June 1: At-Home Dairy | Different Drummer's Kitchen
A hands-on class with Deanna Fox on making butter, yogurt, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, and clotted cream. 11 am - $69

June 1: Exotic Ice Creams | Different Drummer's Kitchen
A hands-on class with Deanna Fox on making ice cream in a variety of flavors: vanilla, honey lavender, bouron butter pecan, and blackberry cabernet sorbet, along with a "last minute dessert using store bought ice cream, crystallized ginger and shaved chocolate." 6 pm - $65

June 9: Grilling Pizza | Gio Culinary Studio at Altamont Vineyard & Winery
"Students will learn to make pizza dough, observe how to properly cook it on an outdoor grill and top it to make a crispy authentic Neapolitan pizza." The class is at the Altamont Vineyard and Winery, and a wine pairing is included. 2:45 pm - $55

June 10: Waterbath Canning 101 | Arts Center
The popular home canning class with the From Scratch Club's Christina Davis. "An intensive up-close opportunity to learn to make pickled vegetables & the basic safety and techniques to return home to 'put up' the summer's bounty." The class is also on the schedule for July 15. 6:30 pm - $65

June 12: The Art and Construction of Homemade Sausages for Grilling | Arts Center
The very popular class with Christian Noe from Nighthawk's Kitchen. (Here's an Albany Jane recap of a class last year.) "The sausages the class will be making are a traditional polish Kielbasa, a Chicken Sausage with Tomatoes and Basil, and a Smoked Cheddar and Jalapeno Sausage." The class is also on the schedule for July 10. 6:30 pm - $55

June 12: Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! | Gio Culinary Studio
A demo and hands-on class about making three different pasta shapes, along with sauce. Agnolloti with lemon herb cream sauce, pappardelle alla Bolognese, penne pasta with caramelized onion ragu. 6:15 pm - $65

June 12: New Southern Living | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Guest chef Virginia Willis from Southern Living Magazine on "new Southern food" that brings together Southern and French cooking. Arugula with country ham and pecans, peach Dijon-crusted pork tenderloin, low country risotto, and pineapple upside down cake. 6 pm - $69

June 22: Cheesecake | Different Drummer's Kitchen
A hands-on class with Corinna Selby on making three types of cheesecake: German cheesecake, coconut and chocolate cheesecake, caramel and pecan cheesecake. "It's time to think outside of the Philadelphia and Graham Cracker box." noon - $65

June 23: Makin' Bacon | Arts Center
The step-by-step process how to home cure bacon, with Erika Tebbins from the From Scratch Club. This is also on the schedule for August 18. 12:30 pm - $65

June 27: Grill It! | Normanside Country Club
A demo of a four course grilled meal: grilled watermelon salad, grilled flatbread with figs and blue cheese, grilled pork chop, grilled bananas foster. 6:30 pm - $65

August 4: Grilled Vegetable Burgers | Gio Culinary Studio at Altamont Vineyard & Winery
A class on making grilled vegetable burgers, quick pickles, and Sicilian potato salad. At the Altamont Vineyard & Winery -- wine pairing included. 2:45 pm - $55

August 14: Global Getaway: Cuba | Spoon & Whisk
Chef Chris Faraci from Carmen's Cafe in Troy on making Cuban dishes such as beef empanadas, picadillo, homemade chorizo sausage. 7 pm - $45

August 28: Perfect Peaches | Spoon & Whisk
Chef Rory Moran from Comfort Kitchen in Saratoga on "how to craft an entire meal around" peaches. Grilled peaches wrapped in prosciutto; summer market tacos with peach salsa; pulled pork sandwiches with roasted peaches and peach BBQ sauce; homemade peach cobbler. 7 pm - $45

The Arts Center advertises on AOA.


I recently took a class at Different Drummer's Kitchen (Chinese cooking with Helen Chen) and it was so much fun! If there's some topic they cover that interests you, I highly recommend them. Planning on taking more there--that dairy class looks like a good one.

Christian Noe's Arts center class on mac and cheese was great. I'd recommend classes with him...even though sausage isn't really my thing.

My wife just did a Moroccan class at Tara Kitchen and it was worth much, much more than what she paid, plus she brought home a new tagine and some tasty delectables. You'll need to stop in to get more info (and of course sample the food!).

Hickory Hill Smokehouse offers fresh sausage masking class!
Check out their website.
A Local business.

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