It makes us happy to know that there's a Kazoo Museum in New York

National Bottle Museum

At the National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa.

unknown museums of upstate new yorkNoted and filed under road trippage: There is book titled Unknown Museums of Upstate New York, by Chuck D'Imperio. Blurbage (links added):

Unknown Museums of Upstate New York is an informative and entertaining guide to the rich resources available at fifty small, often overlooked, regional museums. Even those familiar with the upstate area will likely have never visited and perhaps never heard of some of the treasures this guide unearths, such as the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum, the Kazoo Museum, and the Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage and Museum. D'Imperio tells each museum's story, in light of its cultural and historical relevance, and he provides a wealth of information about the museums as places of interest to visit, not just to read about.

One of the museums in the book is the National Bottle Museum in Ballston Spa -- but, of course, that is not unknown to you.

D'Imperio really seems to have honed in on niche. Among his other books: Monumental New York! A Guide to 30 Iconic Memorials in Upstate New York and Great Graves of Upstate New York

[via North Country Public Radio]

book cover: Syracuse University Press


The Kazoo museum is in the town next to where I grew up, and one was of my favorite places as a kid. It's basically a glorified toy store/gift shop with a few old pieces of equipment for making kazoos in the back. Still, totally AWESOME to a kid!

Did he mention the Lucile Ball museum in Jamestown?

And, there's always room for the Jell-O ® museum in Le Roy. It may be the only museum with a registered trademark as its name.

Not all the unique museums are upstate. There is the Museum of Sex in New York City. This is a legitimate museum devoted to all aspects of sexuality (with a Board of Trustees that include scholars). (Note: some of their collections and exhibits are kinky.)

Many of the single-subject museums are pretty interesting, especially those devoted to industrial or agricultural products. You'll find the New York State Museum of Cheese at Erie Canal Village in Rome, NY. It's really quite educational about the history of cheese making in NYS.

I guess it's only a matter of time before we have a Yogurt Museum.

Thanks for all the nice comments. The book should be out this summer from Syracuse University Press. And yes, the Jell-O Museum, the Museum of Cheese,, the Drain Tile Museum, the Flyfishing Museum, the Fiddlers Museum and the Lucy Museum and many more are all in there! It was a great experience to write this book! Chuck

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