Legend: red = wineries | green = breweries | blue = distilleries | yellow = cider producers

Breweries, wineries, and distilleries of New York

Today's map: The breweries, wineries, and distilleries of New York State.

We created this map based on data recently posted by the state. It includes big breweries and distillers, but also microbreweries, farm wineries, and cider producers. Check it out in large format -- where there's also a legend for the map.

To some extent, this is just sort of map gawkage. But it does highlight certain patterns...

The popular winery country along the Finger Lakes, the north fork of Long Island, and along Lake Erie:

The corridor of micro breweries and restaurant breweries along the Hudson Valley:

And the popularity of the recently-expanded farm distillery license:


Update: Here's a Google Fusion table of the map data -- it's open to the public, so you can download and sort the lists however you like.


Love your data crunching!

I wonder if there is more NY craft brewery data available. (e.g. number of breweries, amount of beer produced, proportion of beer consumed in NY that is NY produced...)

Talk about a business that's really exploded recently. I clicked on 30 or so of these, and only found a couple that have been around for longer than the past ten years! Here's hoping the next ten years are just as good for this business.

I suspect that at least a few of those places may have been around longer than the "license original issue date" given for them in this data implies, since that date given here for C.H. Evans (a.k.a, the Pump Station) is "4/17/2013" and they've obviously been around much longer than that (they opened in 1999).

Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also.

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