Rockin' on the River 2013

troy rockin on river green island bridge 2012-06-20

From one of last summer's concerts.

The schedule for this summer's Rockin' on the River concert series in Troy is out. The Wednesday night series starts up June 19. This year the concerts will start out in Green Island Bridge parking lot and move to Riverfront Park in August.

OK, without further ado, the schedule...

Concerts start at 5 pm.

Green Island Bridge Parking Lot

June 19: Aquanett - 80s rock tribute

June 26: Start Making Sense - Talking Heads tribute

July 3: Separate Ways - Journey tribute

July 10: Funk Evolution - voted best local band by Metroland readers in 2012

July 17: The Bayside Tigers - 90s tribute band (apparently named after the high school in Saved By the Bell)

July 24: Exiles on River St. - Rolling Stones tribute

July 31: Robert Eric - Billy Joel tribute band

Riverfront Park Amphitheater

August 7: Astrograss - bluegrass from Brooklyn

August 14: Hope Road - Bob Marley tribute

August 21: Mookie Blaylock - Pearl Jam tribute

August 28: Almost Queen - Queen tribute


There will be absolutely NO alcoholic beverages, coolers, backpacks, bags, containers, packages, thermoses, cups, bottles, cans, flasks, glass containers of any kind; animals or pets* admitted to the event; Security personnel reserve the right to inspect any bag, container or package and confiscate any prohibited or illegal items. (*Excludes ADA-defined service animals. Ground rules are subject to change without notice; Exceptions made for medical or child care reasons may be addressed individually)
All attendees should be prepared to present age identification at any time and wear provided identifying bracelet at all times within event grounds if they intend to consume alcohol. Any attendee caught by security personnel consuming alcohol without a bracelet, will be escorted out of the event area.

Earlier on AOA: Alive at Five lineup 2013 (Thursdays in Albany during the summer)


Almost every one of these is a tribute band - they've got to be kidding me! This could not be more lame. Who on Earth books this series? They should be taken out back and...forced to listen to Aquanett for 5 hours. Good grief...

(I can at least appreciate that the Pearl Jam band is called "Mookie Blaylock" - the only redeeming part of this.)

@grandmastergus - They may be tributes, but at least it is better than Albany's lineup. I am looking foward to spending a nice night after work on the river listening to Journey, Queen, Bob Marley and the 80's music I grew up listening to. It'll be fun, I can have a nice dinner in one of the many places nearby, and then walk down to the event, and parking isn't a real hassle with a nice garage right across the street. Go have fun in Albany, I'll stay here.

I mean, why would you want to listen to a band that is playing it's own music...

Tribute bands are to music what paint by numbers is to art.

I'd just hope that our municipalities would aim a little higher than this lowest common denominator tribute band nonsense.

And while I'm not one to defend Albany's Alive at Five lineup, their schedule does include George Clinton and P-Funk (and Troy's very own, and very rocking, Super 400).

I don't really have a problem with tribute or cover bands, at least in this outdoor, free-for-the-masses context. The best of these type of bands work hard to provide a show and sound that relatively approximates what the real deal would provide.

What is more troubling is that there doesn't seem to be any attempt to provide a local, original act as an opener.

As to grumbling about the lineup, it's akin to arguing about which fast food place has the best chicken fingers. I think the people that exclaim their disdain for the schedule and state that they won't attend... well, you weren't planning on going anyway, for whatever reason, correct?

"Tribute bands are to music what paint by numbers is to art."

I agree with this statement 100%. Although, I do somewhat agree with Andrew G. too. The thing is, I'd much rather hear an original band do a cover of a song with their own feel to it, than a tribute band that sets up their equipment, attire, and attitude like the band they are photocopying.

How come there are no county bands?

The tribute bands have gone over better than all the other bands with the exception of Blue Hand Luke ... who I am surprised to see isn't on the schedule. You have to give the people what they want, and these tribute bands have been packing them in.

Wow, what's up with all the negativity? It's a free concert series. If you don't like the lineup, don't come. More room for those of us who know how to enjoy ourselves.

I went to the August 7th one, Astrograss, and had a great time!

I also have no problem with tribute bands...and I don't really understand those who do. People will complain about anything. If it was all original bands, someone would be complaining about that.

OK, so I just wanted to put one positive comment here among all the negativity: I really like Rockin' on the River! It's a good time for the right price (FREE!) ^_^

I think these free concerts have been amazing and the new park is awesome,my only problem with the new park is they left out a spot for motorcycles to park,please make a location for them to all be together like the last spot instead of in between a car here and there.Keep rocking Troy!!!!

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