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The NeighborhoodAmong the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: change, amusement, graduation rates, commodity meats, feral cats, biking to work, botanical bliss, overnight, Mohawk River State Park, drama at the falls, flowers, parking, screwing with breakfast, Ala Shanghai, farm to glass, farm to chef, Nudel, a 1909 cookie, ice cream pies, strawberries, waffles, Garth, yard sale season, modernism, and Father's Day.

Hoffman's Playland -- and cars -- had Daniel thinking about how the Capital Region is changing.

With people thinking about the future of Hoffman's Playland, Chuck remembered other local amusement parks and zoos that have closed.

Another round of disappointing graduation rates for Schenectady High School prompted Nora to again consider whether her family should move out of the city.

Mr. Dave on his pledge to stop consuming "commodity meats": "I want my meat to cost more money. There I said it. I want to pay dearly for a piece of a beast that has consumed so many resources in its quest to become my dinner."

Kristi looked for help in getting rid of some feral cats from her yard.

Jen listed some of the benefits she's found from biking to work.

When Jackie experiences "three straight days of botanical bliss," you know there are going to be interesting finds.

Jona went an overnight trail cleanup trip in the Adirondacks.

The Bee Balm Gal got acquainted with some wildflowers and reptiles at Mohawk River State Park.

The Exiles took in the dramatic scene at the Cohoes Falls.

It sounds like Christine is another happy flower CSA customer.

In which the Idiots take umbrage at a parking space ploy in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Carl is displeased: "Hannaford, you're screwing with my breakfast"

Disappointed that Ala Shanghai is apparently still off the radar for many people, the Masticating Monkey highlighted some of his favorite dishes there.

Greg visited the Hillrock Estate Distillery in Ancram, a "farm-to-glass" distillery.

Otis and Rochelle checked out the new farm the chef dinners at All Good Bakers.

Steve highly recommended Nudel in Lenox.

Akum shared some recipes from a 1909 Pine Hills cookbook.

In sharing some of the prep for his wedding, Jerry noted that they got 300 baby cheesecakes from Cheesecake Machismo and ice cream pies from the Snowman.

Katie got into a little jam after picking strawberries and making jam.

Ashley had a breakfast sandwich -- on a waffle -- at the Iron Roost.

A sugar rush had Stephanie wondering if Garth -- from Wayne's World -- was working at Joe's Crab Shack in Latham.

Albaniana noted that yard sale season has started.

Paula admired a modern building tucked into downtown Albany.

And Father's Day posts from: Jackie, Silvia, and Chuck's daughter.


Carl's blog post about Hannaford screwing with his breakfast by not carrying Kretschmer toasted wheat germ anymore has me very sad. I'm also a wheat germ eater and Hannaford shopper. They used to carry the plain toasted and honey crunch. Then the honey crunch disappeared. Now if the plain has also disappeared I might have to join him in finding another store to shop at. They've also recently stopped carrying cans of chicken broth and vegetable broth. No, I don't want broth in a box, thank you very much. The boxes are more expensive and a 13.5 ounce box is not the same as a 14.75 ounce can and cannot be opened without splashing it all over the place. And don't even get me started on those smaller carts they have now that the Central Ave store has been remodeled. I put up with that year-long remodeling project, but now I'm considering going elsewhere.

Yes, to Carl's post and Amy's comment ...I'm in similar boat ...if Hannaford keeps getting rid of items (with, it seems intention of urging shoppers towards their house brands) ...I may have to take *all* my shopping elsewhere.

Before the (Central Ave) re-modeling the store was touting the "local" aspect of Tofu Lin (from Rochester, I believe) ...now it is gone from the shelves (and the tofu they do offer ain't as good)

I saw Carl's post and it made me realize that I haven't been to Hannaford in more than eighteen months. That used to be one of my main stores for grocery shopping but, even though Hannaford somewhat more convenient, I haven't been there since ShopRite opened.

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