Cuomo signs order for $16 million for flood victims, Kerry will decide on extradition of marine,NYRA says heat won't stop opening day

The Capital Region is officially in the midst of a heat wave. [WNYT]

Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order on Wednesday freeing up $16 Million in state aid for flood victims around New York, after FEMA refused to offer individual assistance to homeowners earlier this week. The funding was released without a special session of the legislature because it will come from a "contingent appropriation" included in this year's budget for disaster spending. Cuomo plans to take part in a Storm Recovery Conference today.[TU][Capitol Confidential][WNYT][YNN][YNN]

A federal judge has cleared the way for the former U.S. marine, arrested in Clifton Park last month, to be extradited to the Philippines to stand trial in a double murder. Timothy Kaufman's case will now go before Secretary of State John Kerry for a final decision on the extradition.[TU][News 10][Saratogian]

A police detective testified in a pre-trial hearing in Troy Wednesday, that one of the three men charged with murdering rapper Sha-kim Miller in South Troy last year told police who the shooters were. But the suspect has requested his statement to police back in March be suppressed since his lawyer was not present when he gave it. [TU][Record]

NYRA says the races will go on at Saratoga on Friday, heat wave or no heat wave.[TU]

The new head of NYRA said Wednesday that the org and New York State may have had a difference of opinion in the past "but now their interests are aligned" and he is optimistic about NYRA's future. [YNN]

The water quality at the Saratoga Race Course, which was too low in chlorine for the last couple of days, is now back to normal.[News 10]


A 67 year old felon who is on lifetime parole and was the subject of a 2004 manhunt in the Adirondacks, will spend another year in jail after pleading guilty in Rensselaer County Court to his second DWI charge since he got out of jail two years ago. [TU]

An Albany landlord could serve up to 15 years in prison for allegedly turning a fellow immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago into a "modern day version of Cinderella", making him work under threat of deportation and tricking him into a false marriage. [TU]

Rotterdam police arrested a pair of teens on Tuesday for allegedly breaking into cars. [TU]

The Saratoga man who stole from the Queensbury Hospice he worked for was sentenced to six months in the Warren County Jail and five years of probation.[Post Star]

Schenectady has collected over $45,000 on month-to-month leases from the tenants residing in houses it seized in foreclosure last year. [Gazette]

The good government group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington -- or CREW -- has named Andrew Cuomo to it's list of worst governors, citing a lack of transparency and a surplus of cronyism in his administration.
New York State Democratic Committee Spokesman Rodney Caple blasted the org, saying it is not credible and "in fact you cannot even tell what it is."[Capitol Confidential][State of Politics]

Andrew Cuomo's re-election campaign has started airing TV ads highlighting the Moreland Commission. [NYT]

The Moreland panel wants JCOPE to preserve all of its documents, including electronic ones relating to it's probe of public trust violations.[State of Politics]

Health insurance premiums are dropping in New York State, in some cases as much as half . [TU]

The Albany Common Council Public Safety Committee met with APD members and residents on Wednesday to discuss how to make crosswalks in the city safer [YNN]

Albany mayoral candidates gathered on Wednesday to speak at a candidate forum.[YNN]

A CSEA lawsuit that attempted to block the sale of Maplewood Manor, the Saratoga County nursing home, to a private entity has been dismissed, but the union says it will continue to fight the sale. [Saratogian]

Saratoga County officials have proposed taking over Luther Forest Technology Campus to help deal with financial and other problems cropping up there.[Gazette]

The technology partnership that is breathing new life into the Watervliet Arsenal.[Record]

The 200-year-old arsenal will get a new commander today.[Gazette]

Gas prices are rising to around the $3.80 mark in the Capital Region.[YNN]

Spitzer's apology to Paterson.[NYP]

The signs are up at Jennings Landing and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings will be honored at tonight's Alive at Five concert at the park.[TU][WNYT]

The South End tavern in Troy, which closed two weeks ago, is for sale for $395,000.

Albany County Sherriff's Department has a new K-9 member.[Record]

When lumberjacks battle for supremacy.[Saratogian]

Ice skating, anyone? [TU]

No more bouncing aroundin Wilton.[Saratogian]


"... discuss how to make crosswalks in the city safer." Crosswalks aren't dangerous. The way people drive is dangerous.

Ethan is right. But some of our intersections are so poorly labeled that I think it gives drivers a false sense of superiority when it comes to right of way. I've had a request in for 2 months on See Click Fix regarding a poorly labeled intersection in my neighborhood - no painted lines, no pedestrian signal. No response whatsoever from APD (APD Traffic Engineering response on the See Click Fix Albany app is terrible). This is the intersection where I saw a car hit a pedestrian and sped away (she was ok). It's the same intersection my husband and I were nearly run over in May while the driver - after coming within an inch of plowing down my husband - screamed at us that she had a green light (she was turning left and we had the right of way).

So yeah, aggressive driving is the cause of most of this - but I think ignorance is at play too - if drivers saw drawn crosswalks and pedestrian cross signals - they might start paying closer attention.

You also have to worry about being parking/blocking the crosswalks. This continually happens in Center Square and the area bordering the plaza so enforcement also plays a role.

"Horses are creatures who do better in cold weather, said Dr. Steven Sedrish, a surgeon at the Upstate Equine Medical Center in Schuylerville. "It's a big problem," he said. "(Horses) are just not designed to handle this heat."

I used to have fun going to the track, but now I just feel bad for the horses. Am I being a moron?

* * Crazy horseperson hat on * *

Cindy- You aren't being a moron, it's a valid concern. This is where the horsemanship of the trainers and the track vets are going to take over and make the call since the track decided to stay open. It's their job to know the signs of overheating in their horses and mitigate it as well as weigh the risks of how much running in Saturday's heat is going to take out of their horse, especially if they want to run again later in the meet.

The Atlanta Olympics were held in similar conditions and, in expectation of the heat and humidity, a lot of great research was done on horses overheating which has been implemented at summer racetracks. The key is ice and cold water and, based on that TU article, the track is going to have that in spades.

Here's a good article on heat stress and old wives tales if you want some more info:

* * Crazy horseperson hat off * *

There's a good chance there's going to be a lot of scratches, so the racing may not be particularly great tomorrow but if you go, have fun and stay hydrated, too!

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