Summer in the City PoeTweet

blue sky tree topThe center of the square circles in shadows as the sun sets quietly on hop scotch sidewalks

That's an entry from @thebeatenpoet in the Albany's Public Library's Summer in the City PoeTweet Contest on Twitter.

As you can probably guess, it's contest to write tweet-length poem about summer in Albany. Blurbage:

One Tweet = one entry. You can submit one entry per day; your Tweets must be your own. (So, you can have up to 7 chances to win.) The subject of your Poetweet must be "Summer in Albany." Include #APLMRS in your Tweet so we can find it.

The winner will be selected by poet Dan Wilcox "based on creativity, originality, and poetic skill." The contest runs through August 3 at 11:59 pm.

You can follow along with the entries by watching the hashtag #APLMRS.

Yep, APL advertises on AOA.


I want to remember @thebeatenpoet's poem forever. I hope I see it chalked on a Center Square sidewalk someday soon.

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