Drawing: Elvis Costello at Troy Music Hall

elvis costello

Elvis Costello's solo show at Troy Music Hall is sold out, but you could win tickets.

Update: Drawing's closed!

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall opens its 2013-2014 season next week. And one of the highlights of the season is Elvis Costello's solo show on November 6. It's already sold out. But AOA has one pair of tickets -- and they could be yours.

To enter the drawing answer the following question:

Elvis Costello is always reinventing himself, and exploring new sounds. He was cool in the 80s and he's still cool today. What's something in the Capital Region that is enduringly cool?

We'll pick one winner at random.

Among the other shows coming up this season at the Troy Music Hall:

+ Josh Ritter on September 26
+ Paula Poundstone on October 5
+ Roseanne Cash on December 19
+ Sean Rowe next April

Tickets are on sale for all those performances, and the rest of the 2013-2014 season.

Important: All comments must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 am on Thursday, September 19 and must respond by 8 pm that night.

photo: Andy Gotts


My landlord. If Phish had a 5th band member, he would be it. The guy always has a smile on his face and can tell stories for days. I actually don't mind handing over a huge check every month.

Guptill's roller rink!!

The Nott Memorial. It has been a library, a theater, and now it is a hall, gallery, and study space. It is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen and it is, by far, the most beautiful building in the area.

Washington Park. Always beloved.

Of course, the people who make up this weird little microcosm. So many transplants from other areas commingled with those born and raised here make the Capital Region a unique and cool place to live.

The food scene in the capital region. Things come and go, change and evolves...but there always seems to be something really neat interesting happening.

Troy Music Hall itself. It's such a cool concert space.


The annual Albany scooter rally!

The New York State Museum!!! There is nothing cooler!

I think the Empire State Plaza is super cool. I've really only been there to see shows at night at the Egg and The TU and it is always awe inspiring to walk out and see the Egg and the plaza around.

Troy Farmers Market is enduring cool!

Cohoes mills neighborhood and buildings

The architecture that gives Downtown such a unique character

Thacher Park! I'll always love going out there, especially in the fall

The Hudson River estuary was cool in the 1600s as a transportation route, commerce center and natural resource for Albany's first colonists. Even after generations of neglect and abuse, the Hudson is cool today for its environmental resiliency, as a link to an industrial past and as a tourism and recreation destination for the region.

A performing arts venue shaped like a giant egg....The Egg!

The ESP in January! Oh, wait - that's cold. The likelihood that we're going to have our first woman mayor is pretty damn cool.

The Egg!

The John Morse Band!

Troy Music Hall - cool building and awesome acoustics!

The Indian Ladder Trail at Thacher Park is perpetually cool.

Our location is enduringly cool. Close to Boston, NYC and Vermont. But what is even cooler is our sometimes forgotten treasures - Cohoes Music Hall, Yaddo Gardens to name a few...

The Spectrum! An independent theater where you can see an indie movie and treat yourself to coffee and a vegan brownie.

Not being from the region really makes me notice things that always seem cool whenever I come back, going to school in the capital region has shown me a new side of new york that I wasnt used to.

My favorite thing is the view of the city from 787. One side is the beautiful hudson and the other is the city of albany. Empire Plaza and the Egg always stand out to me, the architecture of this city is beautiful.

Downtown Troy is definitely enduringly cool. Especially lately with the influx of new businesses and eateries. The Uncle Sam statues also added a nice touch that called upon the history of the area but also showcased the creativity and artistic talent currently in the Capital Region.

Our amazing local music scene!

The annual Freihofer Jazz Festival at SPAC is always so cool.

Have to go with Saratoga Race Course -- 150 years later, still one of the best summertime activities in the Capital Region.

Minor League Baseball!

The blue collar, old school roots of local people and businesses.

Walk-able downtowns!

I think Washington Park is cool!

Cider donuts at Golden Harvest! Year round!

The Victoria Pool, classic and cool!


The people - generations of folks keep falling in love with this area and work hard to preserve and promote it, from our great history museums to venues introducing us to the most contemporary artists.

palais royale

the Center Square neighborhood / Lark St

The most "enduringly cool" aspect of this area is the region's ability to be just that...."enduring".
The Troy, Albany area has gone through so much from it's original Indian and then Dutch settler days through the peak of the industrial revolution to where we happen to be today. Through it all, the area and the people, have found a way to remain relevant and always "cool".
I guess very much like Costello himself.

Hoffman's Playland!

the frost on my champagne glass

most of the fall, all of the winter and part of the spring here in Upstate NY

The arts and music scene in Albany is enduringly cool! No matter how much it has to fight to survive it always has and it's always growing!

The Troy Music Hall

Lark Street!


Our wonderful architectural landmarks: State Ed. Building, The Capitol, D&H/SUNY Admin building.

Albany's ability to become an adopted hometown. I've been here for 5 years now, and it feels like home.

The Egg is cool! They Might Be Giants even wrote a song about it

The City of Albany's loyal pet, Nipper.

Indian Ladder Trail

Lyrical Ballad Bookstore in Saratoga.

The view of the Empire State Plaza while driving into Albany, especially from the Patroon Island Bridge area or driving down from East Greenbush/Rensselaer. The buildings and Plaza, especially The Egg, are very cool.

Peebles Island State Park with all its beautiful scenery, especially this time of year!!!

Enjoying some warm cider donuts while the cider witch tosses out candy at Lakeside farms

Father Peter Young and his ministry: way cool!

That wacky seat of state government...the Capitol!

The music scene, the amazingly cool artists (EC) that grace our wonderful region.

There's nothing more enduringly cool than LARK STREET -- "the village in the city!" :-)

The Spectrum!

I always feel really cool while checking out a movie at the Spectrum!

The Saratoga Race Track!

The Capital Building is classic cool.

The local music venues are amazing. There is a place for virtually everyone that tours, small venues, large venues, all acts can find a place to come in this area. From the places like the Troy Music Hall and the Egg, to the large venues like SPAC and the Times Union Center, and in between ones like the Palace and Proctors (not to mention the festivals in the warmer months). There is somewhere for everyone no matter how large your audience is. Plus so many have such a rich background and heritage to their buildings.


I know it's been said, but I'm going with The Spectrum!

The poetry scene!

symmetrical SUNY Albany campus

The Egg is Albany is by far way Cool! - Along with the variety of music it pulls in.

Empire State Plaza - the Museum, the carousel, the observation deck, the ice skating rink, the Egg of course and the most enduringly cool thing about it is the plaza art collection.


There's this girl who works one of the windows at DMV in Troy. She's always laughing and jivving. "Hey what's with you Mr. Grumpy pants?" she says, or "Hey, wow, nice hair day there huh?!" or "Smokes! Stop having kids, just stop! You hear?" I always tried to get her when I have to go there sort out something. My friend Marcus actually says he just goes down and hangs out to hear her talk it up. "I don't know what her name is but I come her a couple of Thursdays a month just to soak her up," says Marcus as he pretends to fill out a form to get some kind of permit to park his van on a sidewalk. "I'm like french toast and she's like butter and syrup. So cool, so forever cool."

Honest Weight -- whether at Quail St, Central Ave, or reinventing itself on Watervliet Ave.


Oh Bar karaoke night

The Hudson River

Newsman John McLoughlin

The Spectrum 8 Theatres on Delaware Avenue have always been cool, and always will be.

The Egg!

nipper is ultra cool.

coolest thing about albany is that it is small enough for a person to know the entire city yet still find something new and amazing to see, eat, or day-trip to every day!


Steve Caporizzo has been the coolest dude in Albany for decades.

The coolest thing about the Capital Region is that in 15 or 20 minutes you can go from the heart of downtown Troy or Albany to the woods or farm country. We have so many opportunities for a range of activities and that what makes us enduringly cool!

The Crandall theater has been, is, and probably always will be cool.

Our local breweries are extremely cool

Joining others in the coolness of Nipper

Downtown Troy!

The NYS Museum! Those taxidermied animals juxtaposed next to a subway car around the corner from Sesame Street stand the test of time.

Autumn weather. Especially this morning.

Willett Street in Albany!

I love the Unitarian Society in Schenectady! I'm not a member, but often go there for the Fall jazz concert series. One of the most beautiful spaces in the region!

The detridus of traffic that accummulates along the highway.

To me, the skating rink at the Empire State Plaza will always be cool (pun not entirely intended).

Troy Public Library, awesome architecture and glass floors!

Ever since I lived in center square, I have always thought the Empire State Plaza and the Egg were exceedingly and enduringly cool, especially on a warm summer night, double especially with the bagpipe guy walking around filling the space with his wonderful bellows.

The Egg

New York State Museum- so uncool that it's cool.

The Hudson River. Always cool. Always influx.


The Egg is enduringly cool. People including my own family are intriuged by it everytime we see it from the highway or see an event there.

Should you ever get tired of Albany (perish the thought) it's easy to get to the mountains, the country, other museums, other cities... How cool is that?

The Indian Ladder Trail. I loved it as a kid and always bring my visiting friends there!

Grafton Peace Pagoda

"Let's Have a Party Albany" is the coolest thing ever to come out of this town. It taught my 4 year old how to spell ALBANY NY"


Five Rivers Environmental Center in Delmar.

The Hudson-Mohawk Bike Path!

The Public Library!

All the sett paved streets beneath the asphault

We have a lot of nice parks. Washington park being chief among them.

Troy Music Hall, Palace Theater and Proctor's -- great old spaces.

The Egg would top my list. It is architecturally interesting and unique, inside and out. Plus some really great bands in the 2 great theaters.

The waterfronts of both Albany and Troy are absolutely enduringly cool. Year round they are constantly bustling!

Yaddo in Saratoga! it was cool enough for Edgar Allan Poe to stay while (allegedly) writing "The Raven" and it's still cool now.


First Friday & Troy Night Out. Talk about strong community culture.

3 drive-ins in the area

Pearlapalooza...they always have great bands that come out to the festival, and it is an awesome chance to experience downtown Albany and support the local restaurants and bars on Pearl Street that are always hopping during and after the event.

the local music scene. there are lifer's here, and they are amazing.

Valentine's & Howard Glassman.

Farmers markets and support for local growers

So many things to choose from. But, maybe because it's here again in a few days, Larkfest is the first thing that popped into my mind. So many great memories from over the years.

the local theater scene. Always a mix of trendy and classic theater productions going on all over the Capital District!

Schuyler Bakery!

The four seasons and all that they bring are enduringly cool

The Hudson River

Empire State Plaza- home to some of the most amazing modern art on the planet! Where else can you see Frankenthaler, Kelly, Oldenburg, Pollock and the other greats without going to NYC? Enduringly Cool!


SUNY Albany from Business to Nano Tech and back to Business.

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