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stewarts locations map static

Quick map puzzle: Can you name the pattern depicted in the map above?

The answer is after the jump, along with a zoomable/clickable map.

(keep scrolling for the answer)

Answer: The map shows the roughly 330 locations for Stewart's around New York and Vermont.

We were inspired to create the map after reading Danielle Sanzone's article about Stewart's earlier this week in the Record. Fun fact from her article: In Johnstown there are two Stewart's basically right across the street from each other. And apparently they both do enough business to keep each of them open.


So, yep, Stewart's is just about everywhere in this region. Curious about just how "covered" Stewart's has this area, we created a second map of their locations -- this time with a one-mile radius drawn around each store. That map is above in large format -- click or scroll all the way up.

It's remarkable how densely covered the Capital Region's urban areas are by Stewart's. In fact, judging from the map, you could almost (but not quite) go from Delmar to Saratoga Springs and never be more than a mile from being able to stop in for a scoop of Peanut Butter Pandemonium.

A few more Stewart's map bits:

+ Farthest...
North: Rouses Point, New York
East: Rutland, Vermont
South: Goshen, New York
West: Oswego, New York

+ The two locations farthest apart from each other are Rouses Point (near the Canadian border on Lake Champlain) and Goshen (in Orange County, NY) -- 252 miles apart.

+ Number of Stewart's in...
Albany: 11
Schenectady: 8 (or 9)
Troy: 9
Saratoga Springs: 6

A few things about these maps... We pulled the Stewart's locations from the company's website. And though we went through the list manually checking for duplications/omissions/errors, we're pretty sure we're still missing about 5 locations. Additionally, the addresses for each store were automatically geocoded, so there could be errors -- we caught a few and fixed them, but there are probably still a few in there.

Radii computed using Free Map Tools.


I guessed it by the map! I love Stewart's, and I love knowing that if I drive for a while on a 'major' road in the area, I'll probably run into one before my destination.

You mentioned the two close locations in Johnstown -- check out the overlap on the two Stewart's in Corinth! And Corinth is tiny!

I was pretty sure that's what that map was. I frequently navigate and give directions by their locations; there are a lot of places you can get to if you "turn left at the Stewart's."

Being from Binghamton, we never had Stewarts, but spent every summer on Lake George with a Stewars "shoppe" just down the road. I'd walk my sister there to get her a copy of Tiger Beat, my grandmother the latest Star magazine, and for me, a box of jelly donuts.

I really don't get the allure of Stewart's. I buy my gas there because there is one a few blocks from my house, but that's it. I don't like their ice cream and wouldn't buy groceries or snacks there (or soda, beer, or cigarettes). They do a brisk business in lottery tickets whenever I'm there and I don't buy those either.

What's to love? Enlighten me.

Every marked trail in the ADKs should also include a 'distance to closest Stewart's.' That's typically how I plan my hiking and ski trips.

Also, this is great. Can there be a weekly map puzzle?

I find the geographical "outliers" interseting. There are only 4 locations South of I-84, 3 locations West of I-81 and 2 East of Route 7 in VT.

We were heading up to Waterford for party a few weeks ago. I needed to pick-up whipped cream on the way, so I instructed my husband over a few blocks, out of our way. "Head up that way," I said. "That looks like a road where there should be a Stewart's." Sure enough, there was!


I feared it was bear sightings. Phew!

And here I thought it might be the best places to spot bigfoot....


I miss Stewart's. None in Western NY. I live south of Rochester.
7-Eleven is now the dominant player here after buying Wilson Farms. I'll take Stewart's over 7-Eleven.

I'm with Jason - we always stop at Stewart's after a hike. We think they should offer a patch to folks who have gotten ice cream at every Stewart's in the Adirondack Park.


Home. That's the allure.

And friendly people, a mom-and pop attitude, the home made signs in the store the "still shot with VHS and real people not actors commercials that you still see only in the store, the tasty bargain ice cream, the milk club, the proximity. What's not to love?

Where does the divide between the brown Stewart's and orange Stewart's start? I assume these are only the brown Stewart's.


Missing Hoosick (intersection of 7 and 22) and North Hoosick (intersection of 22 and 67)


For my family, it's all about the milk. It's fresh (48 hours from farm to store), local (Saratoga, Washington and Rensselaer Counties),and antibiotic and hormone free (so I don't have to worry about my boys getting boobies).

For me, it's the Death by Chocolate ice cream. It's one of my most favorite ice creams ev-errrr.

I heard once that the owner would decide on where to build a new Stewart's by getting a large coffee and driving until he finished it. This way no two shoppes would be more than a coffee cup away.

@chrisck: The ice cream is truly great. Not all flavors are terrific, but I highly recommend chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and my favorite, chocolate chip cookie dough. I just wish they would bring back the light chocolate; that's how they got me hooked.

And the point dgc made about the milk is right on. And the prices are good for a convenience store.

@Brian: Thanks for the heads up. They were on there, just in the wrong place (there was a geocoding error for both those addresses). They should be in the right place now.

@Jason: Maybe not every week, but we can definitely do it more often.

chrisck, I'm not from around here but have lived here long enough to love me some Stewart's. It's so earnest and well, brown. What's not to love?

Personally, I like the ice cream (and the iced coffee rocks). The sans serif font they use for all their signage and packaging is no-nonsense and retro (without being ironic) it just kills me...

I spend some time on Lake Ontario in the summer and when I stumbled upon the Oswego shop location a few years ago I too, thought: home.

@chrisck - For me it's the eggs. Three days from hen to shelf. It makes a major difference, especially with poached eggs. You can see the difference here --> http://fussylittleblog.com/2013/06/25/egg-battle-stewarts-vs-hwfc/

I like the Henry Johnson Blvd location because I can get a cup of coffee and buy a DVD out of someone's trunk on my way out.

Stewarts Mountain Brew Beer Ice: $2.99/ six pack.

Latham is getting a 4th, it is being built now on Forts Ferry Rd.

I love our regional convenience store/ice cream shop. So view things remain regionalized these days. I hope Stewarts stays true to its roots.

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