Drawing: Bacon Festival at City Beer Hall

city beer hall exterior

You know, the facade of this building could maybe use some bacon...

Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

The City Beer Hall has a Bacon Festival lined up for for this Saturday. Among the "amazing array of bacon creations": bacon beer, bacon sweets, bacon cocktails, bacon snacks, and more.

We have two 5-packs of item tickets for the event. And we're giving them way.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

It's said that everything's better with bacon. If you could add bacon to anything in the Capital Region, what would it be?

And by "anything" we mean anything. Food stuff? Sure. But what about a bacon exhibit at the State Museum? Or paving State Street with bacon? The more bonkers the idea, the more totally unredeemable bonus points that will be awarded. We'll draw one winner at random.

The City Beer Hall's Bacon Festival starts at 3 pm on September 28. Bacon items will be offered a la carte for $7 -- or you can buy a pack of tickets for 5 items for $25. It's two of those 5-item packs that we're giving away.

Speaking of CBH: It also has another Wild Game Night dinner coming up on September 30 -- four wild game courses paired with beer Lagunitas beers for $60.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 25, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 am Thursday and must respond by 5 pm that day.


A huge recreation of Jerry Jennings' head recreated in bacon, like a sandcastle but done entirely in bacon.

If you did a cinnamon/brown sugar glaze on the strips destined for his face, you could even get the orangeness of his countenance.

"Text Stop" signs need bacon on them.

I would add bacon to Bomber's pulled pork tacos. Or burrito. Or Piggy fries. Or anything they have on their menu.


Let's sprinkle bacon all over the student ghetto. Just because.

let's add bacon to cider donuts!

I think we need a bacon beer, and a bacon-themed food truck that drives around Scotia, where I live.

Emack and Bolio's should make a maple and candied bacon ice cream!

If bacon is a metaphorical thing that makes a good thing sublime, I'd add bacon to Washington Park. (No cars. A café in the Lake House. Food carts. Maybe a gondola rowing couples on the water.)

Let's drape the Egg with bacon....Bacon and Eggs! Heh.

Chocolate covered bacon strips :)

The Crodo at The Crispy Cannoli Bacon and Carmel sauce woukd be earth shattering.

Bacon-wrapped Egg, anyone?

bacon wrapped mummies

Cheesecake Machismo caramel slice + Bacon!

Jim's Tastee Freez needs a bacon waffle cone!

Bacon-flavored gelato at Crisan.

Bacon Bloody Mary!

Bacon and the Egg, of course.

Okay, okay, My real answer is hot cider. Instead of a cinnamon stick, just a crispy piece of bacon sticking out of the mug.

Candied bacon!

If I could add bacon to anything it would be the cheese plates at the confectionery. I propose a bacon flight. Then there could be a flight fight bacon vs other meats, bacon always wins.

The Twin Bacon Bridges!! Like it needs anymore traffic...

Add Bacon dispensers to the solar powered recycling bins ... as a reward

HA! I love the Bacon and the Egg comment - putting a bacon structure next to The Egg would be awesome.

My vote goes for a bacon food truck for the capital region. All bacon all the time, handed out wrapped up like a churro to-go.

Bacon-flavored wall paper

I'd add bacon to every appetizer of deviled eggs. Yum.

Drape all of the CDTA buses in bacon! Encouraging use of public transportation is always a good thing. Also, yum.

snowman ice cream and bacon! Mmmmm

All of arbor hill.

We should have bacon fountains or vending machines for visitors to the capital region to make us seem friendlier and maybe we'll move up that list next year

Bacon stops along the bike path. A tour de bacon, if you will.

the thruway tickets should be made of bacon

bacon in the vending machine in my building...

A house made of bacon and everything inside the house is made of bacon like in Hansel and Gretel except instead if candy theres Bacon! BAcon!! BACon!!! BACOn!!!! BACON!!!!!

MmmMMmm bacon in a doughboy!

Leaves wrapped in Bacon...Hello Fall! Then, powdered bacon for sledding and skiing.

Bacon to Crumbs Along the Mohawk from Stewarts!

Bacon carts in Washington Park or on Lark Street. Just selling bacon and bacon wrapped goods.

Bacon crodo!

Bacon flavored coffee

Someone should open an "All Things Bacon" Store featuring bacon goods and bacon novelties for sale. Can you say "Maple Bacon Car Freshener", that would surely brighten my drive to work every morning.

I would add Bacon to Washington Park. Fun for people and dogs alike, I mean, who doesn't like bacon?

My Bomber's Chicken Quesadilla would be dreamy with some bacon.

My oven- I love bakin' bacon.

Bacon-flavored wall paper

warm cider donuts with maple flavored bacon....yum.

I wish Kevin Bacon would come here to make a movie. All those other guys did. ;p

bacon & bourbon & hayrides
(this is not a cocktail but a combination of activities occurring in parallel)

Oh, that Bacon + Crumbs along the Mohawk from Will is far better than mine. That sounds amazing.

More bacon infused pastries please

I would add bacon to the Garbage Plate at McGeary's. It's already a heart-attack on a plate, so why not?

free Bacon AND free pizzas at CBH!

Bacon truck.

We need a bacon CSA

i would add bacon appetizers to every menu! ...if i were president

Obviously... the Egg needs bacon.
PS - I know bacon makes everything better... but does it get any better than Crumbs on the Mohawk from Stewarts? I'm not sure you can make something that's already perfect even more perfect.

Bacon + Krause's chocolate.

The guy sugaring Norway maples downtown should add bacon to his syrup.

Bacon on my stove, like magic, every weekend morning.

I'd add bacon to the amazing huge farmer's market that happens in downtown Albany every weekend, with all its amazing local farmers, food vendors, EBT capabilities and live music. And it's all sponsored and supported by the city!

Oh wait, that doesn't exist because Albany is set up to make awesome things impossible.

Crispy strips of bacon awaiting me chased down with a pint of Ubu or a Macon Maple Amber after a long autumn hike in the High Peaks.

More bacon in ice cream or bacon lattes!

Bacon applecider cronuts

My mouth when I'm drunk this weekend

Bacon should be mandatory on a Cuban sandwich. Pork, Ham and Bacon.... The Perfect Sandwich.

Crumbled bacon to the cheese dip that comes with the pretzels at DP's. The dip is already heavenly, but that would put it right over the top.

bacon wrapped police cruisers

I would want there to be a to-scale model of albany to be recreated in bacon so that my friends and i could pretend to be Godzilla or some large, hungry monster and eat the bacon city!


Bacon flavored sun tan lotion----spokesman- the soon to be retired Jerry Jennings--Sizzle in the Sun

Bacon flowers at flower shop on lark

A crazy contemporary bacon sculpture in Empire State Plaza next to The Egg!

I think the Moses fountain in Washington park should be filled with and/or spouting Bacon!!! I also believe this just inspired me to make a BLT for lunch. thanks AOA :)

Add bacon to any homemade pumpkin bisque soup on a cold night...yummm.

Bacon and Body Works.

A whole line of soaps, moisturizers, hair products, and air fresheners infused with the holy power of bacon!


A bacon cart at the Capitol all year long.

bacon wrapped Apple Cider doughnuts

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