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Honest Weight's 5th Annual Local Harvest Festival is this Sunday in Albany's Washington Park. Dozens of local producers and food vendors will be set up in the park from noon to 4 pm, sampling and selling all kinds of good stuff. And AOA is giving away a bag of some of that good stuff.

One winner will get:

Honest Weight
A $25 Honest Weight gift card

Old Chatham Sheepherding Company
A wheel of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company's Kinderhook Creek cheese and two Camembert Squares

Two Bears Provisions
+ A loaf of Two Bears Provisions Pumpkin Bread
+ A jar of Two Bears Provisions Jalapeño Jelly

Our Daily Eats
A granola/muesli sample pack from Our Daily Eats:
+ Maple Crunch Granola
+ Lemon Coconut Granola
+ Cinnamon Cranberry Granola
+ Raspberry Green Tea Granola
+ Oh Honey Granola
+ Sweet Fruit and Nuts Muesli
+ Raspberry Muesli

3 Chicks and a P
A 3 pack sampler (one hummus, one salsa, one pesto) from 3 Chicks and a P

Hawthorne Valley Farm
From Hawthorne Valley Farm, Olive Bianca: a smooth, creamy, spreadable fresh cow's milk cheese with organic Kalamata olives

Bake For You
One dozen white chip and cranberry cookies from Bake For You

Oliva Provisions
One container of kale pesto from Oliva Provisions

Native Farm flowers
+A dried bouquet of multi colored, freshly dried flowers from Native Farm

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

The Local Harvest Festival showcases all kinds of wonderful things that come from the Capital Region. What's your favorite local thing to share with people who are not from the Capital Region?

Maybe it's apples, maybe it's a band, maybe it's a view -- just something you point to when you're saying, this is one of the things I enjoy about where I live.

We'll draw one winner at random. The winner should bring a big bag to the Harvest Festival on Sunday, where they can collect their prizes in person, directly from the producers.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 10 am Thursday, October 3, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Thursday and must respond by 10 am on Friday.


Definitely apples. I've been known to carry fresh local varieties of apples across the country in my suitcase to give to friends and colleagues whose idea of an apple is those nasty cardboardy red delicious things in their supermarket. They have no idea how good an apple really can taste.

Apples/cider donuts from indian ladder, Thatcher park, local cheese from R&G- there are so much to share!

Pumpkin everything! Pumpkin latte, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake. Pumpkin picking at local farms, such as Sunnyside Farms. Pumpkin chuckin. Pumkin carving.

Probably the Troy Farmer's Market - it's definitely where I take visitors from out of town!

What an amazing prize!

Espresso at home from Uncommon Grounds espresso roast with a splash (or maybe a little more) of grappa from Harvest Spirits

A trip to Indian Ladder Farms always does the trick.

This is so tough! Kaaterskills Falls or Thatcher Park for location. Adirondack Jack peanut butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company for "food." The McToberfest from the Van Dyke is a fall beer.

Apple cider donuts!

Uncommon Grounds' bagels are always a hit when I bring them along for a visit with out of town friends.

Schuyler Bakery definitely. I also like taking people to the Fountain. The pizza is amazing and unlike what people have at home.

this prize is so awesome!

apples, hands down. we have so many great orchards to choose from!

Apples...specifically the act of, and activities surrounding (donuts! donuts! donuts!), apple picking. It's definitely one of the biggest things I would miss if I were to ever leave this area. I second bagels from Uncommon Grounds, and the beer and food at Brown's are also on the list for out-of-towners!

Beff's Tampa Chips!

Italian pastries from Bella Napoli, my grandmother loves their rum babas.

Cider donuts from the Carrot Barn in Schoharie

Cider donuts from Golden Harvest, and maybe some beer from Chatham Brewery.

The Bier Abbey and the year round farmer's markets.

Definitely a tie between a leisurely walk on the Plaza and a meal at New World Bistro Bar.

Seasonal ice cream at Kurvers and Snow Man, Baba Louies, LICK ice cream and Mexican Radio in Hudson

I always show off the incredible skyline and architecture in downtown Albany. It can't be beat!

Apple picking at Bowman's Orchards!

I feed all my out of town guests Ale House chicken wings!

A hike up a mountain around Troy, where nobody ever goes!

Smoked kielbasa from Fred The Butcher.

Trip to the Honest Weight, of course!

Cheesecake Machismo ... eaten down at the Plaza

The restaurants and parks in Albany


Washington Park.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately as my best friend is moving to Arizona... on her farewell tour, there is definitely apple picking at Samascott, cider donuts from golden harvest, and the best thing about living in the capital district-- Sitting on my stoop in Center Square, and drinking a couple of bottles of wine.

The Troy Farmer's market (one of the best I've ever been to) followed by a trip to Snowman if the season is right.

The way you can be in the city, and then in the country w/ a very short drive!

Cider donuts from Goolds

Madison Cafe!

Honest weight blows peoples minds.

Thacher Park!

apple picking

City beer hall. The free pizza gets people every time.

Cider donuts, or some local cheese from Washington County (say, from the Cheese Traveller on Delaware).

Gus' Hot Dogs

The culture that is, in its own way, Albany, NY. Albany is full of lively creativity. From the First Friday where arts are displayed, to Lark Fest to the small eateries and coffee shops that make up this slowly reviving city. This city is slowly coming back to life, with constant projects, free offerings and something to do/entertain. People throw their heart(s) into it and I am proud to call it home.

The Beverages made locally, just realized that there are a number of local micro breweries/brewpubs around the Capital Region, Albany Pump Station, Brown's, Crossroads, Chatham, Druther's, et al. On the hot side we have coffee roasters/cafe's Uncommon Grounds, Tierra Coffee, Cafe Vero, Professor Java, et al. Oh and definitely the Milk from Stewarts and Local made Apple Cider to top it off.

Troy Farmers Market

My favorite local thing to share is our wonderful free events; nice to have friends from out of town join along for Alive at Five.

Taking visitors on a walk through the Pine Bush Preserve is always nice.

Thatcher Park in the fall, Apple Cider Donuts, and Stewart's (naturally).

100% Cider Donuts and everything else about Golden Harvest Farms....love that place

Lately, its been brunch at City Beer Hall, bookended by walks across the Plaza. Always impresses.

ralph's on central!

The changing of the leaves, the crispness in the air during the autumn and a cup of warm apple cider laced with local Apple Jack.

Apple cider donuts. My family loves them :-)

That's tough - I'm not a big beer drinker, but I know we have great local beers (Browns, Davidsons, Adirondack). I also like to tell people about those. I also love taking people that are visiting me to The Cheese Traveler! It's such a fabulous store!

Right now, it's got to be beer from Chatham Brewery.

The Point, Mingle, Gastropub, Cafe Madison, Spectrum 8...

Apple picking :)

A walk through Oakwood Cemetery :-)

If someone is coming here, we share Giovanni's pizza (go Gio's in the TOP!) or Ferrari's restaurant. If we're visiting, we usually bring some NYS wine and local maple syrup.

Kay's Pizza and Moxie's Ice Cream! (In-season, of course!)

Almond Croissants from Mrs. London's

Always a trip to the Troy's Farmers Market and Golden Harvest orchard for their apples and their distillery!

I love to share downtown Troy with visitors!

My go-to thank you gift involves going to the co-op and sending a selection of local Lloyd Spear honey, jam, and soap. My go-to place is the Indian Ladder Trail at Thatcher Park. Never fails to impress!

My favorite local thing to share with people who are not from the Capital Region is Delaware Ave. in Albany - Spectrum 8 Theater, New World Bistro, Emack and Bolios, Sweet Basil, Cardona's Market, and Mingle (just for starters). : D

Definitely the Troy Farmer's Market, I want everyone who visits me to go. Then Ale House Wings and Snowman to finish off the Troy Tour.

For me it depends on the time of year. Fall, apple picking is wonderful, Winter, you can't beat skiing- cross country or downhill, Spring: A stroll through Washington Park to see the spring blooms, Summer: A bike ride in the Corning Preserve or a great ADK high peak hike. Anytime of year I like to take people to the art collection on the Empire State Plaza, it's such a treasure. Dinner out at one of the many great Albany restaurants is also a must!

The Ruck
Dan's Place Two
Any Italian Import Shop
The Spectrum

The Cohoes Falls, definitely.

If they're coming to me - A walk at Thatcher, or the Troy Farmers Market, or both, followed by dinner at New World, Mingle, or Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark. If I'm headed to them, a cute little box filled with edible art from Crisan, a 6 pack of Brown's, or a selection of cheese from The Cheese Traveler.

My favorite thing to do with people who aren't local depends on the season - this fall it would be to take them to Indian Ladder for apple picking, donuts, and then Smitty's for pizza after.

My favorite local thing to share with people that aren't from here is usually local breweries. I love to take people to Brown's in Troy or Albany Pump station. Both places have a great sampler where they can find a local beer that they like.

Apple cider donuts from Golden Harvest!

Having just moved to Center Square, I've actually been impressed with the Empire State Plaza and shown it off to relatives who have come to visit. It's the highest-quality piece of overwhelming, inhuman Brutalist architecture I've ever seen. All that marble!

I would definitely say the Gingerman is my favorite Capital Region food haunt to share with out-of-towners. In addition, the Iced Chai Tea Latte at Tierra's on Madison Avenue (next to the theater) is INSANELY good!

Definitely the Troy Farmers Market--I've lived in many cities, and Troy's market wins in that department, hands down.

Farms, food & free music!

Washington Park/Capitol/Plaza tour.

Rolf's pork store. A spectacular German deli.

I take great pleasure in explaining that bears and moose, from time to time, populate our residential areas. This seems to be of particular interest to those from NYC.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Cider donuts from Indian Ladder Farms

Nature: I love the majesty of the Cohoes Falls!
Nurture: You can find a place that offers Karaoke in the Capital Region every night of the week! How awesome is that!!!???

A trip to the farmers market for apples, baked goods, and some people watching followed by a relaxing evening at the City Beer Hall.

Farmer's markets. We have several great ones to choose from.

The gorgeous views in any direction. Great camping spots, unique restaurants, wonderful NYS Museums.

I like to tell (and show) them the view from Thacher Park.

fresh garden produce

My favorite thing to share with out-of-towners is the truly unique capitol city skyline -- seen best from across the river!

The co-op! I take everyone there who visits

I love bringing people to Albany's Tulip Festival!

Cider donuts, lovely fall foliage views and apples right off the tree

A walk to Washington Park. Specifically the fountain there. Always a great photo opportunity!

Mini hot dogs from Famous Lunch. The day cannot commence without a trip there.

New World Bistro, Pick Your Own farm at Samascott, and the Biergarten.

Albany has one of the best co-ops ever

Definitely apple cider doughnuts from Fo'Castle.


Two Bears Provisions have the 'BEST' pickles and am hoping to try some of their other products soon. Gee, maybe they'll branch out to cider donuts or beer!!!

I love bringing people to a variety of cuisines that are the best I've had, and right here in Albany. Soul Food and Italian Subs are definitely the top two.

apple cider donuts from Golden Harvest!

Maple syrup. That might be too common, but it's yummy and from right here!

Grace Fellowship

I always try to get out-of-town visitors to come in May to see the tulips in Albany's Washington Park. Followed by some fish and chips at the Olde English.

breakfast at iron gate
thacher park and the uss slater
lunch and shopping on lark street
a walk through washington park
albany is a gem :)

The Troy Farmers Market, first time I went I was amazed by the variety of exciting and tasty products, as well as wonderful people. I always take visitors there to show the revival of the town

Saratoga Casino and Raceway

Walking tour from Center Square, past the longest contiguous colonnade in the US, the Capitol, City Hall, down to Union Station, back up with a stop at City Beer Garden, through the Empire State Plaza, ending in Washington Park.

I always take out of town guests to the NY State Museum on their first visit to the area - it has never failed to be a fun day!

Anything apples...apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple pie, apple butter...or just plain ol' fresh apples from NY.

Definitely apple cider donuts-I moved up here from Virginia and didn't even realize such a thing existed. I have definitely made up for lost time!

Apples, Honest Weight Food Coop, calamari from the Point and cider doughnuts

I always take everyone to Indian Ladder for the cider donuts (and slobber from the highland cows).

New York State Museum and Cafe Cappricio!

It depends on the person I am showing around...either juicy burger or stewart's ice cream...so healthy, right?

I like sharing the experience of the Saratoga Race Track with people...although now that we have so many breweries opening it'll probably start to be showing how awesome the craft beer scene is here!

Lunch at Iron Gate Cafe

A trip to Indian Ladders for cider donuts!

In the fall, apple cider donuts (still warm, preferably). In the spring, recently purchased, straight from the source, maple syrup!

My favorite thing to share is Thacher Park. It has such beautiful scenery!

Our out of town visitors almost always get a visit to both Cheesecake Machismo and Harvest & Hearth. Nom..

While I love the apples, my favorite is to showcase the great epicurean delights like our amazing cheeses, beers, and spirits. It really shows how diverse the Capital District is when it comes to our agriculture and food production. I try not to mention greek yogurt, though.

I love being close to so much to do outdoors, and apple cider doughnuts are always spectacular but I found I miss my favorite places to eat in Saratoga when I'm away, and they're always a hit with friends from out of town (Uncommon Grounds, Four Seasons, Esperanto, etc).

I take everyone to the Troy Library Main Branch. I say, look at this library! I show them where Meryl Streep sat when they film Ironweed there. I show them the Tiffany windows. This is what a library is supposed to look like!, I say. If that doesn't bore them we go to the Latin Mass on Sunday at Saint Peter's. It doesn't matter if you don't know what's going it, it's beautiful. I don't get a lot of guest, though.

Troy Arts Center

Clarksville Caves!

Apple cider doughnuts for me too!

Brown's Oatmeal Stout!

Kayaking; between the Normanskill, the Hudson, the Kayaderosseras, and the Battenkill there are lots of fun waterways in the capital district.

Everyone's saying it (must be the tiem of year?):


Downtown Saratoga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time!!! Beyond that- food. I just took my Mom and sister, who live out of town, to the Clark Art Institute and then to Honest Weight. I convinced my sister to try the Field Roast seitan sausage which she cannot buy near her. She loved it!

Local cheeses. We have such a large variety of excellent locally produced cheese. Old Chatham, R&G, all of Washington County. We're truly living in the golden age of cheese here in the Capital Region.

I always point to the Pine Bush as a great example of the best of the Capital Region.

Indian Ladder Farm for apples, apple cider, and donuts!

C.H. Evans Kick Ass Brown Ale!

Cool places like Browns, The Brown Bag, Hudson River Coffee House, etc.

Crumbs on the Mohawk from Stewarts.
Dinner at Yono's.
Pizza from Sapienza.
Brunch at Iron Gate.

Why, cider donuts of course!!!

apples and cider donuts!!!

Doughboys from Esperanto!!

I take ALL my friends from college to two places. Indian Ladder Farms (for apple picking and the best donuts of all time) and my favorite place on earth, Thatcher Park. It is the epitome of how I think about NY!!

Cohoes Falls & the Adirondacks!

The Pump Station and Olde English Pub. Two great places, so close to each other. Makes for a great evening.

Our mountains....

Dinner at Capital City Gastropub and dessert from Crisan!

In the morning, Troy Farmers' Market; in the evening, live music and wings at the Ale House. Great any time of year.

Nature - Indian Falls at Thatcher Park

Food - Eggplant and Meatball Pizza from the Fountain

Drink - Kick Ass Brown from Evan's (Pump Station)

Architecture - The Plaza (such a monstrosity it's actually beautiful)

apple cider donuts

Brown's -- specifically whiskey porter (yummo)

Whenever I travel to home of friends or family's outside the capital district I like to bring a bottle of Sparkling Saratoga Water. The peace offering of water is always followed by a brief description of the waters origin from the towns name sake Saratoga Natural Sulfur Springs
The deep cobalt blue bottle always garners attention on the dinner table out shinning the bottles of wine and it keeps on giving as a fantastic reed refused.
It's one of the elegant, peaceful, and natural gifts the Capital Region has to offer the world.

The Pump Station

I know I'm late to post. I promise I didn't read any other comments before posting this.

Washington Park — for sure

Troy Farmers Market, a trip up the Corning Tower, cider donuts from Golden Harvest and then dinner on the deck at Browns

I love sharing Thacher Park and cider donuts from Indian Ladder Farms!

Buckingham Pond, Indian Ladder, Thatcher Park, State Museum, and the chapel at Union College.

Apple cider donuts! And honest weight food coop (no, seriously, it is).

macoun apples!

Can I pick two? The ESP is unrivaled. It's beauty is disproportionate to the rest of the city which makes iststand out so. Lincoln park pool is so underutilized and quirky, yet wonderful. Both are musts.

Apples and maple syrup.

Troy Farmer's Market. It's the best market I've ever been to. It's one of my favorite places to go, visitors or not.

The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich. Best ice cream in the region, hands down.

Cider doughnuts

I like Bartlett Orchards in Richmond, MA. They have really tart apples and a general store with a vertible who's-who of tristate products, so I can grab Sugarbush Farm's cheddar on the way out. It is at the outermost boundary of "Capital Region," but it is worth the trip.

Saratoga Battlefield. It's a beautiful place to visit, especially during the fall when the battle took place 236 years ago.

I recognize it is not unique to the Capital Region but guests are always excited to go to Trader Joes. I also score points for bringing TJ provisions when I visit friends downstate.

this time of year? apple picking at saratoga apple and cider donuts of course. and beer and ice cream and...

There are three things I always brag about in the Capital District.

1. Cheesecake Machismo- fresh homemade unique flavored cheesecake every day, who doesn't love that?!

2. Bella Napoli Italian Bakery- Whether it's the one in Troy or the one in Latham, everything is so delicious!

3. The College of Saint Rose- the close knit community feel that Saint Rose is able to establish in the heart of the city is so impressive. It is a beautiful college.

I was going to say The Meat House, but everyone reminded me how great the Troy Farmer's Market is. Honestly, there are too many things to list!

Take someone to Saratoga for a day at the track.

Apple Cider donuts from Schuyler Bakery in Watervliet followed by ice cream from Mac's across the street!

I love bringing my city-folk relatives to the apple orchard for fresh hot cider doughnuts.

Either farmers markets or going to my favorite orchard and picking lots of food. Butternut squash, apples, berries, cherries etc. there's lots of things that grow in this area. I always stock up on stuff each season.

So many to choose from...but my top pick would probably be the Park Playhouse in Washington Park. Our family goes every summer (for almost 20 yrs now!) and have taken friends and visitors there many times. We're so lucky to have this in our region!

I love taking visitors from out of town to Thatcher Park to hike and enjoy the views. Fall visits are always extra special with a stop at Indian Ladder for some cider donuts!

Sliders Pizza & the drive-ins

Definitely Perreca's bread. My family always purchased a fresh loaf of bread whenever we had family/visitors coming into town. I had brunch at More Perreca's Cafe recently and it was incredible, the Eggs in Purgatory is awesome and served with their yummy bread to sop up all the delicious, spicy sauce.

All the amazing pizza places we have and the great music scene!

Thatcher park in the winter. Skiiing!

I like to bring people to Washington Park, walk around Lark Street, check out the Empire State Plaza and happen upon random coffee shops, farmers markets, the Dove and Hudson used book store, all the while sharing silly trivia and little local oddities. I love this area and love sharing it!

I love taking them to Albany Pump Station and sharing a favorite dish like the golabski with them!

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