Work Week drawing: For a day off

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It's Work Week on AOA, which is pretty much what it sounds like -- we're talking with people about their jobs and working.

Drawing's closed!

As part of Work Week we figured it'd be fun to also include something for when you're not working -- whether it's a weekend (whenever your weekend might be), or the rare day off.

So, we pulled together three things that could go toward making a sweet day off:

+ A $50 gift card to New World Bistro Bar
+ Two tickets for a movie at the Spectrum
+ A $20 gift card to Crisan

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

If you could have any job in the Capital Region, what it would be?

This could be an actual job -- or something you make up. We'll draw one winner at random.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 10 am on Friday, October 25, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 5 pm on Friday and must respond by 5 pm on Monday, October 28.


I would work at Cold Stone! Love their ice cream. I'd probably eat my whole paycheck though!

Mayor of Albany

History is a large passion of mine, and I always really wanted to work at the Albany Institute of History and Art, or even the NYS Museum, just to always be a part of it all.

Fashion consultant. As far as I know, this job doesn't exist, but I'd love to do it for money instead of just for friends and family.

Teaching people how to dress for their body shape as well as size, how to pair colors and patterns, how to change your wardrobe to highlight a different part of your personality.

I know there are a lot of people (women in particular) who would love this sort of "What Not to Wear" kind of service, but I have no idea how to get it started or even if (or what) people would pay for it.

An event planner that caters to planning killer bachelor and bachelorette parties. I love debauchery.

I think being a paid tour guide of the Capitol/State Ed/SUNY (D&H) and other wonderful buildings in downtown Albany would be cool job. Some of the architecture here is just magnificent.

professional derby player!

Rock Star

I would work for the governor's office

A writer...

One of my Twitter-friends is in marketing and focuses on social media. That seems like an awesome job to me -- spreading the word about your content on social media, spending all day on Facebook and Twitter and having it be your job.

Stunt Woman!

Washing the windows of the Corning Towers or the top of the Egg- just to get an awesome view of the city below!

So this legitimately isn't a kiss-a** comment, but I would work for AOA in a heartbeat.

Wedding planner. There are so many nice venues around here and I'd have a chance to use my creative side.

Archeologist - so much of Albany's history is still under ground.

food taster

Can I be honest without being smug? My job. It rocks. Even on a bad day it's better than most.

Otherwise, an architect (specifically historic preservation).

Restaurateur of a well respected, thoroughly enjoyable spot.

Sports talk radio host on 104.5FM

I love my job now, but I would love to be an executive chef at one of the many amazing restaurants here (New World being the FAVORITE!)

I have always thought being a Mystery Shopper would be fun! Get paid to critique stores and restaurants around the area? Sign me up!

I would love to set up the gallery shows at the State Museum

I think I would be happy to be one of the market vendors in Schenectady or Troy.

Waitperson at an Ethiopian restaurant.

Times Union Food Critic

I would be Roy. He's the best gate guard on the GE Schenectady campus. His handlebar mustachioed face is always smiling and he greets every car that enters the campus with a friendly wave. He also landscapes his guard shack with flower beds full of beautiful seasonal flowers.

I would love to be a dog walker/pet sitter!

Parking lot attendant at the Spectrum

I'd love to be the one that chooses the indie films to be shown at the Spectrum 8.

Dog walker!! Or archivist! Or a librarian!

Screenwriter/producer of films featuring/set in the area.

selecting the best sledding hills in the region -- that would be my full-time job.

Food critic!

It would be my job to repair and restore all the abandoned buildings in Albany into livable, affordable sites. These would then be bought by people that actually live, work, and play in the city creating a vibrant restoration of Albany that doesn't just center on Albany Med, the Nanotech School, or St. Rose. And I'd do it all while riding a unicorn. Awesome.

food, beer, and bourbon critic.

A floral shop! Probably Lark Street Flower Market. It would be so nice to make arrangements for people.

I think it'd be nice to work at a branch of the library; They don't open before 10 am, and you're surrounded by books and music as you interact with people.

Gardener for Washington Park.

Teacher! Love the site!

I would be the art teacher at EQUINOX in downtown Albany. I love that place, and what it does for the community! And I love art!

How bout Valley Cats mascot?

If it paid well enough, doggie daycare all the way. It would be fun to play with puppies all day.
Food critic would be another fun job.

Curator of the Upstate New York/Capital Region branch of the American Film Institute .... or the Museum of Television and Radio .... or the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. (So, you know, if any of those decide to open an Upstate New York/Capital Region branch, steer them in my direction, won't you?)

Since I can't be a professional layabout, I'll go with photographer.

Park Ranger

Pilates instructor- this area needs more pilates studios!

I would love to work at Kurver Kreme, but for just one day. I would let people get junior-sized sundaes with any amount of toppings they like. No more funny sundae rules!

Social media coordinator for a not for profit

apple cider donut maker / professional brewer


I'd love to convert a few old brownstones in downtown Troy into small commercial buildings for tech companies. I'd save the best one for myself of course.

I would be the lucky officer who rides that beautiful big grey draft horse, Sam, around Albany on every fair weather day!

Behind the scenes/production work at Proctors.

Public art and sculpture implementor and planner.

I would love to be a bar/restaurant critic and eat all over Albany + maintain a blog about it. (Since I love photography, pictures of the food and restaurant would be included as well)

Business Manager for Troy Cloth & Paper. or the Mayor of Troy. Interchangeable really.

Official Egg Photographer!

Owner of this century's version of J.B Scott's . . .

Eccentric inventor.

Bicycle valet at Olde English.

Being Mayor of Lark Streen seems like a nice gig, I'd like to do that.

food and beer quality assurance officer for bars and restaurants.

I would be a DJ at Pyx 106. I love music and it would be awesome to play music and mention music trivia facts on air.

Since working at the Music Shack is no longer a viable option, I'd say open my own brick and mortar record store.

Jewelry Maker! I'd actually sell my beadwork rather than giving it away.


I would be wealthy so I could afford to take a job doing marketing for one of the non-profits downtown, trying to help people and make things better.

I would be the official New World Bistro Taste-Tester, obviously!

Performance curator for the Egg (music, specifically).

For real jobs in the area... Overit Media over on New Scotland looks like a really fun place to work. I'd definitely be interested in them if they had an opening.

I would want to be the croissant maker at Mrs. London's. I know I don't have the skills now, but I'd get there!

Kids focused tour guide for local day trips. What do KIDS wanna see in Albany?

Projectionist at Spectrum.

I'd love to own/run a kick-ass mid-sized music venue (/art gallery/veg cafe) downtown, in a rehabbed old warehouse building, despite all the things I've heard from people who have actually done/tried to do such things.

I would open a theatre to show classic films, that has a lounge type atmosphere with drinks and appetizers.

Brewery Owner!

Scoreboard operator at TU Center.

Head brewer.

William Kennedy.

beer taster!

Lawn maintainer at Capitol Hills

I would love to be an Arts Therapists and help children deal with emotional stress through theater and music.

The carillonneur at Albany's City Hall.

I'd be the Trader Joe's nutritionist. Teach people how to eat balanced meals and get to hang out with TJ's employees and go to the Honey Baked Ham store on my lunch break.

I already have the best job in the Capital Region, being a tour guide on the USS Slater. I get to be outside all day on the Hudson river, I work with wonderful local veterans, and meet interesting people from close and far.

I would open an amazing gourmet kosher restaurant.

If I could have any job in the Capital Region, and money and practicality were no issue, it would absolutely be to run a cozy used bookstore/cafe in the Center Square area. I'd serve delicious hot drinks in quirky mugs, hold a children's story time on Sunday mornings, and run open mic nights in the evenings.

Bill Kennedy's personal assistant.

I'd host Fresh Air from WAMC, look out Terry Gross!

own a one-stop-shop men's store. clothing, grooming goods, good reads, whiskey, etc. etc.

Wing walker!

Taxi driver on weekends.. I think it'd be a fun way to learn about some unfamiliar things/people/places.

garden apprentice for the tulip fest garden designer

a restaurant mogul

I would love to be a pastry taster for Crisan. Please tell me that job really exists!

Gardener with the Capital District Community Gardens!

(Millionaire) Improver of All Blighted Buildings & Urban Areas

Printmaker / book artist.
Someday... someday!

A baker that specializes in cookies/pie only (I'm terrible at cakes)

Oh man, OFFICIAL AOA Photographer! =D

Not even kidding. The events are always a blast, and I think I would get WAY more job satisfaction.

That, or official photographer/taster at Crisan. =D

Renovate and restore a beautiful old space in downtown Troy to operate similar to that of Club Helsinki in Hudson. Food, drink and music in a beautiful atmosphere.

I want to be one of the local weathermen. Its the only job you can be 100% wrong and you don't get fired.

Choosing films for the Spectrum.

Porn star.

Test car driver on the Harriman Office Campus

State worker (so to speak) 'Nuff said!

buffing graffiti for the city

My dream job - which I planned on doing in my retirement was a tour guide on the Albany Aquaducks but since that's not to be, either an employee of Duncan Crary when he starts a tour business in Troy or working for Harmony House, giving tours of all of the great stuff in our cities.

Director of a well-endowed fund that gives out scholarships, grants, aid, etc to deserving applicants. Just giving away stuff all day long.

Cider donut taste tester

I would love to be a local food or movie critic!

Choosing films for the Spectrum.

Israeli restaurateur!

I'd want to take over the radio station - Chris Wienk has the best job ever. I'd just switch in lots more Joshua Black Wilkins and throw out all the Eurythmics. Go WEXT!

running a program that puts murals all over rundown buildings in the city, pizza critic, movie critic, whiskey critic, librarian, or all the above

if I could have ANY job it would be something where I was working with children with severe disabilities or really serious mental illnesses.... too bad I'm completely unqualified!

Quality assurance/taste-tester for Krause's Chocolate :-)

Brewer and sharer of tasty beers.

Professional beat boxer.

I pretty much have my ideal job, but if I were to go a totally different route I'd probably want to do something with the court system -- maybe the commissioner of jurors for Albany county.

That would fulfill my love of the law, the court system and satisfy my nosy tooth.

If I had to pick one job in the entirety of the Capital Region it would definitely have to do with opening and running my own shop. In fact, my boyfriend and I have dreamt about it for a while - a gourmet mac + cheese shop with different varieties including vegan and gluten free dishes. We'd also have a walk up window in addition to inside seating (we've obviously thought this through way too much!!)

enforcer of driving rules

Golfcourse tester

I have the best job already, but it would be pretty cool to have my own animal sanctuary. My husband would insist we already do, but he's just Mr. Grumpypants. We would have some land, have some buildings, and just rescue whomever we could rescue. And Mr. Grumpypants will pay the bills. :)

lounge singer

Id pour beer at wolffs

Any job that will finally give me full-time hours and health insurance -knock knock State Jobs....

I absolutely love doing hair at Patsy's Pin Ups, but if I could do anything else I would open a boutique that sells skin & hair care products made locally, as well as some vintage clothing/home goods. Basically a fun creative spot that I could hang with my pup and meet interesting people all day!

I'd like to work at a bookstore!

I'd love to work on one of the college campuses (SUNY, St. Rose, Siena, etc), doing what I already do, or something similar -- substance abuse counseling/mental health counseling. I really love the sense of community felt on a college campus and I miss it very much.

I'd be the Eggsecutor, a local super villian with a lair hidden deep underneath the Egg. I'd have really horrible puns like "I guess a little crime is eggsactly what Albany needs." My armor would be made of eggshells and I'd be captured and or shot immediately. This is a horrible job why did I pick this?

Art columnist by day, food critic by night.

The guy that rotates the Livingston Avenue Bridge. As long as I've the Interweb and they deliver me cider donuts.

I would love to have the wherewithal to transform unused and underused buildings into new spaces!

Official Tulip Photographer of Washington Park!

A food critic sampling local restaurants & treats across the region.

Albany Mayor - I'd love to have a tan like that!

Food critic for TU or Metroland


Bartender at a high end place like 677 Prime.

I'd like to work at the Albany Institute of History and Art (again). I loved it there and wish I could stay there forever! I also wouldn't mind working in a local restaurant or bar, at an orchard during apple season, or an ice cream stand in the summer. All for fun of course!

Tour guide! Or any job that allows me to eat copious amounts of delicious food :-)

DEC Ranger

City gardener in charge of designing the tulip beds in Washington Park.

Also: nurse, baker, dog walker, proprietor of a shop selling upcycled shabby chic goods.

Tugboat pilot

Gardener in Washington Park

Freelance writer.

Pitmaster at a BBQ joint

I'd open my own music venue or take over picking concerts at an established place. Haven't seen a concert come to town in a few years I'd want to go to.

For the last 7 years I've played pub trivia with friends every week. The teams have changed, the bars have changed, but I was always envious of the host, getting to make up the questions and having the adoration (and often condemnation) of the drunken crowd.

A couple of years ago I was at a local bar and struck up a conversation with the trivia host. He apparently liked my style because he offered to set me up with an interview and train me.

I've been hosting ever since.

I finally got my Capital Region dream job :)

Chauffeur- I know this town like the back of my hand.

Town Crier

I would own a wine bar where dogs are welcome!

I'd love to work at the NYS Museum.

I would stand at the bottom of Hudson and N.Swan where the road dips down and goes under the plaza and hold a sign saying "TURN RIGHT, IGNORE THE TRAFFIC GOING AROUND THE LOOP, YOU HAVE YOUR OWN LANE!!!!!!!"
That is, whenever they decide to re-open it!

owner of a montreal style bagel shop/cafe

I wish I could get paid to wander around the neighborhood, greet people and see what they're up to. I guess a sort of welcome committee. Life is so fast paced, it'd be nice to just slow down and talk to people.

I would open a humble but beautiful little bakery that has creative pun in the name. I'd make all things delicious, but my specialty would be wedding cakes. I would have lots of regulars who I knew by name. I'd always offer a free cookie to the young children who come in with their parents.

Now, this bakery may look small and unassuming, but I would also run an after-school program with a local high school/BOCES where kids with an interest in culinary arts can learn how its done.

Food Critic for the TU.

Dog walker!... That, or zombie bomb shelter sales lady.

Music Promoter

A home organizer! And I am planning to start doing it as a side business. :-)

Would love to own my own restaurant / pub

Weatherman need I say more.....

King of CD Comedy.

I'd definitely work in an Account Manager position over at Fingerpaint in Saratoga and at night serve up drinks at the Confectionery in Troy.

food and drink taster!

State Senator

mayor for sure... the gig seems awesome!

Park Ranger.

Commercial developer for all the historic properties that have fallen into disarray.

Hiking ADKs with the google maps camera on my back

I would be a stay-at-home mom if money wasn't an issue. Time spent with my daughter is the most fun thing I can think of!

Summit Stewart in the ADK's

Forest Ranger in the ADK!

I would love to be in Brad Shear's shoes.

I'd want to run a tricked-out fully funded cat rescue (no kill!) and publish ridiculous comic strips on the side

The caretaker at Buckingham Lake

City Hall Carillonist, I'd play the hits.

The Top Event Planner!

Movie critic for AOA!

I'd like to be a demolition lady taking down 787. I'd get river views at my house!

My dream job, and the one I am going back to school for, is to teach early American history at the community college level. Another awesome job would be as curator of the military museum in Saratoga.

I'd like to be a mystery shopper for locally owned businesses only. Get paid to go around and shop, eat, drink, view, etc., and tell about my experiences.

I would open a pub/bar that catered to people over 25 crowd- no loud rap music, no beer/liquor girls, just great beer on tap (changed every week)- happy hours that go past 5pm (at my real job I work till at least 7!), and great "pub" food with a twist. There would be a huge outdoor seating section (with heat lamps for winter) and all my staff would be amazing, no-drama awesome people who love me :)

Oh and dogs would be allowed!

Wedding Cake Decorator

I would use my artistic training to be a window display and event designer. I would love to use my background in sculpture and installation art to create beautiful window displays and whimisical weddings.

Albany Med Helicopter Pilot!

I'd own a bar with no tv's, and only my picks on the juke box.

Animal rehabilitator. Either at a shelter to prep animals for adoption, or to rehab wild animals for re-release.

The guy who opens and closes the train track over the river...can you get WiFi there

Something photography related, but at a livable level of income! Also, within walking distance from home!

People Watcher

Local produce taste tester.

traffic cop...ohhh that would be fun.

Running SPAC.

When I retire, I plan to take massage classes and provide massage for rescue workers at natural disaster sites.

It is interesting to read everyone's dream job and try to match a person's true passion with the majors available at local colleges.

I want a job that works with animals. Especially if you get to bring them to hospitals and senior centers, etc. because it makes me so happy to bring joy and see smiles on others. Service dogs and other service animals help so many people. I've also seen this by helping out my friend that has a llama farm, when people meet llamas, they just glow and smile and are so happy. I love it and that is what I would love to do.

I'd love to own a small, intimate bistro featuring an ever-changing menu with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

Booking agent. I would bring some great music to this city.

Professional flâneur.

cafe owner


Restaurant and Spa critic!

Professional photographer. Would love to have the money for the proper equipment and training.

Radio host on WAMC!

Local celebrity.

Have a little vegetarian cafe in the old travel agency building across from the park, on New Scotland :)

I'd make jewelry and sell it at farmers markets and on etsy.

I'd love to own a dog-friendly bookstore/cafe in Pine Hills. Where you can get mozzarella sticks. And zines.

I'd like to be an Aquaducks driver. Oh, no...

Co-host of the roundtable on WAMC!

Owning/running a used bookstore.

I really like my job. I help small businesses while running my own small business and there is a satisfaction to that.

The tip-collector woman at Snowman. Because she's probably relaxing in style in Florida right now!

Tulip painter

Mini hot dog seller

If I could have any job in Albany, I think it would be great to be the official Stewart's Ice Cream taste tester! :-)

dog walker

If I could have any job, I'd open a small diner, that serves breakfast and lunch. Owning my own restaurant is one of my dreams.

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