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The annual Wine & Dine for the Arts food and wine festival is next week. The multi-day event includes tastings, chefs and restaurants, seminars, and competitions for sliders, baristas, and bar tenders. We have a pair of tickets to the grand tasting on Saturday, January 18 and we're giving them away -- maybe to you.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What is your 2014 resolution for the Capital Region?

Could be big, could be small, could be whatever. We'll draw one comment at random -- that person will win the tickets.

Wine & Dine for the Arts, the Albany Chef's Wine & Food Festival, starts Thursday, January 16 with a cocktail reception at Albany City Hall. Friday includes a grand tasting and seminars (along with the NYS Craft Beer Pavilion and the Rising Star Chef Pavilion) at the Hilton Albany, an appearance by chef Suvir Saran, and the Slider Slam. Saturday's lineup includes a grand tasting, the Barista Albany competition, and the grand gala reception and dinner. Ticket prices for each event vary -- they're available online.

The tickets for this drawing are for the Saturday grand tasting, from noon to 4 pm. They're $60 each.

The arts org beneficiaries of this year's festival are the Albany Barn, Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Capital Rep, and Park Playhouse.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 am on Wednesday and must respond by noon on Thursday, January 9.


I'm going to become a father for the first time in May this year. My resolution for the year is to be the best possible father I can be to my newborn and to become a more supportive and loving husband to my beautiful wife.

Hike one of the high peaks!

I am going to try my darndest to get to new restaurants this year, especially the ones I've been telling myself "Man, I've got to get there some day,"

Become more bike friendly.

My resolution is to get outside more. I have a lot of new waterproof gear I can't wait to test out on some trails!

Along with getting in better physical shape, I'm aiming to be more financially sound as well. So far so good!

My only resolution is to do the things that make me Happy and to make real effort in working towards achieving my goals. In past years I've made too high goals for myself and beaten myself up for it. This year I want to make work towards goals and be happy and enjoy life.

Put 2013 behind me and just generally be happier!

Finally figure out how to get around Troy. I get lost when I cross the river.

The Capitol Region should resolve to not build 8-story tall parking garages.

To stop using the same password for everything!

My New Years resolution is be more conscious of the way my actions affect other people. Be more present in the moment and be less connected to social media.

I'm going to try to shop local more in 2014! I did most of my Christmas shopping in Dowmtown Troy and I want to keep up that trend in the new year!

More support to local businesses!!

To lobby Troy elected officials for weekend plowing!

eat heathier and stick to exercising at the gym.

Build a beautiful casino along the Hudson River with a marijuana smoking room on the top floor.

Bike and run more.

My Capital District resolution is to take advantage of my central location, get over my fear, and start using my bike as a form of transportation and not just recreation.

My resolution is to make it to a live theater performance this year.

My 2014 resolution is to go to more free wine tastings!!


Open up a raw vegan restaurant :)

Train for and successfully finish my first 10K race!

Participate in a lot more drawings.

to complete my first half marathon.

My capital region resolution is to go on some fun date nights with my husband.

My Capital Region resolution is to take greater advantage of all the awesome that's right outside my door, even during the frozen months where I normally hibernate for weeks on end.

My resolution is to be tougher!
My family,and friends have sad i let things,and people get me down. You've heard of the saying "Tough times fade away, tough pople last"
So , that's it folks at A.O.A!
I have NEVER WON A Contest on your wonderful site, so i am DUE!
Thank you for all your hard work Mary, and Gregg!
I alway svote for you as best of on EVERYTHING that pertains to this confounded internet thingie!

My New Year's resolution is to quit smoking. My resolution for the Capital Region is to bring back weekend bus service on the 763 and other lines! More frequent and reliable public transportation is the key to reducing traffic and improving air quality for us all!

Do things in Albany as if I were a tourist here for a weekend.

Go see more live music

Volunteer More.

De-clutter my life

To focus on and appreciate the good things I have in life rather than the things I think I need.

Go see the mummy!

My resolution for the Capitol Region is that it learn how to handle when it snows.

For the capital region - Troy needs to get it's snow plowing act together! I can't continue to tell everyone how much better it's getting in terms of business if you almost die once you try to drive through the streets.
Personally, I resolve to continue entering AOA contests. One day, guys, one day...

My resolution is to start liking Albany and make the best of my life in the Capital Region!

my resolution for the Capital District is that it stops having an inferority complex. its got all the parts, they are just spread out.

To continue making mistakes. Because as long as I'm making mistakes I know I'm taking chances and growing.

To go out-of-doors before the 1st of April.

To get healthier in body, mind and spirit.

I recently made a Capital Region restaurant bucket list - a bunch of places that have been recommended to me/have good reviews. I'm hoping it gets me out of the rut of going to the same old safe bets all the time. My resolution is to try ALL of them!

Eat and shop local and try to avoid chains!

To create a liveable, walkable downtown Albany that focuses on its residents.

My resolution is to stop letting my groupons/livingsocials expire and actually getting out there to enjoy all the capital region has to offer!

What is your 2014 resolution for the Capital Region?

To get out to more of the Capital Region Events, not just the summer events.

Take more time for yourself... enjoy the area spas!

To move back down to Albany and to show more gratitude to my friends.

become an active member of the co op :)

Be proud Capital Region, be proud.

My resolution for the Capitol Region is to enjoy even more of the many great places and events available.

To finally visit the observation deck on Corning Tower! I've been meaning to do it for five years now, this year is the year!

To enjoy the skate rink before it closes.

Since we just moved here, to discover all the cool things to do in and around the Capitol Region. Looking forward to many weekend drives.

My resolution for the Capital Region is to have them step up their plowing during snowstorms and not send our trucks down to NYC when we need them.

My New Years Resolution is to go to the Airport with no idea where I am going. Buy a ticket to a place and spend a weekend there. Totally unplanned.

Be more social and spontaneous.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors more, especially some of the wonderful hiking trails in the area.

My resolution for the year is to write every other day, at least a half hour.

My resolution for the Capital Region is Troycentric: Be present for as many local government meetings as possible (City Council, Planning, etc). I missed out on a lot of hilarious local antics in 2013 and resolve not to repeat my mistakes.

My resolution is to learn as much as possible about the art of brewing beer...oh and to stop being such a god damn cynic.

My goal for the Capital Region is to eat more local food, shop in local stores and steer clear of multinational companies as much as possible.

I resolve to put more passion and energy into the region's local nonprofit organizations, which do wonderful things but are sorely underfunded.

I resolve to win this drawing.

Me: Gradually become a morning person.

Capital Region: Monorail!

To support local businesses now that I have an income.

Enter my recipe into the Mac and Cheese Competition

To eat & buy locally.

Told myself less rich food and less alcohol this year . . . but who are we kidding right.

Stop dating men that I meet at bars on Lark Street.... Nah, that won't happen. I'll just resolve to eat healthier.

My resolution is to support the new Madison Theater--I think it's a great project that they're developing over there and I can't wait to attend!

Learn how to dunk a basketball.

Ok, who won my prize, Mary & Gregg?

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