Tickets for Book of Mormon at Proctors on sale -- everyone remain calm and we'll get through this (maybe)

book of mormon posterSingle tickets -- that is, non-subscriber, non-group tickets -- for the The Book of Mormon at Proctors went on sale today. This will be a popular show, so if you want tickets, it's probably to do so sooner rather than later. Like, right now, if you can fight your way through the web and phone traffic.

Need some evidence: There was a line at Proctors today. And as of this morning, Proctors reported that its website was "being overloaded" by requests. And there were multiple people on Twitter saying they couldn't get through on the phone. (There was much frustration being expressed on Twitter and the Proctors FB page.)

The Book of Mormon is set to run at Proctors March 11-16. The show -- from the South Park guys, Matt Parker and Trey Stone -- won 9 Tonys on Broadway.

Update 1:55 pm from Proctors:

We are experiencing extremely high volume. Our webstore is back up but you may still receive some errors. Please keep trying.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Box Office: 518-346-6204

Proctors advertises on AOA.


Can confirm the headache. I started trying just after 10 (when they first went on sale). It took me over an hour, by which time availability was already limited for all of the Thurs-Sun times. Tried calling about a dozen times during that span, but couldn't get through.

It was an absolute clusterf*** trying to get tickets online. It took 1 hour of constantly hitting the refresh button to try to get pages to load. Had to login several times (at one point someone else's account came up) and almost ended up buying 2 sets of tickets because my shopping cart would show up empty after getting nearly all the way through purchasing. They really need to improve their server capacity if they're going to bring big shows like this and have tickets go on sale at a certain time.

This certainly vindicates my wife for making me buy subscriptions back in July.

Ticketing website is still experiencing issues. Waiting in line on the phone worked for me, and the Proctors website main page is also trying to funnel people to call in. (518)346-6204

Now the phone appears to be down. Website is still having intermittent issues but appears to be getting better. Keep refreshing.

When I tried calling, all I got were busy signals. Waiting on the phone wasn't an option.

Phone lines are crackly but working at 2:15. Was 72 in the queue and it only took about 15 minutes to get through. They still have Tuesday and Wednesday tickets, not too sure about the other nights.

been trying since 11am, just got them!! there is hope.

I only got the website to work sometime after 12, and by then all that was left was the worst balcony seats. No thanks.

I've never understood why people would fight for tickets to shows at places like Proctors. If I want to see a Broadway show, I just go down to NYC to see it. And you're often getting a secondary, touring cast up here, not the original Broadway one. My take: simply take a day off and take the train down to Penn Station if you want the real thing. I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you want an actual Broadway show, we live within 2 3/4 hours of Times Square... why not go see one down there?

I went to the box office. No technology, on my part, required. Though, there was a two hour wait.

Does anyone know the range of ticket prices? A colleague bought 3 tickets for $400 each. (center balcony) Sounded very high to me for Proctors.

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