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The NeighborhoodAmong the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: scars, a frozen swamp, skiing, free medical care, a desire for tougher diners, kimchi fries, poutine, Good Night Noodle, lunch, a prize dinner, soda bread, Stewart's dairy, and purple.

Amy shared some thoughts and memories about scars seen and unseen.

Jackie wandered through a frozen swamp in Moreau.

Silvia took the local roads down to Belleayre for some skiing.

Carl noted a history of free medical care in Albany.

Jeff, after another bad experience at a local restaurant: "I just want diners out here to be tougher, more honest with themselves and with restaurants."

J+R tried the kimchi fries at Mingle, which were prompted by a tweet from them.

Lorre scarfed poutine at the Gastropub.

Kimberly and Ashely went to a pho tasting at Good Night Noodle, a new Vietnamese noodle restaurant in Ballston Spa.

It sounds like Jerry enjoyed his lunch at Hong Kong Bakery & Bistro.

Jon enjoyed a prize dinner at Creo.

Rob competed in the Irish American Heritage Museum's soda bread contest.

Mr. Dave made cream cheese from Stewart's dairy.

And Chuck went purple.


When I saw the photo of the jambalaya, all I could think was, "what the heck is that?!"

I give MM huge credit for sticking it out, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been so patient.

New Orleans cuisine is not difficult to make correctly. At the very least they could have downloaded a few Emril recipes...

To AOA Editors:

Just noticed there has been a sign up around 677 Prime now for a week stating " Shame on Angelo Mazzone! "

Huge red and white sign... Do we think this about the Unions? Surprised but not really, that no one has written about this anywhere. Would love to hear what you guys can find out.

@J: Let's just say I'm glad I was able to take photos of the jambalaya. If I'd just described it, I'm not sure anyone would have believed my words!

Hey bloggers: If you're going to review a restaurant - and include photos of all sorts of yummy delectables that make readers drool - please include the address of the said establishment. Thanks!

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