Drawing: Sarah McLachlan at SPAC

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Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

Sarah McLachlan will be at SPAC July 16. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. But we have a pair of tickets -- and you could win them now.

Between the millions of records she sold, the Lillith Fair tour, and her spot on so many dorm room mix tapes, Sarah McLachlan was a big part of music in the 1990s. So, to enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What was your favorite thing about the 90s?

It could a person, a band, a movie, an event, an attitude, flannel, whatever. We'll draw one winner at random.

The Sarah McLachlan show at SPAC is a pavilion-only show -- no lawn seating. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, March 15 at 10 am. They're $40.50 and up.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 8 pm on Friday, March 14, 2014 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon on Monday, March 17 and must respond by noon on Tuesday, March 18.

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One of my favorite memories of the 90's was Lilith Fair at SPAC. I remember just basically falling in love with Natalie Merchant that day.

The hair -- no more crazy hairspray/shellac/wax to get those big 80s hairdos!!

My favorite thing about the 90s was the music. Such amazing music! My favorite band, Pearl Jam, first came out then, and there was so much great music overall. From pop to rock to hip hop, it was all that and a bag of chips.

TGIF TV shows line up!

MTV Unplugged! (back when MTV actually featured music)

Combat boots.

My children were born in the 90s.


Grunge. Chucks, flannel shirts and serious emo. Great time to be a teenager and not have to pretend to be happy.

(tie) Staying up late to watch Beavis and Butthead and 120 Minutes on MTV where I got my first exposure to "indie" rock

Then waking up late for Saturday Morning Cartoons and shows - Bobby's World, The Tick, Saved by the Bell, Earthworm Jim, and eating sugar cereal like Sprinklins, French Toast Crunch, and Berry Berry Kix

Reality Bites -- movie and soundtrack

I miss 90s alt rock.

Everything! I loved the 90's so much. I was younger, the music was wonderful, I was still hanging out with friends all the time, traveling was big. It was a Happy, Happy time for me.

Favorite thing about the 90s, hands down, Dippin' Dots, the ice cream of the future.

Stir-up pants.

Milli Vanilli!

Hook me up, I NEED these tickets for my wife!! ;)

My So-Called Life.

Oh, so much of the fashion. I wish I were older so I could have had more experience with the different scenes & mentalities at the time.

But the fashion. In my ideal mental image, I was a slender teenager with bleached blonde hair (maybe with some punky dark roots showing), an eyebrow piercing and rocking JNCOs and a belly shirt.

As a doughy tween the closest I got to this dream were platform shoes and chunky Soda shoes from FoxMoor, one coveted pair of JNCOs that were just a little too tight, and ove-rsized baggy shirts.

Agents Mulder & Scully. Totally.

1995 wedding - four years later - birth of our son

My youth - was a carefree college student in the 90's, living in a great live-music town.

The best thing about the 90's? I met and married my husband. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was a piece of it.

high school

Dancing dancing dancing - that's when I found swing!

Oh yeah, X-Files, before it went bad.


The fashion...and thinking that wide-legged jeans, baby tees, and chokers were a good look. I also miss the TV shows from when I was younger and Nick-at-Nite.

I hit puberty in the 90s

I also met and married my best friend. We played "Ice Cream" during our cake cutting. I love Sarah.

All the great female singer songwriters and flannel worn over dresses

There were a few slanted nights spent down in the murk of the Rolls Touring on 3rd in Troy. A pitcher or two of moose river hummers could fix bad music or make good music better. Usually the former. We'd drink the newsprint off our hands and wonder where Tom at the bar bought his knee socks. Did he buy them by the pack? A gross at a time? What? An argument and one of those tables in the pit would topple over, the floor was about as even as plate of home fries. Someone would play Blackbird. The table propped back up, glass crackling under doc marten shoes. Change lost forever. More drinks. Wake up on the beach at Cherry Plain State Park. A long walk home. "You were only waiting for this moment to arise" stuck on repeat somewhere in the fog of a vicious hangover. Good times.

I got to do a lot of travelling in the 90's

Growing up at the same time as my friends Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, and Brandon on 90210!

The million and one nights spent at Saratoga Winners, Valentines, Bogies, and QE2.

my favorite thing about the 90's were the cartoons. between Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network originals, the 90's had it going on (and I'm a child of the 80's too).

I was 20 years younger!

Meeting the man who would eventually become my husband in 2000.

Well considering I was born in '89, I loved Barbies. Also huge fan of 90's Nickelodeon. Specifically Rugrats, and Hey! Arnold.

Clarissa Explains it All was pretty neat too.

Spending my whole summer at the beach. Being young & angsty. Grunge:)

Dancing at QE2

Finishing school and getting a real job that paid me enough to cover my school loans, any concert I wanted to go to and my first iPod - and sitting on a hillside in Tuscany sipping wine and watching the sunset while playing my favorite Sarah McLachlan songs on my new iPod (that was as big as a cigarette pack and weighed as much as a brick...).

My fave thing about the 90s was all the great alt rock girl bands.

Being a band/choral geek in high school, and the amazing friends that came with it.

My favorite thing from the 90's is not knowing what I do now!!!!

All the great pop music, grunge, alt rock that came out that decade.

My favorite thing about the '90s was the post-cold war optimism of the first half of the decade. The whole resurgent hippie-vibe and kumbaya drive for multiculturalism and diversity that existed (before people went crazy and ultra-PC). I just remember a sense of innocence and happy possibility.

The music!

I miss the panic of Y2K. Not nearly enough problems these days have an acronym that rolls so easily off the tongue.

High school. I had the best times of my life during those four years.

Being born in 1997 nine weeks early, and now growing up to be the healthy person I am today, after being on oxygen for six months after I left the hospital!! Also spending a few wonderful years with my great grandmother in Florida before she passed away at the age of 97. My dad would play Sarah McLachlan during long car rides and I used to hate it but now she is my favorite artist of all time! I love mirrorball and I am upset that I was only about 2 when Sarah had that tour, because I would have done anything in the world to see her then! And I would do anything in the world to see her now!!!

The nineties were my prime.., and also Sarah's;)

I liked the cars

Becoming a family

It was when I had my first beautiful daughter!!

I miss the boy bands

My favorite thing about the 90's...
Sarah. Hands down. Her life saving, soul moving music. Even still to this day she evokes an emotion from a place in my soul that I don't even know how to unlock. If anything.... Wholeheartedly, thank you Sarah for saving my life and sharing yourself so beautifully with your fans!! ♥

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