The Jeter-Papi line

facebook baseball fan map clip

Counties marked in black: Yankees | red = Red Sox | pale green = Phillies | yellow = Pirates. (We added the annotation.)

For opening day of the MLB season, Facebook's data science team has created a baseball fan map of the country based on likes. A clip of the Northeast from the map is above. It depicts the most "liked" team in each county.

As you can probably guess, the counties marked in black are the Yankees, the counties in red are the Red Sox. And what about the Mets? As The Atlantic points out, the Mets registered a plurality of likes in not a single county in the country. (The Blue Jays and A's also share this dubious distinction.)

Poor Mr. Met.

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map: Facebook via The Atlantic


Well, someone has to start it...


I grew up in Connecticut and always had a feeling I was right on that dividing line.

You can always tell when a person never played baseball past T-Ball: They actually waste time spouting off about Yankees/Red Sox bullsh*t, which jumped the shark about ten years ago.

Kind of lowest common denominator type stuff, in my opinion. Just enjoy the fact that baseball is back, spring is here and there's no salary cap.

Another fellow attempted to pin down Sox/Yanks territory town by town just in Connecticut (the rest of New England being entirely Sox territory) not too long ago:

Yankees Baseball starts tonight! My life is finally back to normal.

Hey sound like a real RedSox fan: always concerned more about the Yankees.

Cretin Yankee fans jamming up facebook. Makes sense.

No love for my cherished Tigers in the Northeast :(

I feel like I know more Sox fans in these parts than Yankee fans. It leans predominantly Yanks once you get west of Cooperstown or so.

Just returning the 1918 chant I had to listen to for so many years :-)

The NY Times did an interesting story on this a while back:

I am one of those few Met fans.... evidently.

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