Voting now open for the 2014 AOA Startup Grant!

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The entries for the 2014 AOA Startup Grant are now posted online and voting is open!

Three finalists will be chosen to compete for $1,500. Crowd voting will pick two of the finalists, the Editors will pick the third. The finalists will make presentations to a panel of judges that will pick the winner.

This year's group of applicants looks very strong. They range from arts programs to body piercing to food companies to retail to design to apparel. Go have a look, and then vote for your two favorites.

The All Over Albany Startup Grant contest is sponsored by sponsored by Staff Ciampino & Company P.C., Certified Public Accountants, with prize money from Berkshire Bank.

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What an amazing range of exciting entrepreneurial ventures. It's going to be tough to decide what to vote for.

What would be really cool is if you made the finalist presentations a public event -- like a local version of "Shark Tank." Do it at the Albany Public Library?

@chrisck: The idea of a public event is interesting. I don't think we'd be able to pull it off for this year, but it's something we'll think about for next year.

How do the fans actually vote?? Where is the ballot??

@Dana: On the main page for the Startup Grant there is a large "Click here to vote now" button/image just below the lineup of thumbnails for all the projects.

Also, you can get the ballot page directly via this link:

We are hoping people will take a few minutes to browse through the list of applicants before voting.

@chrisck - Being a fan of Shark Tank, I think that idea is awesome. And I agree there are a lot of interesting grant 'contestants' this year!

It's difficult to tell if you have voted. I clicked on the boxes of the two I wanted to vote for. Did that do it?

I can't tell if I "voted." The set up is very confusing. When I clicked on the big gray button indicated in your response earlier, nothing happens.

@Robin Schnell: There's a "done" button at the bottom of the ballot. After selecting your choices, click that button. You will get a short message thanking you for voting. If you get that message, your vote was cast.

@Carmen: I'm sorry you're having trouble. Here is the direct link to the ballot page:

Win or lose this has already been a rewarding experience! Thank you to AOA for hosting such an awesome event.

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