Drawing: Saratoga Wine & Food Festival

chef marc murphy

Chef Marc Murphy is one of the headlining personalities for this year's festival.

Drawing's closed! Winners have been emailed!

The Saratoga Wine & Food Festival is coming up this weekend at SPAC. And we have tickets for two of the festival's events. And we're giving them away. Maybe to you. The tickets included in this drawing:

+ Two tickets to the new BBQ, Blues & Brews event Friday evening. ($170 value)

+ Two tickets to the Grand Tasting on Saturday ($170 value)

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's something memorable that you ate locally this summer?

Could be a dish you had a local restaurant, could be some really excellent corn from a farmstand, could an ice cream cone on a perfect summer night, could be whatever.

We'll draw two winners at random. The first drawn will get the BBQ event tickets, the second will get the grand tasting tickets.

The festival's schedule of events runs Friday through Sunday at SPAC. The festival's headline food personality -- chef Marc Murphy (maybe you've seen him on the Food Network show Chopped) will be at the BBQ, Blues & Brews event, which is Friday evening from 7-10 pm. It's a "a competition-style grill off in which the Capital Region's top chefs face off against Manhattan Grill masters." The grand tasting, the festival's main event, is Saturday from 1-4 pm. Tickets for those events, and all the festival's events, are available online.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 pm on Wednesday and must respond by noon on Thursday, September 4.

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Vanilla ice cream cone w/ rainbow sprinkles at Jumpin Jacks!

The amazing popcorn at spectrum theater!

Carnitas nachos at NWBB.

Brunch at the Ruck. Honestly, who knew?!

This summer in Albany has been amazing.We had local corn that melted in our mouth.We also had tantalizing tomatoes that made us smile and have some more.The tomatoes were a gift from a man in the community gardens in Albany, that grew them just so he could share with people.That made them even sweeter.We had squash & swiss chard grown in Albany as well as cukes ,onions and garlic from Troy.Joy comes from summers and food grown in our home area of Albany.

My 1st Annual Soft Ice Cream Tour of the Capital Region definitely takes the (ice cream) cake. Guptill's, Kurver, Snowman, Jumpin' Jackss and more. Highly recommended.

Brisket sandwich at the Troy Pig Out

I had salt potatoes at the Altamont Fair for the first time this summer. They were awesome!

Fresh fruit from Samascott Orchards

Yono's summer tasting menu - especially the amazing coriander soup.

The most memorable thing i ate this summer was the wood fire pizza's at harvest and hearth. so good!

I can't get enough of Ric Orlando's food at the New World Bistro.

.... Best chicken salad on the deck of Paulo lLombatdis . Refreshing and light summer salad

Bacon and Crab Mac and cheese at the Saratoga farmer's market.

pick your own strawberry from Samascott....just divine!

Fresh corn from Stanton's Feura Farms. Awesome

Ribbie from the Joe!

Fresh veggies from my CSA farm share.

Local cheese from the Confectionery

Tough to pick, but the most memorable (...so far...still almost 3 weeks left) was a meal at Mingle (alb); every course was incredible, so I can't pick one. Altogether; kimchi pesto gnocchi, tuna & squid "stir-fry", veggie chop chae, and a fantastic bread pudding.

Delicious, incredibly fresh corn from my CSA with Fox Creek Farm!

Empanadas from somewhere that shall remain nameless lest the DOH reads AOA. Best ever.

Everything at Mingle in Saratoga, but particularly the ceviche!

I brought my out of town family to Druthers in Saratoga. The food was phenomenal,especially the Mac and cheese! So lucky to live in an area with so many wonderful choices!

I had fantastic spicy buffalo wings at the Old English Pub.

Wagyu skirt steak w/ sweet corn and kimchi at New World Bistro.

Uncle Anthony's Pasta from Grappa 72. By far, the best pasta dish I ever had in my life. It has meatball and sausage and it is covered in this delicious ricoatta tomato sauce. Had it again a couple days ago and I'm craving more already!

Strawberry rhubarb jam made with fresh picked berries from Swartz's berry farm and my own rhubarb. Like sunshine in a jar!

Weekend brunch at the iron gate cafe, bellini's & black bean burgers. Mmmmm!

Scary Gary from Nighthawk's Kitchen at Troy twilight market

The surf and turf burger at The Hollow. Two thumbs up.

truffle goat cheese from that place in Cohoes

Smoked meats from Oscar's.

sweet corn from samascotts in kinderhoook

Heirloom Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella salad with balsamic vinegar, all items sourced locally from the Troy Farmer's Market! Yum :)

My first bite of a fresh, hot Cider Belly Doughnut (espresso!) was unforgettable. Sad I moved away from walking distance!

The "cauliflower steak; eggplant puree, grain salad, pine nuts, tomato chutney" from Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark.

The spicy chirashi dish at Yoshi's in Latham. Yum!

Fresh mozz from (R+G?) Cohoes via the Troy Farmers Market.

I was also going to say Anthony and Sons Pain de Casa ("LOCAL! says Whole Foods) but just discovered that it, like most of the LOCAL! offerings there, is from northern Jersey.

My foot.

My most memorable local meal I had this summer was at the Troy Pig Out - Ribs on ribs on ribs! My heart is clogging up again in joy just thinking back on this.

burger from Nighthawk's Kitchen

Blackened Stringbeans and New World

Jack burger!

Fresh picked raspberries from my own raspberry bushes in my back yard. Nothing beats eating raspberries 5 minutes off the bush! Bliss :)

Cider Belly donuts!

The corn from the Empire State Plaza farmers market. It was incredible this year...sweeter than ever!

fresh blueberries from the farmers market

Tea leaf salad at Shwe Mandalay in Albany.

Waffles at the Iron Roost!! Ridiculously good!

Corn on the cob! Yum!

"White Lily" cheese from Sweet Spring Farm. Delicious!

I had me my own personal croissant taste off from a couple of the bakery stands at the Troy farmers market last month. The results were conclusive- croissants are delicious!

Most memorable meal....Ricotta and Broccolli Rabe Ravioli from New World Bistro...out of this world! YUM!

Mrs Mattoon from across the street made her famous brandy macaroons for Tina after her RV was towed away this summer by the cops. You can't live on 10th Street unless you have a house apparently. Good riddance, said Mrs Mattoon, after Tina passed out drunk in the dog's bed, covered in crumbs. The taxi driver was perturbed at us on the ride home. Half a block! Mrs Mattoon tried to give the fellow a cookie, but he wasn't having any. He left with a screech and one of his hubcaps flew into the Armenian churchyard. Good riddance! said Mrs Mattoon. She laughed and laughed. The Aremenians retrieved the hubcap and hung it up on the church step. Nobody ever claimed it and then some kids grabbed it and flung it into the community gardens where it cut down a whole swathe of sun flowers. A couple of cookies and suddenly so much to remember happily ever after.

Fresh honey from Scarecrow Farm in Hollowville, NY. Picked it up at the farmer's market behind the library on Delaware ave. Delicious.


Soft chocolate ice cream cone at The Big Dipper in Wynantskill. I'm always so sad when the season ends!

Just love the Ricotta and Broccoli Rabe Ravioli at New World Bistro!

Yummy Ricotta Broccolli Rabe Ravioli at New World Bistro in Albany. Out of this world!

Yummy soft serve ice cream cone from Kurver Kreme.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Martha's

White Chip and Cranberry Cookie from Bake for You

Three Piggies Mac and Cheese at Valente's in Watervliet.

Raspberries picked from Indian Ladder Farm and salad greens from Little Seed Gardens Farm.

Maple milkshake from the 4-H booth at Washington County Fair.

It was my first season with a CSA share, so pretty much everything was local and memorable. Chiogga beets and scapes were dark horse winners in my house-- second only to the fresh picked berries at Samascott's pick your own.

Cider Belly!!!!!

Heirloom tomatoes from the farmer's market.

Peaches from roadside stand. Grilled them and they were great!

Swamp Water from Cupz. It's the ONLY thing to have on a hot summer day.

Saratoga Chips at BBQSA(PJ's)

There was a scallop ceviche of the day at New World that was downright amazing. So fresh tasting.

Fresh picked strawberries from Bowman Orchards still warm from the sun.

Delicious hot off the iron waffle with Nutella at the Troy Farmers Market!

Great grilled salmon at the Cheese Traveler's weekly Friday night bbq.

Kimchi french fries at Mingle on my 40th birthday!

Fresh veggies from Schenectady Farmers market on Sunday!! Yum!!

That gazpacho Trio at New World was refreshing.

Nine Pin Cider!

Octopus from a wine dinner at the Sagamore Resort Golf Course!

A sampler of delicious local cheeses at The Confectionery

elote asada at Destino in Chatham. OMG, grilled corn with chipotle and lime and just the most delicious thing ever invented.

Blueberries from Winney's Farm

I have loved many of the vegetable in season this year at Honest Weight Food Co Op in Albany. This year my family got CSA share at FOX Creek Farm. They have given us some delicious tomatoes this year!

We went to visit the beautiful grounds at the farm. Our twin 5 year olds loved picking the fresh herbs and flowers. The tomatoes, herbs and flowers were the best part of this summer!

A (homemade) mac 'n' cheese/buffalo chicken/bleu cheese/bacon "sandwich" from Gouda Boys in the SPAC parking lot at the Phish shows. It can be hard to execute a monstrosity like that, and Gouda Boys nailed it. Will definitely be grabbing another in the lot next summer.

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