A good dog park?

django the dogMary asks via Twitter:

Any recommendations for dog parks in the Albany or Colonie areas? Django needs some friends...

Mary included this pic of Django. (Too... much... cuteness...)

There are multiple dog parks in the city of Albany and some of the surrounding towns. Speaking fro experience going to some of them with Otto, each park kind of has its own feel and set of regulars -- and that can be both good and/or bad for your dog (and for you).

So, got a suggestion of a good for Mary and Django? Please share! Bonus points for a line or two about why you like that park.


I don't have a dog and don't know about the Albany dog parks. But I must say that my current town has a dog park up by the reservoir, and that the name of that dog park is "Reservoir Dogs Park," and that therefore we win.

Max and I like the Town of Colonie dog park up at the town park on the Mohawk (the one with the pool). You are supposed to buy a tag from the town, but in reality the people at the gate don't ask to see it and there's no cost to get into the park if you say you're going to the dog park. It has separate sides for big and small dogs. The only drawback is that it doesn't have double gates, so you have to hold your dog when the gate is opened. Also, once the park officially closes for the season, the dog park remains open. You just have to park outside the gate.

Washington Park & Normans Kill Farm

Albany's dog park on Erie Blvd between Huck Finn's and DGS is the only dog park you need. It's huge, has double doors, doggie pools, and no stupid tags needed.

Hartman Road Dog Park in Albany, its free, shady, big, lots of dogs, etc.

Jeter and I love the Normanskill dog park. There are some really nice regulars there and the location is beautiful. If there aren't any other dogs there to play, swimming in the Normanskill and mini hikes on the trails are excellent options.

In terms of friendly dogs and people, I've found the dog park off of Colvin Ave. to be the best.

Washington Park can be fun, but its not an official dog park so occasionally there are people trying to eat in the middle that throws off the dynamic, or the occasional person wandering through but irrationally doesn't want any of the dogs to go near him.

Can't wait for winter when the golf course opens back up to dogs!

I second Colvin- it's small compared to Erie Boulevard, but it's surrounded by trees on three sides and shaded, where Erie is not. Also the adjacent Westland Hills/Waterson Park is a nice alternative to stroll around (on-leash) in if there are no other dogs to play with in the enclosure.

Are the Colvin or Erie Blvd parks separated into big and small dog sections?

that dog is just too cute.

Can Mary tell us what type of dog that is?

My dog loves Erie Blvd Dog Park too. Fenced in and off leash with a gazebo (but if you're hanging out in the gazebo while your dog is off causing trouble and not payin attention the outspoken dog guardians might ask you to leave)
They have an active facebook fan page called Dog Park Groupies.

Heidi and I use the dog park on nott rd in Guilderland. It's great because there is tons of space for running and tons of grass. There is also a couple of foresty areas. The dog park in Delmar near the park and ride is NOT a favorite because it's mostly dirt instead of grass. After an hour there my girl needs a bath!

DO NOT take your dog to the park near DGS. Many of the patrons that go there are not in control of their dogs and do not respect the park or the other patrons.

Ummm... WTF is DGS?

And where?

Thank you.

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