St. Vincent at Upstate Concert Hall

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Just announced: St. Vincent is set to play a show at Upstate Concert Hall March 7. Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 24 -- they're $25 ahead / $28 day of.

St. Vincent is the stage name used by Annie Clark. Her music doesn't really fit into one genre -- maybe indie pop. But however it's categorized, it's consistently scored very strong reviews. And Clark has toured with or collaborated with a bunch of artists.

The opener for the UCH show hasn't been announced, yet.

photo via St. Vincent FB


WOW! This is a HUGE 'get' for Upstate Concert Hall, not to mention the Capital Region. I'll be buying my ticket on Friday!

I saw her in Montreal as part of the annual Jazz Fest in July. Great show. It's really exciting that she's coming to UCH.

Strange venue for her. I could see her playing at Club Helsinki, The Palace or The Egg.

I agree with Josh K., The Palace is such an underutilized music venue in the Albany area. St. Vincent would be much better suited there or The Egg, or Club Helskinki.... That being said, I am definitely excited to see her, and I will definitely be buying my tickets Friday.

I'm with Josh K. on this one. Can't we all just say it - the UCH is a dismal venue (IMO), inconveniently located unless you happen to live in Clifton Park. This ought to be at The Egg.

I'm more than excited that she's coming to the area but it's a shame that she's playing UCH. It's disappointing we don't have a better music venue around here that can cater to bands/musicians that younger crowds want to see without having to be packed into a bar like a sardine. Don't get me wrong, I love the Egg and the Palace but they consistently book weird/questionable shows. Seeing a show at UCH is always disappointing. The acoustics suck and I'm sure that their soundboard won't be able to keep up with St. Vincent.

Don't get me wrong, I'd rather see St. Vincent in any other venue in the Capital Region over UCH (as others have said, the Palace or Egg would seem to be the best fit), but just that fact that she's coming here is soooo great.

I have noticed that bands who visit UCH with their own soundboard operator (e.g. Phantogram) sound 100x better than when it's handled in-house (which I swear is just a contest to see how many eardrums can be ruptured before the end of the night).

I am thrilled for this! I missed Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I will NOT be missing St. Vincent. Yeah, UCH may not be the best place but they sure do book some of the best acts- and isn't why you go to a concert in the first place?

I promised myself: no bars, ever. Not even for Annie Clark.
Nor, Shania Twain. Why is St. Vincent still playing in bars?

She doesn't need to, and it looks bad. Faulty Management.

She outgrew saloons a long time, ago. A VERY poor move.

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