Drawing: Ray LaMontagne at The Palace

ray lamontagne 2014

Drawing's closed!

Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne is set to play The Palace this Sunday, November 9. We have a pair tickets and we're giving them way -- maybe to you.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

Election Day is Tuesday. So, in a play on that, what do you vote for?

This could be anything, far beyond the political. It could be voting for something you'd like to see happen in the Capital Region. It could be voting for more of something (or less of something). Whatever. Non-redeemable bonus points for fun or interesting votes.

The Grammy-winning LaMontagne is currently touring in support of his album Supernova, which was produced by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys. The opener for the Palace show is The Belle Brigade.

The show starts at 7:30 pm Sunday. Tickets are $35 and up.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 5 pm on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 10 pm on Tuesday and must respond by 10 pm Wednesday, November 5.

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photo: Ray Lamontagne Facebook


I vote for a Wegman's!

I vote to end political coruption! (yes, a pipe dream I know...)

I vote for more quality musicians and bands to make stops in the Region.

I vote for the captial region to get a Container Store. And for me winning the Ray LaMontagne tickets.

I, for one, vote for our ant overlords to be benevolent and kind.

I vote to fast track (pun!) a localized railway system that would make public transit a breeze.

Yes it's a pipe dream (possible pun #2).

I vote for that sweater in the pic of Ray. Where do I get that?

I second the vote for a Wegman's. In all serious though, I wish one of these years I was voting FOR something instead of feeling like I was voting for the best of the worst.

High speed rail that stops in Albany and is much more affordable than amtrak!

I vote for more smiling.

I vote for someone to realize the history of this region and do something to maximize our potential ability to bring tourism here. And to allow small businesses to thrive in our city.

I vote for everyone to be nice to one another. And for a mid-size music venue to be built in Albany and a Wegmans taboot!

Better public transportation. And, less importantly - IKEA!

I vote for a better snow response system.

I vote for vodka.

I vote to reopen Revolution Hall as a performing arts/music venue

I vote for everyone to Chill Out! People are so sensitive these days.

I vote for me to win this contest!

I vote to put a stop to the terms "Smallbany and Troylet", our region has so much to offer and our neighborhoods are great places to live. Stop perpetuating the negativity, people!

Also, I vote for a spin on the Pizza Tournament, for a Buffalo wing tournament, because how fun would that be :)

I vote because of all the women who worked so diligently for my right to be able to vote, it really is important. I also vote for Wegmans.

I vote for people with cool sounding names

I vote for more compassion.

I vote to create a better educational consortium in the Capital District.

I vote for puppies and kittens!

I vote for free Ray LaMontagne tickets!

Green Party

I vote for a lot of snow, because it's more fun than a brown lawn.

I vote for voter participation.

I vote with my dollars by supporting local businesses.

I vote for Uber

I vote for the right to keep voting.

I vote for commenting about voting!

I vote for eye contact

I vote for an aquarium!

I vote for idealism and vision.

I vote for Ray LaMontagne , the best show I saw at SPAC in 2011.

i vote for no walmart in ballston spa!

I vote for peanut butter!

A minor league baseball team in the warehouse district!

I love for four day work weeks of 10 hours a day. Three day weekends!

I vote for better music venues in Albany! C'mon people, we can do it!

I vote for no Polar Vortex this year!

More respect for all the great things happening in the Capital Region!

i vote for the trees, bees, and dirty knees.

I vote for more interactive art installations like Play Me, I'm Yours!

To spread the message and offer help to my brothers and sisters, I am compelled to vote for Non Violent Communication...a program which has changed my heart and improved my life!

I vote for even lower gas prices.

I vote for more hiking in my life (selfish, but whatever)

I vote for kindness!

A grocery store downtown.

I vote for a 32 hour work week. It's time, people.

I vote for a redevelopment of Albany's Riverfront

I vote for resident-friendly parking in all cap region downtown districts.

I vote for penguins!

I vote for Campaign Finance. for real.

I vote for more intelligence and empathy. What's election day about if not the hope for progress?

I vote for an end to cross-endorsements so I won't have to hold my nose the next time I vote to keep the Working Families Party on the ballot.

I vote for AOA keeping me informed of local events I might miss.

I vote for our cat overlords to be benevolent and kind.

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